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    Marvel Legends What If

    The world of Marvel heroes is a massive place with limitless possibilities. However, the characters in that world have more or less fleshed-out journeys that don’t allow writers to explore every possible option. This is precisely why the What If… Marvel Legends comics came out.

    The What If Marvel Legends comics depicted scenarios that fell outside what we know about our favorite superheroes and their stories. The What If comics started back in the 1970s and were a constant source of exciting adventures for well-established characters. The series opened with the story where Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four, and the stories grew only more wild from there.

    In 2021, the MCU received its own version of What If in the form of an animated series. It depicted character-swap scenarios like Peggy Carter becoming the first super-soldier instead of Steve Rogers, T’Challa becoming Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill. On the other hand, there were more world-shattering scenarios like Hank Pym killing all of the Avengers, a zombie infection overtaking the planet, and Doctor Strange destroying the universe.

    If all these stories sound exciting, you’ll be overjoyed to learn that the ToyShnip online toy store has a selection of figures depicting the alternative versions of superheroes, including models from Marvel Legends What If Wave 2.

    For example, our Marvel collection is richer for the scary-cool zombie versions of Scarlet Witch and Iron Man (although the latter still hits a bit too close to home after Avengers Endgame). We also have the mentioned figures of Captain Carter, T’Challa Star-Lord, and Doctor Strange Supreme.

    The roster features Red Skull in a version where the villain finally got his hands on the Tesseract, Nebula in her Heist outfit, and Sylvie, the alternate-universe version of Loki. You can also get the Hydra Stomper armor to serve as the perfect foil to the superpowered Captain Carter, but all these aren’t the biggest highlights of our collection.

    If you’re expecting something like Marvel Legends Ultron What If to take the spotlight, you’re on the wrong track. Instead, it’s everybody’s favorite, Howard the Duck along with the head of Scott Lang in a jar. All jokes aside, Howard the Duck is still beloved among Marvel fans, even though his standalone movie was a massive flop.

    ToyShnip has plenty of other collectibles to scratch your superhero itch. From Venom action figures to smaller items from the Marvel figpin collection, our store is the perfect place to get the best collectible action figures and similar toys in the market.

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