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    Only a handful of Marvel characters can be described as such, but none is as iconic as Wolverine. If you want to show you’re a die-hard fan of this mighty icon, our Marvel Legends Wolverine is the right pick.

    The first detail that pops out is the realistic colors. Like the comic and movie character, Wolverine Marvel Legends-edition has a yellow suit with blue, red, and black accessories. His arms are mostly bare, giving you a clear view of the bulging biceps and triceps that have helped him defeat countless enemies.

    In addition to the eye-catching design, this Marvel Legends Wolverine action figure also features articulation at several points. For instance, you can raise the claws if you want to show your hero means business and is ready for some slashing. Lower them, and foes will believe they’ve caught him off-guard. Little do they know that this Marvel Legends Retro Wolverine is always ready to fight.

    So, what are you waiting for? Add this Wolverine Marvel Legend edition to your lineup of collectible statues, and it’ll make heads turn.

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    How do you fix Marvel Legends Wolverine claws?

    If your Wolverine claws are broken, you can heat them with some hot water to make them more malleable. From there, put them back in their original position.

    How to make Marvel Legends action figure Wolverine claws?

    To make Wolverine claws, you’ll need a few safety pins, clamps, and a soldering iron. You may also need some glue to attach the pointy parts of your safety pins to the hands.

    How to make Marvel Legends Wolverine claws?

    Most people use safety pins and a soldering iron to make Wolverine claws.

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