The Best Shelves for Funko Pop Collections in 2024

You want the perfect display for your Funko Pops.

A display that puts your Funko Marvel figures front and center, carefully arranged so that each collective of superheroes and villains has its own display space, of course. Or, one that puts Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, and the rest of your Funko Star Wars figures in the spotlight.

But you have a problem – your current display options aren't up to the task.

That may be because of a simple lack of shelves or because your existing shelving doesn't let you highlight your favorite collectibles. But whatever the reason, you know something has to change if you have limited space to create the perfect Funko Pop figure display shelf.

Here, you'll discover 16 Funko shelf ideas for creating an eye-catching Funko display.

Top Shelf Solutions for Your Funko Pops Collection

You take pride in your collectibles, which is why you want the best Funko Pop display around. Each of these options for display offers something different, but all make your Pops the star of the show and are widely considered among the best shelves for Funko Pops you can find.

OAPRIRE Black Floating Shelves Set of 2

Look no further than OAPRIRE's versatile design if you want some of the best floating shelves for Funko Pops. Coming in a pack of two, these shelves can hold up to 7 pounds (more than enough for a couple of Pops) and use Command strips to adhere to your walls.

Just be aware – the 47 inches of surface area advertised runs out quicker than you think when you start adding Funko Pops and other collectibles. Keep heavy items off the shelves and use this set to highlight a couple of Pops from your collection that you want to stand out from the rest.

Price – $24.99

Acrylic Shelves for Wall Set of 4, 15" x 4"

Simple, spacious, and sturdy. Those are the best three words to describe this four-pack of ACRADEC shelves, which mount easily to your wall using two screws per shelf. There are no vibrant colors here, though that isn't a bad thing as the shelves are transparent, meaning you can see through the lip to your Funko Pops. You can also mount the shelves upside down so the lip is under the shelf, avoiding the visibility issue entirely but allowing the collectibles to fall off easier.

There's a decent size, too, with each shelf measuring 15 x 4 inches, which is enough space to store three boxed Pops per shelf (and about five without boxes). You also get options in how you arrange them, meaning you can create a unit that looks like a bookshelf for Funko Pops or mount the shelves as a corner unit.

Price – $18.99

Sooyee Acrylic Shelves, 6 Pack 15 Inch Floating Wall Mounted Shelves

Like the above shelves, these are 15 x 4-inch see-through acrylic shelves that mount directly to your walls using screws and anchors. The big difference? Sooyee packs 6 shelves into a single package rather than four.

They're an excellent choice if you want simple shelving that accentuates your Funko Pop's box art because you can see through the shelf lips.

Price – $28.99

Acrylic Floating Shelves, 6 Pack 15" Invisible Shelf Wall Ledge Bookshelf

Ideal for the minimalist who wants to showcase their favorite figures, Dezzer's acrylic shelves come as a six-pack that you can screw into your walls in any configuration you can imagine. They measure 15 x 4.3 inches (ideal for displaying up to three boxed Funko Pops), and they're an excellent solution if you have limited space.

They're easy to clean, too, as a quick wipe with a dry cloth and some household cleaner turns them into sparkling stands for your Pops.

Price – $28.99

10 Pack Small Clear Acrylic Floating Shelves for Funko Pop Figures

Maybe a large shelf isn't what your need for your Funko collection. You want individual shelves for the most precious figures in your Funko DC range, with every hero or villain getting their only little stand.

That's what you get with YODAR's 10-pack of shelves designed specifically for Funko Pops. Each shelf comes with an adhesive strip, which you use to stick it to the wall, and the fluorescent material on the base serves as light strips that illuminate your Pops in the dark.

There's just one problem – their circular design is only suitable for Pops outside their boxes. If you're a collector who cares about keeping packaging (as well as figures) in mint condition, these aren't the shelves you're looking for.

Price – $29.99

Acrylic Funko Pop Display Case

From the best wall shelves for Funko Pops that are out of their boxes, you come to a shelving unit designed to offer a nice and snug fit for Pops that are still in their packaging. This clever shelf comes with six "units," each designed to hold a single Pop.

It's a smart shelf design, not least because it lets you keep Pops from the same collection in a single place. For instance, if you have some Funko music figures of every member of a band, you can use this shelf to keep them all together and have a vinyl band ready to rock on your wall.

Price – $39.99

Fixwal Acrylic Shelves, 15 Inch Floating Wall Mounted Shelves

Why go for a small display when you can get a full-on bookshelf that allows you to showcase dozens of Pops in one place? Fixwal's acrylic shelves aren't designed specifically as Funko shelving, but with each in the set of four measuring 15 x 4 inches, they just happen to be the perfect size for your boxed figures.

They screw directly into your wall (you receive 16 screws for the job), and the use of transparent acrylic means you can always see what's on the shelves, whether you use them to house books or Pops.

Price – $17.99

12-Pack White Acrylic Display for Funko Pop Shelves - Suitable for in-the-box figures with soft protector

Minimalistic design is the key to Tapeera's 12-pack of tiny shelves. Each shelf's base only measures 3.7 x 3.7 inches, which is smaller than the base of a Funko box, but just big enough to hold the box in place with the help of a clever lip built into the shelf.

Granted, these mini floating shelves aren't the most versatile in the world, and you won't use them to store heavier items. But for lightweight Funko Pops, they let you experiment with any Funko Pop storage ideas that come to mind, no matter how limited your wall space.

Price – $19.90

IKEA Mosslanda Picture Shelf

IKEA may call the Mosslanda a "picture shelf," but its four-inch depth makes it ideal for storing your Pops. You can even tweak the shelf to match the color theme in your room, with dark color options (like black) available, as well as the more common white and stained pine colors.

They're cheap, too. You can pick up a single shelf, capable of holding about five figures without stacking, for less than 10 bucks. But like many shelves on this list, they're not the best choice if you want to display some larger items alongside your Pops.

Price – $9.99

Yescom 5-Tier Zig Zag Shelf

If you want something as funky as your Pops themselves to display your favorite items, this Escher-esque zig-zag shelf from Yescom is the perfect solution. Screwing directly into your wall, the shelf has five tiers, with its key feature being that it allows you to create a vertical display of your figurines.

The shelf is available in black of weight, with each tier holding a maximum weight of 17 pounds. That's more than enough for a few Funko Pops and a few heavier items, too.

Price – $29.90

WINKINE Acrylic Riser Display Shelf

A display riser may be a better way to display your Funko sports figures, especially because a riser looks similar to the bleachers you may sit on when watching your favorite players in action. You get three acrylic display shelves with WINKINE's riser, as well as a little support shelf at the bottom of the riser that you could use for smaller decorative items.

Best of all – it's a freestanding unit. That means no scrambling around looking for spare wall space, as you can place the riser on your floor and have what amounts to a nice little display table for your collectibles.

Price – $12.79

HOOBRO Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

A traditionalist may not be a big fan of acrylic design, instead preferring something with a more wooden effect. That's what you get with HOOBRO's floating shelves, which use invisible brackets to achieve the floating look and have an elegant design that fits more "rustic" rooms.

They don't have the limited weight capacity issues of many of the shelves on this list, either, as they're capable of holding up to 22 pounds. And at 23.6 x 7.9 inches, they're a popular choice among collectors who want to stack a bunch of boxed Funko Pops in one place.

Price – $45.99

YGEOMER Floating Shelves, Rustic Wood Shelves

Whether you keep your figures in your bedroom or living room, YGEOMER's rustic shelves are a good fit because they combine sturdy construction with a simple design that puts all of the attention on your Pops.

They're available in seven colors and have tough metal brackets so the shelves have all of the support they need. Though they aren't dedicated storage units for your Funko pops, their compact size and versatility mean you can place these shelves almost anywhere in a room.

Price – $19.19

YODAR 9 PCS Riser Display Shelf for Funko POP Figures

It's the honeycomb look all of the way with YODAR's smart riser shelf, which can hold up to nine unboxed Pop figures inside its honeycombs, as well as a handful on top of the shelf if you want to stack.

If you have limited vertical space, this display shelf helps you maximize it while creating an attractive tiered display for collectibles. Imagine having the main Funko Dragon Ball Z cast stacked up together and ready to fight.

Price – $21.99

NIUBEE Acrylic Riser Display Shelf (2 Pack)

Why buy one riser when you can have two? That's the approach NIUBEE takes with these acrylic three-tiered risers, which come as a pack of two that you can place anywhere on the floor. Each offers plenty of space for your Funko Pops, allowing you to set up an entire display of figures from one collection of mix and match as you see fit.

No complex installation is required, and you get a sturdier stand thanks to the use of solid cylindrical legs, which help to weigh the riser down so there's less chance of toppling.

Price – $36.69

AITEE Acrylic Display Case with Mirrored Back

The mirrored back of the AITEE shelf is a thing of beauty for the collector who wants to be able to see their Funko Pops from all angles, as you can get a peek at each figure's rear design by glancing at the mirror. Ideal for a team of Naruto Funko Pops, or any other figures that are part of a collection, the unit can easily hold 16 figures without issues.

The sleek design also means you can mount the shelf to a wall or leave it freestanding.

Price – $40.99

Things to Consider When Choosing a Shelf for Your Funko Pops

You have 16 of the best shelves for Funko Pops to choose from in this list (and many more besides), so all that's left is to understand what considerations factor into your decision when choosing a display unit.

Funko Pops Dimensions

The generally accepted dimensions of a Funko Pop in its box are 4.5 x 3.5 x 6.25 inches. So, any shelf you buy needs a depth of at least 3.5 inches, with enough space above the shelf itself for your Pop to sit comfortably. A regular-sized Pop out of its box is about 4.5 inches high and 3 inches wide, so consider using special acrylic boxes to pack a few Pops more snugly to fit on a smaller shelf.

Some collector edition Pops are up to 10 inches tall and come in significantly wider boxes, which may make some shelves (such as those designed for standard boxes) unsuitable.

Shelf Material

Wood, metal, and acrylic are the most common materials used for Funko Pop shelves, with wood and metal usually offering more heavy-duty solutions than acrylic. The downside is that wood and metal cost more, though they often make up for that with a more attractive appearance. Don't sleep on acrylic, though, because see-through acrylic often makes the best display shelves for Funko Pops for displaying your models without obstructions.

Size and Space

There's an important question to ask before you invest in any shelf – how many Funko Pop action figures do you have?

The number determines the type of shelf you buy, either because you need to ensure you have enough space on the shelf to store everything or you need to avoid a shelf that's so large that you're left with tons of empty space and a few isolated Pops.

Use the average dimensions of a Pop in its box (4.5 x 3.5 x 6.25 inches) and compare that to the shelf. For instance, a shelf that's 15 inches long should comfortably hold three Pops, or four at a squeeze.

Design and Aesthetics

You want your Funko Pops to take center stage in the room in which they're displayed, and that often starts with the design of your shelf. Choices range from modern and sleek, as you see with many acrylic shelves, to rustic wood or minimalistic floating shelves. Think about the aesthetic you've created in the display room and pick a shelf that matches your personal style.


Finally, there's your budget.

Acrylic shelves tend to cost less because plastic is both more affordable and easier to mold than wood or metal. But other factors influence the price, such as the size of the shelf (more materials required) and the intricacy of the design, with more complex designs tending to cost more.

Start Your Ultimate Funko Pops Display with ToyShnip Today!

When you have limited space, finding the best Funko Pop display options is a priority. You have 16 from this list, which gives you a collection of corner units, risers, floating shelves, and rustic looks that can match your style and your collection.

All that's left is to find the Pops that'll pop on your new shelf. ToyShnip is the online toy store that helps you find the latest and greatest Funko figures, so check out our collection and sign up for our newsletter for the latest news in Funko Pop land.


What is the best way to display Funko Pops?

Displaying your Funko Pops based on the series or sports team the characters come from is usually a solid choice because you create cohesion rather than randomness. Of course, having the right shelving can accentuate the Pops, and using LED lights may highlight them in darker spaces.

How should I store Funko Pops?

Keep your Funko Pops out of direct sunlight and avoid moisture or chemicals that could damage the Pop's box or the figure itself.

What is the best way to display Funko Pops in a small space?

It depends on the type of space you have, though the answer is typically a shelf designed to fit the space. A corner unit is better if you have very little wall space, whereas a floor-mounted riser may be a better choice if your floors are covered, but you have room on the ground.

Is it better to display Funko Pops in the box?

Some collectors will tell you yes, if only because a Funko Pop in its box is usually worth more than one that's been removed. But it really comes down to what you want from your display, with boxed figures looking cleaner but having the limitation of being in a box that prevents you from seeing the whole figure.

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