How Many Goo Jit zu Characters Are There?

How Many Goo Jit zu Characters Are There?

Based on a popular web series of the same name, Heroes of Goo Jit Zu toys have gained legions of fans across the globe since their launch in 2019. These stretchy, squishy action figure heroes stand out for their unique goo filling and interactive elements, like crushable cores and hidden treasure beneath their skin. They’re perfect for imaginative play, and also appeal to the collector crowd.

The brand started off small, with just a single series of figures, but has expanded enormously over time, introducing fans to an ever-growing range of heroes, villains, and other gooey characters. But you might be wondering just how many Goo Jit Zu heroes have been released so far. This guide is here to provide the answer!

How Many Characters Are There?

Between the many single packs, battle packs, ultra-rare models, and other releases over the years, it can be tricky to keep up with how many Goo Jit Zu characters have come out. Well, we’ve done the math and can confirm that there is, at the time of writing, a grand total of 52 Goo Jit Zu characters.

The range includes classics like Blazagon and Rock Jaw, as well as more recent additions, like Foogoo. Undoubtedly, one of the big selling points of the Goo Jit Zu franchise is its variety. Over the years, Moose Toys (the brand behind the franchise) has consistently introduced diverse and interesting new characters, from mighty heroes to creepy villains, which are now available in many online toy store.

Popular Characters

With 52 characters in total, it would take a long time to list and detail them all. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and iconic characters from the Goo Jit Zu lineup instead.

Squishy Heroes

Squishy Heroes

Right from the first Heroes of Goo Jit Zu series, these toys have stood out from the crowd for their squishy, gooey filling. This allows children and grown-ups alike to squash, squeeze, and stretch each toy in various ways, even up to three times their original size!

Some of the most popular original squishy heroes include Thrash the shark, who is famed for his strength and fun sense of humor, as well as Blazagon the dragon, who often takes on a leadership role for the heroes as they do battle with their enemies.

Dino Power Figures

Dino Power Figures

The third series of Goo Jit Zu figures was subtitled Dino Power and introduced fans to new dinosaur-themed characters. Two of the highlights from this series are undoubtedly Tyro the T-rex and Shreds the spinosaurus.

The Dino Power series also gave fans Braxor, who is still rated as one of the best designed figures of them all, with his long neck and caveman-style clothing. The Dino Power toys come with fun battle features for imaginative play, like special chomp attacks and extra crunchy fillings.

Favorite Hero

Favorite Hero

Everyone has their own favorite superhero from the Goo Jit Zu franchise, and opinions will always differ about which one is the best. However, if you ask fans who they love the most, one name tends to stand out from the crowd: Blazagon.

Blazagon is the leader of the Goo Jit Zu Brothers and tends to be regarded as one of the strongest fighters. He’s also had some of the series’ coolest figures, like his Goo Shifters variation, which comes with a crushable core you can squeeze to trigger a “Goo-formation” and change his color.

The Ultra Rare Exoshock Figure

Rare Hero

Goo Jit Zu also has a set of “Ultra Rare” figures which are more valuable and harder to find than the rest. Exoshock is a great example of this, costing around $50 and boasting a cool crab-inspired design, along with googly eyes that pop right out of his skull when squeezed.

Underwater Villains

Underwater Villains

In the recent Deep Goo Sea series, Goo Jit Zu introduced an array of new enemies based around sea creatures. Some of the highlights of this set of toys include Exoshock, who is styled to look like a big killer crab, as well as Squidor, an angry, bright red squid.

Exclusive Pantaro Figure

Exclusive Pantaro Figure

Pantaro appears in many of the Goo Jit Zu toy releases, but there are special exclusive gold versions of this character which are particularly appealing to collectors. The Gold and Liquid Gold Pantaro variants are only found in battle packs.


What are the names of the mini Goo Jit Zu?

Many of the series’ main heroes have appeared in mini form over the years, like Blazagon, Thrash, Scorpius, Pantaro, Shredz, and Tygor.

Who is the leader of Goo Jit Zu?

Blazagon is the leader of the Goo Jit Zu Brothers. He’s a dragon who typically appears with a red body, yellow shorts, and yellow spines on his head.

Who are the characters in Deep Goo Sea?

The Deep Goo Sea series includes the following characters: Blazagon, Thrash, Exoshock, Foogoo, Mantara, and Squidor. The series is mainly based around underwater creatures.

Who is the scorpion in Goo Jit Zu?

The scorpion-themed character of Goo Jit Zu is called Scorpius. He’s one of the villains of the series, alongside the likes of Rock Jaw and Viper.

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