6 Best Beyblade Games in 2024

6 Best Beyblade Games in 2024

Beyblade began life in 1999 after the toy company Takara wanted to create something inspired by beigoma. These were traditional, competitive spinning toys, popular in Japan for hundreds of years. Takara commissioned a manga series to accompany and promote the launch of their modern spinning toys.

From these relatively humble origins, Beyblade has spread into multiple other media, including TV and, reportedly, even an upcoming live-action movie. Today, Beyblade is a full-blown entertainment phenomenon.

Playing games of Beyblades with toys involves using launchers and other physical accessories, like mini arenas. For beginners, there are plenty of “Beyblade How to Play” tutorials available online. However, fans can now make their Beyblade fun completely digital by investing in a Beyblade video game.

Read on for six of the best Beyblade games and how to pick the best one.

Top Contenders for the Best Beyblade Game

Which is the best Beyblade game? Of course, it’s all down to personal opinion and what you love most in a video game. You might prefer a single-player battle where you can play repeatedly against characters from the series. Alternatively, you may want to challenge your friends to the ultimate Beyblade competition. The following six games each have unique features and are classed as favorites by both fans and critics.

1. Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress

Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress

The best Beyblade game is one with action, engagement, and longevity. This Beyblade Metal Fusion game offers all of that and more. However, it was only ever available on the Nintendo Wii, which may disappoint PlayStation and Xbox users.

Fans often commented on the exciting storyline, which allowed players to take on the persona of one of the characters from the 2009 anime. There’s also the option to play Battle Mode with three other players or AI-powered NPCs.

One of the top features of this Wii game is the ability to customize stadiums.

2. Beyblade Burst Rivals

Beyblade Burst Rivals

Want to play Beyblades for free? Beyblade Burst Rivals is the app for you. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices and though it does offer paid in-game content, it’s free to download and play.

Beyblade Burst games are inspired by Beyblade Burst by Hasbro, the third generation of Beyblade spinners. The app combines the features of these spinners with a matching “three-in-a-row” style puzzle game. There are even RPG elements as you level up your Master Blader and enter tournaments.

As a Beyblade app, Burst Rivals has a lot to offer. It has a score of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play, an impressive score for any mobile game.

3. Beyblade: Metal Masters - Nightmare Rex

Beyblade: Metal Masters - Nightmare Rex

Anyone looking for Beyblade DS games must check out Metal Masters - Nightmare Rex. You can source this game second-hand or via an emulator. Anyone lucky enough to have bought this game upon release may have also received an exclusive Nightmare Rex Beyblade toy.

The game emulates real-life Beyblade competitions, utilizing moves seen in the anime and manga. What sets this game apart is the option to choose from 37 Beyblade characters.

For Nintendo Switch owners, it may be possible to play Metal Masters – Nightmare Rex with a good quality DS emulator.

4. Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero

Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero

Speaking of Nintendo Switch owners, there are games out there just for you. Beyblade Burst: Battle Zero offers a Beyblade competition that’s very much like one of the one-on-one battles seen in the popular Beyblade animation.

The game cleverly uses the ability to utilize the two separate Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons for two-player mayhem. Players can also use minigames to power up their in-game Beyblades. Game FAQs scored this game “Great!” in their online reviews.

5. Beyblade: Let it Rip!

Beyblade: Let it Rip!

Super retro games fans will love the PS1 retro classic Beyblade: Let it Rip! Dating all the way back to 2002, this game is based on the original manga series, so it's packed with nostalgia for long-time fans.

While there are no RPG elements as such, there are an impressive number of tournament features, especially for such an old game. There's even the ability to create custom characters. If you don't have an old PS1 kicking about, you can play this game online or via an emulator. 

6. Beyblade: Evolution

Beyblade: Evolution

This Beyblade simulator is the Nintendo 3DS offering, with multiple customization options that make it a hit with fans. Beyblade Evolution includes over 500 virtual components, which allow players to create entirely unique Beyblades. There's also an AR (augmented reality) mode, and the touch screen on the 3DS mimics real-life launching mechanics.

Criteria for Evaluating Beyblade Games

All these games include popular features from either the manga or the range of physical toys, which is why they make our list of best Beyblade games. But how do you choose which one is right for you? Try to find out about the gameplay, art style, story, and any multiplayer features before committing to a purchase.

Gameplay Mechanics

Your perfect Beyblade game should have intuitive controls and great gameplay mechanics. Think about how you spin the Beyblade and what options there are for leveling up your “Beys.” Look at user reviews for how easy it is to navigate menus and if there are any frustrations with the controls or overall gameplay.

Also, check out the battle strategies. If they are pretty simple, you could get bored. Constantly evolving battle strategies and customizable elements give you so many more hours of gameplay.

Graphic Quality and Art Style

If you’re a huge Beyblade manga or anime fan, you’ll want a game that echoes that art style. Thankfully, most of the Beyblade games are very true to their origins. You can look up screenshots online before you buy to see exactly what the in-game graphics look like.

Storyline and Engagement

If you have a favorite character or storyline, go for a game that echoes that. However, you should also check how closely the game follows that story or if it’s just window dressing for repetitive battles with no real continuity. A compelling narrative enhances player engagement and helps you get so much more out of your game.

Multiplayer Features

Beyblade is, by its nature, best played with others. While many games allow you to play against the computer, check if they also offer true multiplayer options. Some games allow up to four people to play remotely — a great way to stay connected to other players in your fandom.

Including multiplayer features also makes the game virtually endless. You can play over and over without losing the excitement of battling another human being.

Ready to Let It Rip?

Choosing the best Beyblade games means considering how much action and engagement they offer. Are you looking for straight-up one-on-one battles or more chaotic four-player battles? Use our guide above to track down the right Beyblade game for you.

Remember, there’s more to Beyblade than video games. Whether you’re looking for the best Beyblade launcher or simply collectible cards, head over to ToyShnip’s online toy store to view the entire Beyblade range.


Which Beyblade is best?

Physical Beyblade toys vary in style and skill, with later generations offering unique features such as the ability to “explode” opponent Beyblades. The best Beyblade game is one that emulates these features while providing an engaging story.

What is the strongest Beyblade in the game?

In most Beyblade games, players can level their favorite Beyblades up so they can create their own customized “best Beyblades.” However, if you follow the canon from the series, the most powerful Beyblade is Zeus.

What Beyblade series was the best?

All the Beyblade animated series have been well received. However, most fans and critics agree that the original 2001 series is still the best.

Which is the most powerful Beyblade in Beyblade Burst app?

It depends on your strategy. One of the best defensive Beyblades is Vex Lucius, however, for a stronger attack power, Valchek is a better option. Experiment and discover which Beyblade suits your play style best.

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