Spinning Into Battle: The Best Beyblade Metal Fusion Models in 2024

In 2010, the Metal Fusion series of Beyblade hit television screens, and the zodiac-themed metal Beys it produced have been popular ever since. Then, the toys were released. Metal Fusion Beys changed everything about how players enjoyed the game, allowing you to have a more exciting match thanks to the introduction of a new spin launcher and a few other accessories that make Metal Fusion Beys incompatible with traditional Beyblade launchers.

In short – you get strong Beyblades. Metal Fusion, though no longer available in stores, is still a popular series and may be your key to becoming a legendary blader. And here, you'll discover some of the strongest Metal Fusion Beyblade options to take into your championship match.

What Is Beyblade Metal Fusion?

Beyblade: Metal Fusion follows the story of Gingka Hagane and his journey (along with his partner, Storm Pegasus) to discover his origins. That journey takes them to Metal Bey City, which gives the series its name, and leads to them running in a man named Ryuga. The owner of a forbidden Bey called "Lightning L-Drago," Ryuga antagonizes Gingka throughout the series, along with the nefarious Dark Nebula organization.

The series took a slightly darker tone than the original Beyblade, though it was still fine for kids. Plus, it introduced the concept of using constellations and zodiac signs as the motifs of its blades, opening the door for a new line of toys for players to enjoy.

Components of a Metal Fusion Beyblade

A Metal Fusion Beyblade has a few components that differ from those that come from other series, including the following:

  • The Strong Launcher – Metal Fusion introduced the "string launcher," which has a longer neck that can generate more power. That neck also makes the string launcher incompatible with other Beys, though it also means the launcher is less likely to break.
  • Metal Face Bolt – The face bolt goes down the center of the Beyblade to keep the whole thing intact. In the Metal Fusion series, that bolt is made using metal to give the Bey more weight, giving it higher strength in the arena.
  • Energy Ring – Metal Fusion Beyblades replaced the traditional energy ring with the "clear wheel," though it serves the same function of determining the direction and spin of the Bey's top.
  • Spin Track – This component has two functions. Beyond setting the height for a Metal Fusion Beyblade's top, it also serves as the base to which you attach any components or accessories.
  • Fusion Wheel – Weight, attacking power, and defensive power are all affected by the fusion wheel, which sits just below the face bolt.
  • Performance Tip – Your Beyblade's performance tip dictates how it moves after it's launched. The Metal Fusion series uses the "Performance Top System," which was replaced in later "Burst" Beys.

Ranking Criteria: What Makes a Beyblade Metal Fusion Model Stand Out?

So, how do you find the best Beyblade Metal Fusion series has to offer? The ranking criteria focus on the following:

  • Performance in battle is a big one, as there's no use having a Beyblade that has amazing attack if its defensive capabilities are so poor that it goes flying as soon as it gets hit.
  • High durability is big because it can give your Bey that little extra stamina it needs to last in long battles.
  • The design influences the look of your blade during battle, and, let's face it, every player wants a cool-looking Bey to show off when they win.
  • User reviews tell you what experienced players think about the Beys, which offers some insight into how they perform in the heat of battle.

Top Beyblade Metal Fusion Models Ranked

Combining the above criteria leads to the following list of seven Beyblade Metal Fusion kits that get you kitted out and ready for a full-metal fight.

Takaratomy Beyblades BB124 Metal Fusion Kreis Cygnus Starter Set

This set of starter Metal Fusion Beyblades unleashes the power of Cygnus, which combines a strong attack with a tough defense to give you a powerful all-rounder in battles. They're tough as nails and capable of taking several hits while they keep on ticking.

Cygnus stands out because it has two attack modes and two defense modes. For attack, you get a powerful metal outer wall, which also bolsters defense, making this a tough Bey to penetrate. That metal wall also lends the Beyblade some weight, along with the metal face bolt, making it much harder to knock off its course.

Price – $15.99

Rapidity Twisted Tempo for Metal Fusion

Twisted Tempo is advertised as having the "highest weight in history," which clues you into why this Metal Fusion Bey makes the list – it's a defensive monster. Its weight makes it incredibly difficult to shift off-course, allowing it to tank hits for other Blades while they wreak havoc through their own attack patterns.

It looks great, too, thanks to its clock-like design, and though it's not an official Takara Tomy Beyblade, it feels like the genuine article.

Price – $16.99

Elrozo Rapidity Hades Kerbecs for Metal Fusion

It's all about style with the Hades, which launches into battle coated in fire, with a threatening Cerberus-like design in the middle. The blade has decent attack and solid defense, making it a decent all-rounder to add to your trio.

But be warned – some reviewers have had problems with putting the Beyblade together. It can be a little finicky, though the effort is worth it once you have it spinning on the battlefield.

Price – Approx. $15

FANSETOYUMA Bey Battle Tops Metal Fusion Burst Gyro

It may be a third-party Beyblade, but this FANSETOYUMA blade combines the tough metal construction of a Metal Fusion blade with a "Burst" performance top, giving you the best of both worlds.

Its gyro spins for ages, building stamina, attack, and defense in the process, making it perfect for taking on players who have "Burst" blades. Unfortunately, the launcher doesn't live up to the rank worthy of the best Beyblade Metal Fusion specs (a few users note that it breaks quickly), so you may need to find an alternative.

Price – $14.69

TerRevin Battling Top Burst Battle Fusion Metal Master Rapidity Fight

With its four tops, this TerRevin set is ideal for players who want some Metal Fusion-like Beyblades but don't have the money (or inclination) to find the real thing. Variety is key here, as you get a couple of larger defensive Beyblades to go along with smaller offensive ones.

So, you can attack, defend, and overwhelm your opponent with blades from the same set. The only downside is that the plastic used for the blades doesn't match the metal in quality, making dents to parts of the tops a possibility.

Price – $16.99

Game Metal Fusion Starter

Become the owner of a forbidden blade with this Gold L-Drago DF105LRF, which looks just like Ryugo's fabled Beyblade, only decked out in full gold coloring. You get a launcher, track, base, and metal wheel with the Beyblade, and its attack features mean it only gets stronger the faster it spins.

Swappable tips also make the blade customizable, making it a great choice for competitions with players.

Price – $13.99

Elfnico Bey Burst Battle Evolution Metal Fusion

With its pair of "Burst" spinning tops, this Elfnico set is perfect for injecting some stamina into your setup. The tops spin for ages, allowing them to get plenty of tap damage in on an important while you use a heavier Metal Fusion Beyblade to absorb damage.

They're easy to use, too, though you may find that promises of rubber tops are false and that you actually get plastic.

Price – Approx. $20

Essential Tips for Beyblade Metal Fusion Battles

You have a few Beyblades ready to launch, but you're not quite ready for battle just yet. These essential tips help you to tackle other Metal Fusion players:

  • Try to combine a couple of fast-attacking Beyblades with a beefier blade that can absorb attacks. The tougher blade essentially tanks hits, giving your other blades a chance to score hits of their own.
  • Pay attention to the numbering you see at the end of the Beyblade's name. For instance, 105RF means that the blade has a 10.5mm spin track and a rubber performance tip, giving you insight into how well the blade will spin and whether its tip can absorb hits.
  • Switching your performance tips and clear wheel may be the best idea if you have a blade that's constantly getting eliminated.
  • A well-rounded strategy is often key. Going in with a trio of blades that usually end battles fast may not be the best approach if your opponent's Beyblades have high stamina. Ideally, you need a good mix of stamina, attack, and defense so you're prepared for long battles but can eliminate weaker blades from the pack.

Unleash Your Battle Cry: Continuing Your Beyblade Journey

With this Beyblade Metal Fusion list, you can build a solid set that combines high-stamina "Burst" blades with tough Beyblades that absorb a lot of hits. But you may want more. Or, you might simply want to build your toy collection, and getting your hands on some Metal Fusion Beyblades was just the first step.

Either way, finding a reliable online toy store is key, which is where ToyShnip comes into play. In addition to offering some of the best Beyblade Metal Fusion Beys, ToyShnip stocks everything from Marvel FiGPiNs to collectible statues. Check out its collection, and you'll be a Beyblade (and toy-collecting) master in no time.


What is the best metal fusion Beyblade?

Opinions vary, but Earth Eagle, Galaxy Pegasus, and Rock Leone all make good cases for being the best Beyblade metal Bey.

Who is strongest in metal fusion?

Gingka Hagane defeats 100 opponents simultaneously in the first episode of Metal Fusion. If that doesn't mark him out as the strongest in the series, nothing will.

What is the 1 strongest Beyblade?

This is an almost impossible question to answer because you have to approach every Beyblade battle with a different strategy, meaning there isn't a single Beyblade that combines stamina, attack, and defense to the point where it beats everything else.

What is the heaviest Metal Fusion Beyblade?

Libra was one of the heaviest in the Metal Fusion set, at least until the introduction of the hybrid wheel led to other Beys being able to match it.

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