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    Dive into the vibrant world of anime with the comprehensive collection of Anime Toys at Toyshnip, your go-to online toy store for everything anime. Our Anime Toys & Collectibles collection page is a paradise for fans, featuring a wide array of figures, collectibles, and memorabilia from some of the most beloved anime series.

    Anime toys are more than just playthings; they are a form of art that captures the essence of your favorite characters and series. From action-packed scenes from Dragon Ball to the intricate details of collectible statues, our selection has something for every anime enthusiast. These figures come in various forms, including action figures, static figurines, and poseable characters, each offering a unique way to celebrate the rich storytelling and artistic design of anime.

    In addition to popular series like Dragon Ball, our collection features a diverse range of action figures from various anime genres. These figures are not only perfect for displaying but also make for a great investment. For those interested in collectibles as a financial asset, check out our blog on the best toys for investment.

    Explore the captivating world of anime with the Anime Toys & Collectibles at Toyshnip, where the magic of anime comes alive through an extensive collection of figures and memorabilia. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of anime, these toys offer a unique way to connect with your favorite characters and series.


    What are the anime toys called?

    • Anime toys are typically referred to as anime figures or figurines. They come in various styles, including nendoroids, scale figures, and figmas, each offering different levels of articulation and detail.

    How tall are 1:7 scale figures?

    • In 1:7 scale figures, the toy is one-seventh the size of the actual character. For instance, if a character is 5'7" (170cm) in the anime, the figure would be approximately 9.4 inches (24cm) tall.

    Why are anime figures so expensive?

    • Anime figures can be expensive due to factors like limited production runs, intricate detailing, licensing fees, and high-quality materials used in their creation. Collectible figures are often made in smaller quantities, adding to their value.

    What is the most expensive anime toy?

    • The most expensive anime toy varies, but limited edition figures, especially those from popular series or rare vintage collectibles, can fetch high prices. Some of the most valuable figures are often those released in limited quantities or with exceptional craftsmanship.
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