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    You’ve seen pretty much every Marvel movie and read all the comics. If that doesn’t classify you as a die-hard fan of the Marvel universe, nothing does. But is there anything else you can do to showcase your support for the franchise? There is, and the ToyShnip online toy store will be the first and last stop in your quest.

    Explore our enchanting collection of Marvel Legends Props.

    Featuring iconic items of your favorite characters, all Marvel Legends props have a unique flair and look incredibly realistic. For example, consider the amazing Hasbro Marvel Legends props, such as the Marvel Legends Ant-Man helmet prop replica. It looks just like the original with its gray and red scheme and sleek black glasses.

    There are many other Marvel Legends movie props you can consider for your collection. Want to conquer the world as the god of thunder? Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, will be your trusted companion.

    Likewise, you can tell everyone you share the same virtues as Captain America by adding his Shield to your toy box. The possibilities are endless. You can hang it on your wall or inside a display case, where it’ll remind everyone that you admire the character for his righteousness, courage, and willingness to defend the defenseless.

    ToyShnip is also available for a variety of other toys and collectible statues. Whether you wish to get your hands on Marvel action figures or a Marvel FiGPiN, you won’t have to look further than our curated assortment. It’s perfect for all ages, so dive right in.


    What company owns Marvel Legends?

    Contrary to popular belief, Disney doesn’t own Marvel Legends. Instead, the owner is Hasbro. The products were first launched by Toy Biz, but they later sold the ownership to Hasbro.

    What is the most valuable Marvel action figure?

    The most valuable Marvel action figure is the Marvel Legends: Crimson Dawn Psylocke Variant, which is worth about $15,000.

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