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    3 products

    Marvel Figpin

    Discover the dynamic world of Marvel Figpin at Toyshnip, the leading online toy store for collectors and enthusiasts of heroes and icons. This special collection captures the essence of Marvel's Avengers through intricately designed Figpins, representing characters with rich detail and vibrant colors. Each Figpin in this collection is a miniature masterpiece, combining the artistry of action figures with the collectability of pins, embodying the spirit and adventure of Marvel's most beloved heroes.

    Marvel Figpins are not just ordinary collectibles; they are a unique blend of art and memorabilia, meticulously crafted to showcase each character's distinct attributes and iconic costumes. These pins are perfect for fans looking to express their admiration for Marvel's universe, offering a stylish and sophisticated way to display their favorite characters. From attaching to bags and jackets to being showcased alongside action figures and collectible statues, Figpins add a touch of Marvel magic to any collection.

    The Figpin Avengers series available at Toyshnip features an array of characters, from the tech-savvy Iron Man to the fierce Wolverine, and the unpredictable Deadpool. Fans of Marvel's alternative narratives can explore the Marvel What If series for a twist on their favorite stories.

    For enthusiasts who appreciate the finer details in collectibles, Toyshnip offers an extensive range of collectible statues and Action Figures, providing a three-dimensional perspective to the beloved characters of the Marvel universe. These items complement the Figpin collection, allowing collectors to create a diverse and immersive display that captures the essence of Marvel's storytelling.


    What does a figpin do?

    A Figpin acts as both a collectible and a display piece, designed to be versatile in its usage. It can stand upright like a figure for display purposes or be pinned to fabric, making it a unique addition to any collection. Each Figpin also features a unique serial number, allowing owners to register and track their collections online.

    How strong is the kingpin?

    In the Marvel Comics universe, Kingpin is known for his extraordinary strength, which is largely attributed to his massive, muscular build. He possesses no superhuman powers but his strength, fighting skills, and intelligence make him a powerful adversary to many superheroes, including Spider-Man and Daredevil.
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