What Should I Consider Before Purchasing Beyblades

Beyblade, a toy line of high-performance spinning tops were originally introduced with an accompanying manga series of the same name in 1999. The anime series was produced and aired alongside its manga source material to promote sales of the Beyblade product line. Today the Japanese animated television series Beyblade has over 600 episodes.

Ultimate Frostic Dranzer, Spin Dragoon and Saizo were the first 3 Beyblades released. Both the toys and their name were inspired by "Beigoma", a traditional spinning top. The concept of the game is similar to Battle Tops, a board game developed in 1968.

3 Generations of Beyblade

  1. Original Series: Plastic/Hard Metal System (1999)
    Very rare and hard to find now. These are mostly for collectors.
  2. Metal Fight/Fusion/Saga (2008)
    Also referred to as MFB and are still popular. You won't really find them in retail stores anymore. Beyblade series Metal Fury, Metal Masters, Zero-G, and Shogun Steel are also considered Metal Fight Beyblades and for the most part, all have the same basic compatibility.
  3. Burst (2015)
    Released in 2015, these are the current line of Beyblades you see in stores. These are currently the most popular and most common Beyblades series. 

3 Components of Beyblade

  1. Energy Layer: This piece is the one that will get in contact with your opponent when the two Beyblades collide.
  2. Forge Disc: This ring affects the weight of the bey and its movement. It comes in different shapes and weights.
  3. Performance Tip: This is the component that will be in contact with the beystadium. Its width will play a significant role in the speed and stamina of the bey.

4 Different Types of Beyblade

  1. Attack: The attack-type has a flat tip to allow for a bigger contact zone with the beystadium. That helps them be quicker and more mobile than other tips. The speed allows for a bigger impact when the Beyblade collides with the opponent. The drawback to this is a slower speed. Their forge disc weight is not spread regularly, leading to unpredictable and aggressive moments. The energy layer also plays a significant role as it is usually serrated making it easier to grip the opponent and lead to a burst finish!
  2. Defense: The defense-type layers tend to have many blades (5+) and have low recoil so that they will not lose much stamina when hit. They are heavier and their energy level is usually round and smooth, making it much harder to grip for the opponent. Their tip can be round or can come with a bail-bearing system to allow for high stability.
  3. Stamina: Stamina-types tend to have a very smooth layer. They have a thin tip to limit the friction between the blade and the stadium This characteristic helps them keep their rotation’s speed for a longer period of time. Their forge disc weight is evenly spread, ensuring very high stability. They spin longer than most other types of Beyblades.
  4. Balance: Balance-type layers are a combination of every type of Beyblade, making them more versatile. You could mix up the tip of a stamina type, with a defense forge disc (for a heavier weight) and add a serrated layer.

How Do You Play
And now for the fun part! There’s only 4 rules and 1 goal of Beyblade.

  1. A battle consists of 2 competitors launching their Beyblades into the Beystadium
  2. A battle ends when 1 Beyblade stops spinning
  3. Only 1 launch per battle is allowed
  4. Each round will consist of 3 battles

Goal: Be the first player to score 7 points or more.

How Do You Score

  • 1 point is awarded if the opponent's Beyblade stops spinning
  • 1 point is awarded if the opponent's Beyblade is knocked out of the stadium or falls into a pocket in the stadium
  • 2 points are awarded if the opponent's Beyblade "burst" during a battle

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing Beyblades
Now that you know the basics of Beyblades, what you should consider purchasing a stadium, two launchers and a couple of blades. A game launcher can make a significant difference in a battle. Some allow you to pull a left spin and others to pull right, which will change the way your Beyblade behaves. A set that has everything you need is the Beyblade Burst Pro Series Elite Champions Pro Set.

While there’s a lot of information to digest, you don’t need to remember all of it. Just know there are many different Beyblades items and accessories out there. The main thing you need to know about accessories before purchasing them is that they need to be from the same generation to work with each other. Burst accessories work with Burst items. Metal Fight/Fusion/Saga accessories work with Metal Fight/Fusion/Saga items and so on. According to Hasbro, there are more than 5,000 combinations, so you can end up with some very unique Beyblades.

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