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    Marvel Legends Fantastic Four

    The Fantastic Four have endured much as a team, and we don’t mean only in terms of their fictional exploits. The so-called first family of Marvel had a particularly bad run with live-action adaptations. Out of four films, many consider the very first, produced by the B-movie magnate Roger Corman, the best, and that’s saying a lot.

    Despite those hardships, the Fantastic Four remained widely popular, which is apparent in the Marvel Legends Fantastic Four line of figures, brought to you now by ToyShnip. A worthy addition to our online toy store, the Fantastic Four collection includes all four team members – Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, The Thing, and Human Torch – in their classic variants based on the comics.

    Additionally, there are several Marvel characters that traditionally served as villains for the team: Psycho-Man and High Evolutionary. And if you want to bring to life your version of Absolute Carnage, you can get different Venom action figures to mix with the Fantastic Four. The same goes if you’d like to play out the scenario in which The Thing becomes Venom from Marvel What If.

    ToyShnip has all this and more for all Fantastic Four and Marvel fans. Besides action figures, we also have a charming Marvel figpin selection. Visit our store and get the best figures of your favorite characters.


    Are Fantastic Four Marvel?

    The Fantastic Four were known as Marvel’s first family, which makes the answer to the question seem straightforward. However, as is sometimes the case with comic book characters, the story is more complex. While the Fantastic Four started as Marvel’s characters, the rights for their use were in the property of 20th Century Fox until recently. Now that Disney has bought that studio, the family is once again considered a Marvel property (since Disney now owns Marvel, too).

    Are Fantastic Four Avengers?

    Although the members of the Fantastic Four aren’t Avengers in the MCU, the characters have been a part of the superhero team for decades in the comics. However, not all four made it into the main roster of Avengers at the same time. The Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic were the first to join, followed by the Thing. Human Torch became an Avenger a staggering 26 years after Reed Richards and Sue Storm joined.

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