The 13 Best Star Wars Toys of 2024

You don't have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to find Luke Skywalker or the famous Darth Vader's Death Star. All it takes is a quick journey online (to the right places) to find the best Star Wars toys money can buy. These toys are an irreplaceable part of pop culture thanks to their links to a franchise that has been going strong since the 1970s, and the 13 cool Star Wars toys in this list are brilliant gift ideas or additions to your own collection.

The 13 Best Star Wars Toys

It's not just the best-selling Star Wars toys that should find their way into your collection. For the profit-minded collector, those massive sellers aren't rare enough to deserve your attention. So, our approach to this list is simple – find some popular Star Wars toys, add a few of the best Star Wars toys to collect, and end up with a list where each item is as high a quality toy as the one that came before it.

Galactic Snackin' Grogu by Hasbro

Take one look into those big eyes, and you'll see why Hasbro's Galactic Snackin' Grogu makes this list of the best Star Wars Merch.

It's adorable!

But look beyond the cuteness and you get a figure with animatronic arms that can lift up accessories to "snack" on. It's the perfect gift for anybody building a collection of their favorite characters from "The Mandalorian."

Price – $95.97

Star Wars Variant Play Arts by Square Enix

Square Enix may be better known for its video games, such as the Final Fantasy series, but this beast of a Darth Vader shows that the developer isn't half bad at creating designs for Star Wars statues either.

It's the accessories that stand out here, especially the two lightsabers. One looks as you'd expect it to when stationary, while the other has cool light effects that make it look like it's in mid-swing during an epic lightsaber fight.

Price – $327.40

Star Wars Black Series Mandalorian Figure

From an interesting twist on the Star Wars retro collection, we move on to another figure from "The Mandalorian." Part of the "Black Series" released to celebrate the show, it's one of the most popular characters that have lit up TV screens in recent years – The Mandalorian himself.

With his range of weapons, this figure is ready for the epic battles that only the Star Wars universe can deliver. Couple that with a low price, and you have one of the best Star Wars toys for adults.

Price – $25.49

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

Ever since the famous ship that "made the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs" blasted onto screens in "A New Hope," the Millennium Falcon has always been a favorite, Hans Solo's faulty measurements and all.

This LEGO version delivers that famous spaceship to your home, with a pilot figure or two to go along with it. Replication of movie-like details is what'll make you fall in love with this 7,500-piece kit, meaning it'll take pride of place in almost any toy collection.

Price – $843

Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Elite Lightsaber

Coming back to the "Black Series," this Force FX lightsaber is a full-size replica that is one of the best Star Wars toys for adults who want to replicate their favorite fighting scenes from the movies.

It's a step above the standard lightsabers that kids like to smash around, making this saber, with its faux-metal hilt and high-quality material construction, a true collector's piece that looks great on any shelf.

Price – $310

Star Wars - Hero Droid BB-8 - Fully Interactive Droid by Spin Master

Oh, BB-8. How does such a small droid manage to pack in so much personality?

You'll discover the answer yourself with this full-scale interactive model of BB-8, which has motion sensors and responds to voice and sound commands. That makes it one of the best Star Wars toys for kids, especially those who love to play along with Poe's epic adventures.

Special mention goes to the "Follow Me" mode – it makes the droid follow its owner to make it easier to replicate some of your favorite scenes from the sequel trilogy.

Price – $150

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Ahsoka Tano Adventure Figure

Ahsoka Tano may not be one of the biggest players in the Star Wars universe, but this detailed figure is one of the best Star Wars collectibles around for anybody who fell in love with "The Clone Wars."

With her dual lightsabers and unique hair, Tano is an attention-grabbing character anyway. But line her up alongside a few more members of the Rebel Alliance and you have a force that's ready to take the battle to the Empire.

Price – $129.99

LEGO Star Wars RazorCrest Ship

As another Star Wars LEGO set, this RazorCrest ship model comes with four figures (including the beloved Baby Yoda) and a ton of interactivity. A pair of spring-loaded shooters fire missiles at your enemies, with the detachable escape pod taking flight whenever you need to make your exit from a hairy situation.

At just over 1,000 pieces, it's one of the simpler Star Wars ships to assemble, too, making it an excellent piece of cool Star Wars memorabilia for fans of "The Mandalorian" or a good set for people who just want some fun LEGO to add to their collections.

Price – $139.99

Remote Control D-O Rolling Toy

You may already have BB-8 in your collection, so why not add a remote-controlled version of the droid that BB salvaged?

Like the BB-8 model mentioned earlier, this D-O rolling toy slides alongside you no matter where you go, though it needs you to control it with the provided remote. It even comes with a few motion-sensitive sound effects, so you'll feel like you have the real thing accompanying you.

Price – $37.97

Star Wars Command Millennium Falcon Set

While the LEGO Millennium Falcon earlier in the list is a display piece once assembled, this command set is all about taking the fight to the Imperial forces.

It comes with a ton of miniature figures, including a couple of AT-ATs and both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Granted, they're not the best Star Wars figures you'll find, and certainly won't hold any value in the future. But as fodder for a marauding Millennium Falcon, they're a multi-character ensemble that's great for replicating scenes from the film.

Price – $179.99

Baby Yoda Funko Pop

How do you make Baby Yoda even cuter than he already is?

Make him into a Funko Pop and you get an even more interesting take on an already iconic character. This is a special Funko, too, as it stands 10 inches tall instead of the usual six, creating the weird feeling of seeing Baby Yoda tower over any other Funko Pops in your collection.

You won't mind that, though, because this Pop has a ton of movie-accurate details for you to enjoy.

Price – $34.99

Star Wars The Black Series Astromech Droids

The only thing better than having one droid is having six.

That's the approach taken with this set, which delivers six 3.75-inch Astromech droids to make the combined set one of the best Star Wars Christmas toys for kids when you want to get more bang for your buck.

The detail on each figure is great, as is the casing, which is shaped like a droid for those who want to keep the figures complete-in-box.

Price – $63.80

Star Wars L0-LA59 (Lola) Droid Toy

The list wraps up with an animatronic "Lola" droid, which is more in line with classic Star Wars busts than it is the interactive BB-8 and D-O droids you've already seen.

Standing on a durable plastic plinth, Lola's interactive comes from the little sensor on her head, which you can press to unleash a dazzling light show, along with movement and sound effects.

Price – $19.93

Criteria for Our Star Wars Toys Ranking

You could end up spending thousands of dollars if you buy every toy on this list, so you obviously want to know what went into the ranking criteria that led to these 13 toys being selected.


Any collector will tell you that looks are important. Toys scored points if they had great attention to detail, with either accuracy to the movies or exceptional work for more stylized characters being big draws compared to more standard toys.


What makes a Star Wars toy fun?

Motion combinations can help, especially with droids, but it really comes down to using high-quality materials that ensure the toy will last through an entire galaxy of adventure. If the toy was tough and had a few interactive elements thrown into the mix, it had a good chance of making the list.


Not every toy on the list is a collectible.

But some are, and have great potential for increasing in value because they're either limited-edition runs or they're a little cost-prohibitive for people who just want some toys to play with. Great packaging, such as the droid-shaped box for the "Black Series" set of six droids, also added some collectability.


As much as we love a Star Wars vintage collection, new is always exciting, and you'll see that in the list. Any fresh take on an old design (looking at you, Darth Vader from Square Enix) is a plus, as is the incorporation of motion-sensitive tech or other clever tech innovations.

Where to Find These Amazing Star Wars Toys

So, where can you find these amazing Star Wars toys?

The easiest way is to just follow the links in the article, which take you to Amazon listings or the toy collection that ToyShnip maintains. Either one is a reliable way to get your hands on these figures and toys.

Join the Force: Start Your Star Wars Toy Collection Today

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