Get Ready to Rock and Roll with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem: Unboxing Diamond Select's Best of Muppets Series 3 Toy Line!



Toy collectors and Muppets enthusiasts, it's time to rock and roll! Diamond Select has released the Best of Series Three featuring Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, the iconic house band from The Muppet Show. Inspired by real-life rock and jazz performers, the Electric Mayhem has appeared in various Muppet films and TV specials and recorded several album tracks and covered numerous songs over the years.

The Best of Series Three focuses on the musical side of the show with a Muppet line of the popular bandmates. Just like the other figures in the Best of Muppets series, each one features multiple points of articulation and is in scale to 7-inch human action figures, with heights ranging from 3 to 5 inches and features 3 new sets.The set includes five members of the Electric Mayhem: Dr. Teeth, Zoot, Floyd, Janice, and Animal.

Dr. Teeth is the lead singer and keyboardist for the Electric Mayhem. He is featured with his green skin and red hair, plus his grinning mouth of teeth and signature one gold tooth. He wears a scruffy beard, fur vest, striped shirt, floppy purple hat, cosmic blue jeans, retro brown boots, and comes along with his piano.

Zoot is the balding, blue-haired, burnt-out saxophonist. His trademark is blowing small notes of music at a time, most notably, the final note of The Muppet Show theme credits. He is featured with his flowing hippie pullover, bell-bottoms, floppy hat, sandals, and comes along with his golden sax.

Floyd is the sarcastic bass player of the band and is frequently paired up with Janice in this set. He wears his signature red costume that is a reference, along with his last name, to the Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. He comes with his electric bass, harmonica, and amp.

Janice is the laid-back, valley girl, and lead guitarist of the group. She seems to have a very close relationship with Floyd. She wears her pink halter top and jean skirt and comes along with her "Blossom" style hat, as well as electric guitar, tambourine, microphone, and stand.

Last but not least, Animal, the wild drummer! A crazed percussionist with three styles of music: loud, louder, and deafening. He speaks only in shouts, with his most common phrases being "beat drums! beat drums!" His unrestrained style has made him popular for decades! He is seen in his signature yellow outfit with furry pink hair and every drum in his drum kit.

All we need now is a brightly painted bus with psychedelic swirls, and it's time to get the band back together. Find the rainbow connection by adding these guys to your collection today. Head over to and get yours now.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of The Muppet Show or just love collecting unique toys, the Best of Series Three featuring Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem is a must-have for your collection. With attention to detail and multiple points of articulation, these figures are sure to impress any fan of the iconic band. Don't miss out on the chance to rock out with the Electric Mayhem and add these figures to your collection today. 

And don't miss the Dr. Teeth and the entire band in their first original series The Muppets Mayhem streaming May 10 on Disney Plus!

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