Disney Mirrorverse Transforms Your Favorite Characters in Unprecedented Ways with McFarlane Toys



The long-awaited Disney Mirrorverse will finally hit mobile platforms on June 23, 2022. This visually stunning Role Playing adventure allows players to assemble an exclusive team of their beloved Disney and Pixar characters, creatively crafted and reimagined as guardians. As a dark force threatens to conquer an alternate reality known as the Fractured, players must embark on a heroic journey to defend the Mirrorverse!

Each character possesses unique special powers and attacks, adding a thrilling twist to the gameplay. In classic Role Playing Game fashion, the characters are divided into different roles that complement each other's abilities. The Support, Ranged, and Tank characters, when combined strategically, maximize their battle potential!

As many of our collectors are also avid gamers, McFarlane toys has brought these extraordinary Guardians to life through a meticulously detailed collection of collectibles. This stunning range includes 5-inch and 7-inch action figures, as well as 12-inch statues!

He's the leader of the club, M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! From Wave 1, the incredible 5-inch Mickey Mouse action figure. Mickey is showcased in Disney Mirrorverse-themed card packaging, featuring a captivating 'mirror' effect blister design. As a "support" character, Mickey fights alongside his allies. Suitable for ages +4.

With boundless dreams and eternal optimism, Mickey Mouse instills a sense of endless possibilities in those around him. While many seek to harness Stellar Magic in the Mirrorverse, Mickey has already mastered it, wielding its potent forces to protect his brave comrades in battle.

This 5-inch Mickey Mouse action figure is incredibly detailed, featuring up to 8 points of articulation for versatile posing and play. It comes complete with his Star Crystal and a collectible art card showcasing Disney Mirrorverse artwork on the front, along with Mickey's character biography on the back.

Prepare to soar to infinity and beyond with Wave 1's 7-inch Buzz Lightyear! Buzz is presented in a traditional window box packaging, adorned with captivating Disney Mirrorverse artwork. As a "ranged" character, Buzz specializes in targeting enemies from a distance, making him an invaluable asset in battle. Suitable for ages +12.

Courageous and dutiful, Buzz Lightyear is far from an ordinary toy. Equipped with the latest Star Command tech in the Mirrorverse, including lasers and an armor-blasting arm cannon, this brave Space Ranger is always prepared for action.

This 7-inch Buzz Lightyear action figure boasts incredible detail and Ultra Articulation, featuring 22 moving parts for a full range of posing and play. It comes with removable wings, a base, and a collectible art card featuring Disney Mirrorverse artwork on the front, as well as Buzz's character biography on the back.

Grant some wishes with the Wave 2 - 7-inch Genie! Rub the lamp and let the magic unfold! Similar to Buzz, Genie is presented in window box packaging with captivating Disney Mirrorverse artwork. As a tank character, Genie's primary role is to absorb damage and divert attention away from his allies. Suitable for ages +12.

A free spirit with an exuberant personality, Genie shines brightly day and night. He utilizes his phenomenal cosmic powers to dazzle foes and draw their focus away from his comrades.

This 7-inch Genie action figure showcases incredible detail and Ultra Articulation, featuring 14 moving parts for endless posing and play possibilities. It includes a swirling magic base and a collectible art card adorned with Disney Mirrorverse artwork on the front, accompanied by Genie's character biography on the back.

Journey into the darker side of Sulley's reflection with the Wave 2 Fractured Sulley! Packaged in a card-backed blister, featuring captivating Disney Mirrorverse artwork. Suitable for ages +4.

Summoned from The Fractured Mirror, this corrupted version of Sulley forsakes his good-natured scares in favor of malicious destruction. His sole desire is to crush the Guardians and seize the Stellar Mirror!

Fractured Sulley is presented in his dark form, embodying the evil force that seeks to destroy the Mirrorverse. This 5-inch scale figure, inspired by the Disney Mirrorverse mobile game, features up to 10 points of articulation for dynamic posing and play. It comes with dark tech armor, a shield, and a collectible art card displaying Disney Mirrorverse artwork on the front, accompanied by Sulley's character biography on the back.

Now, you can join the quest and bring the wonders of the Mirrorverse into your own home by acquiring this astonishing collection, available exclusively at ToyShnip.com. Wave 1 includes the 5-inch figures of Mickey, Goofy, Belle, and Sulley, while Wave 2 features Donald, Baloo, and Fractured Sulley. Additionally, Wave 1 offers the 7-inch figures of Buzz and Jack Sparrow, while Wave 2 presents the Genie and Fractured Jack Sparrow (Gold Label Series). For devoted collectors seeking larger pieces, we offer two stunning statues from McFarlane, featuring Sulley and Mickey straight from the Mirrorverse. These incredible pieces are ready to ship now at ToyShnip.com!

Don't miss out on the action when Disney Mirrorverse arrives on Android and iOS on June 23rd! Which character is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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