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    With the massive success of the Eternals movie, it’s no surprise that Marvel Legends Eternals action figures also became widely popular. With insane levels of power, the Eternals are a worthy addition to any collection, especially when the figures are depicted in the form of the movie’s star-studded cast.

    For instance, the character Thena was an instant hit, giving way to the Hasbro Marvel Legends series Eternals Thena action figure. But that doesn’t mean Thena is alone in the selection of Marvel action figures based on the Eternals. In fact, you can expand the team far beyond the Marvel Legends series Eternals Thena action figure with ToyShnip.

    Our online toy store has a broad selection of Marvel Legends Eternals action figures, from Sersi and Ikaris to instant fan-favorites like Phastos, Makkari, Sprite, Druig, and Kingo. We even have an Eternal Marvel figpin, although it’s not a character that MCU fans would expect. If you didn’t guess, the pin in question is Thanos, who is an Eternal in the comics.

    ToyShnip also isn’t limited only to heroes. If you want the perfect Deviant to be the nemesis for your Eternals, you’ll be interested in the Eternals Marvel Legends Kro Deluxe 6-inch action figure. And if you want to see whether Ikaris is more Superman than the Man of Steel himself, why not check out our selection of DC toys and find out firsthand?


    Who is the most powerful eternal?

    The question of who the most powerful Eternal is depends on which version you’re considering. If we’re going by the comics, there’s no Eternal (or many entities in the Marvel universe) more powerful than Kronos – a cosmic-level time-controlling being. Within the MCU, though, we’ve only seen a few Eternals. Out of those, Sersi is arguably the most powerful, since she managed to overcome nothing less than a Celestial – a member of the insanely powerful galactic-scale beings.

    Who are the Eternals in the Marvel Universe?

    The Eternals are artificial beings that the Celestials created millennia ago. They are present on all worlds with sentient life and tasked with protecting their respective worlds.

    Is Eternals related to Avengers?

    This is again a question of Marvel comics vs. movies. In the movies, the Eternals have practically no contact with the Avengers, although both storylines take place on the same planet Earth. The two groups have much more contact in the comics, where Eternals like Starfox serve like actual members of the Avengers.

    Who is the leader of the Eternals?

    Another difference between the comics and the MCU, the movie version of the Eternals is led by Ajak, followed by Ikaris and, finally, Sersi. In the comics, the team had three leaders from different generations: Zuras, Thena, and Ikaris.

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