About Us

Online Only is Our Strength

ToyShnip is a reliable, family-owned e-commerce store that serves collectors and toy enthusiasts worldwide. We sell about 130,000 brand-name pop culture collectibles, action figures, toys, and games at very competitive prices.

We operate exclusively online, which allows us to laser focus on product offerings, instead of managing a storefront operation. We harness technology and speed to transform our passion for collectibles, toys and games into an online presence that delivers the best products and customer service to you.

With an online store, we can hold a much larger inventory than a brick and mortar toy store. Since we don’t need to worry about valuable shelf or display space, we can still hold items long after physical stores get rid of them to make room for newer items.

As collectors, we understand the importance of having items as close to mint condition as possible. Our strength as an online store is that our items are not examined by dozens of potential customers who pick up, move, or drop the items, creating shelf-wear damage. Most of our items arrive in bulk cases directly from the manufacturers/distributors and kept in the bulk boxes until they are uploaded or ready to ship.

Our passion for toys pushes us to search for the items that are trending now. But we don’t just feature the popular items, we also stock the hard to find items that you need to complete your collection.

Although toys are meant for opening and playing, we treat every item as a collectible in the way we store and ship them. Even if the customer will open the package and play with the toy when it arrives, we treat everything as if it is a collector’s item.

We're Collectors Too

We love toys! And we enjoy collecting them too. Everything you see on our website is 100% authentic, new, sealed, and in stock in our Rochester, New York warehouse.

Our Mission

Just as the love of toys is universal, and appeals to everyone from babies to grandparents, we believe that access to top quality brand name toys, games and collectibles should be too. E-commerce and global shipping allow us to serve customers all around the world, with a massive selection at competitive prices.

What’s In Stock

We currently stock over 9,000 different items in our warehouse. This number increases every week as we continue to add new items to our inventory!

We stock a variety of products, from the classic offerings seen in most stores like Barbie, Playmobil, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Hot Wheels to the hot new releases from Funko, Moose brand toys, Transformers and the latest trends from Marvel, DC and Star Wars.

We also stock playing toys, board games, collectible toys, action figures, sports/music memorabilia, holiday ornaments, backpacks, and more!

What's In The Vault

And then there’s the Vault, for the more serious collector in you. We hold the rare/expensive/limited toys and collectibles that may be more challenging to locate until they find a new home with a collector who will also enjoy these special items. Be sure to check our Vault section regularly to find exciting and amazing items!

Embark on a journey through the intriguing world of collectibles with Toyshnip, a popular online toy store. Here, you can find a wide array of items like collectible statues, celebrated for their unique artistic flair and historical relevance. Comic enthusiasts will love the Marvel Figpin, a fashionable homage to iconic Marvel characters. Pushing the boundaries of traditional toys, the Laverne Cox Barbie Doll stands as a powerful symbol of diversity and inclusivity. Children will find joy in the Goo Jit Zu toys, well-known for their engaging tactile features and creative designs.

Our website is open 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We fill orders 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.

Email or message us on Facebook any time with questions and we’ll respond as soon as possible: office@toyshnip.com or https://www.facebook.com/ToyShnip