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    Funko Loki

    Loki is without a doubt among the most beloved characters in Marvel’s roster. Whether you’re an MCU or a comic fan, you’ve probably spent plenty of time anticipating what the trickster could do next – just like the rest of the superheroes around him.

    It’s no wonder that Funko Pop caught on the character’s popularity, putting out numerous toys of Loki in different variants. With ToyShnip’s selection of Marvel figures, Loki Pop Funko toys can be in your hands in no time at all. Our online toy store features everything from Loki in a suit to his onscreen partner Sylvie. We even have some quite special Marvel figpin items, such as a golden large enamel pin.

    Funko Loki figures are a great addition to any collection, particularly if you love the character’s pivotal role in Marvel What If or the now-classic movies. For ToyShnip, Loki Funko Pops hold a special place in our expansive selection of products, on par with other distinguished models like Venom action figures, Deadpool, and the mentioned Marvel Legends What If.


    How many Loki Funko Pops are there?

    There’s no shortage of Loki Funko Pop figures in the market. In fact, there may be too many of them to list, since the character received the Funko Pop treatment for every time he appeared in the MCU and beyond.

    Rather than listing Loki Funko Pop from The Avengers to Thor Ragnarok, it would be best to focus on the variants of the character (and the supporting crew) from the live show, which is the most recent depiction of Loki in the MCU.

    Here’s a complete list of all Funko Pop Loki items available through different vendors and based on the Loki show:

    • Loki
    • President Loki
    • Kid Loki
    • Kid Loki Metallic
    • Classic Loki
    • Alligator Loki Funko Pop
    • Boastful Loki
    • Mobius
    • Sylvie
    • Sylvie GITD
    • Loki & Sylvie
    • Ravona Renslayer
    • Hunter B-15
    • Miss Minutes
    • Frog of Thunder
    • He Who Remains

    How much is Loki Funko Pop worth?

    Most Loki Funko Pops are relatively affordable, going for between $10 and $15. However, rarer items like the one based on The Avengers can be bought for as high as $1,300.

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