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    1 product

    FiGPiN Marvel Classics Product Collection

    ToyShnip isn’t just home to realistic, ultra-rad Cyberpunk action figures and Goo Jit Zu toys. Our online toy store also features a huge variety of collectible statues, including Marvel FiGPiNs. But what exactly is a Marvel FiGPiN, and what makes it so awesome?

    The first and main reason is that they’re a hybrid. By purchasing a Marvel FiGPiN, you get both a figure and a pin, giving you the best of both worlds. The three-inch products come with a stand that lets you proudly display your collection on a shelf, and they also boast a spike on the back that allows you to carry your favorite superhero on your clothes.

    When it comes to all the characters you can find in our Marvel FiGPiN collection, we don’t even know where to start. Looking to conquer the world while setting an example with your courage and justice? A FiGPiN Captain Marvel is just the right product for you.

    Then there’s the Marvel Spiderman FiGPiN assortment. We have a variety of FiGPiNs from the Spiderman universe, such as the Spiderwoman enamel pin. The model shows the legendary character in mid-air, with her right arm fully extended and her palm ready to weave a web around her enemies. There’s also a cobweb behind her back that makes the figurine all the more realistic.

    Then again, you may wish to venture into the dark side a bit more and team up with forces of evil. In that case, our Hela enamel FiGPiN is a dream come true. It has everything you look for in a Hela figurine, including the ominous green suit and black horns. Her cape is also fluttering in the wind, making her look like she’s about to launch a deadly assault on Asgard.

    No discussion about Marvel FiGPiNs or Marvel action figures would be complete without the one and only Thanos. He’s one of the highlights of our FiGPiN collection, featuring a blue/yellow suit, which is just how he looks in the comics. The FiGPiN has taken an ominous stance, so everyone knows he means business. You can almost hear him taunting Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers before he smashes them with his crushing blows.


    Are FiGPiNs collectible?

    Yes. FiGPINs are collectible due to their versatility. Whether you’re a fan of figurines or clothes-worn pins, you can have a lot of fun collecting these toys.

    What do you do with a FiGPiN?

    You can do practically anything with a FiGPiN. For example, the stand allows you to prop it up on a shelf above your desk. Alternatively, you can pin it to your favorite garment and wear it to the cinema for a new Avengers premiere.

    How tall are FiGPiNs?

    Most FiGPiNs are three inches tall.

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