11 Best Barbie Storage Options to Protect Your Dolls

11 Best Barbie Storage Options to Protect Your Dolls

Barbie storage can be a real challenge whether you’re an avid collector or just looking to declutter your child’s room. The iconic toy superstar has been making a splash since 1959. However, without proper organization, she can end up making a mess.

A child’s first Barbie doll can have huge sentimental value. The last thing they (or you) want is tangled hair, damaged clothes, or broken limbs due to being left lying around.

If you’re a collector, then your Barbie dolls have more than nostalgia attached to them. Some dolls are worth thousands of dollars, particularly if you’re lucky enough to have vintage dolls. Check out our Barbie price guide to see if you own a rarity.

Finding ways to store and display your growing collection protects these toys while honoring their historical significance. In this article, we’ll look at different Barbie doll organizer methods, Barbie clothes storage ideas, and Barbie doll storage for serious collectors.

How to Organize Your Barbie Dolls

Your Barbie storage solutions should be simple yet systematic. You want to be able to get to your best Barbie toys with ease. Yet you also need to ensure your Barbie organizers protect your dolls from dust—or unwanted fingers.

Have a look at each of these Barbie doll storage ideas and see which suits your collection best.

DIY Wall Racks

DIY Wall Racks

For those still playing with their Barbie dolls, this is one of the best DIY Barbie storage ideas we’ve seen. These simple-to-make wall racks prominently display the dolls in an organized way while making them easy to access.

Measure your available wall space and cut a length of wood that will fit. Varnish or paint the wood to match the room’s décor. Parents can involve their children at this stage. Let them choose their favorite colors or decorations for the wood.

Use two short dowels to mount a third dowel perpendicular to the wood. This creates a gap between the wood and the long dowel, just the right size to put a Barbie doll in with her arms out.

An alternative is to use pre-made shelves and attach a dowel to prevent the dolls from falling forward. This simple Barbie storage solution becomes a decorative part of the room that your children will love. Plus, it makes it easier for them to tidy up at the end of the day.

Store-It-All Carrying Case

Store-It-All Carrying Case

How do you declutter Barbies that have taken over a child’s room? With a Store-It-All carrying case. Look out for these compact cases with multiple compartments that allow you to organize Barbie by theme or style. It has space for clothes and accessories, making it an ideal decluttering solution.

These cases also have a handle and wheels. Your child can easily take it on a playdate or wheel it all over the house. When you go on vacation, this case can come with you so your kids don’t have to be separated from their favorite dolls.

Clear Bins and Barbie Stands

Clear Bins and Barbie Stands

This combo of stands and clear storage bins helps children keep Barbie’s clothes together while keeping dolls accessible. Clear bins make finding Barbie’s favorite outfits easier, making them one of our top Barbie clothes storage ideas.

You could put labels on each stand so you remember which Barbie is which. For younger children, use images instead. For example, a spacesuit helmet might represent Astronaut Barbie.

For the Barbie accessory storage, label each storage bin to make it even easier to find items. You could have a bin just for shoes or one for hats.

Wall Clips

Wall Clips

Wall clips are another of our favorite DIY Barbie storage ideas. Simply install wall clips of an appropriate size at a height your child can reach. These clips should be big enough to hold the Barbie doll loosely so it’s easy to retrieve.

This encourages kids to get Barbie off the floor, keeping her safer from damage. You could have a number of clips, each holding a Barbie in a different outfit. Utilizing wall clips turns your Barbie doll organizer into a stunning piece of wall art.

Craft Organizer Drawers

Craft Organizer Drawers

Barbie has so many accessories that it’s easy for them to get lost. Small, stackable craft drawers are the perfect organizer for Barbie accessories. You could have a different tiny drawer for each pair of shades or shoes or use larger drawers to group accessories together.

Get your kids involved and decorate the drawers. You could make this as intricate as hand-painted individual labels or as simple as stickers. This makes your Barbie storage solution more likely to encourage kids to tidy up and help declutter their rooms.

Custom Caddie

Custom Caddie

Customize a storage caddie to create a completely personalized Barbie storage solution. You could put your child’s name on them or label different caddies for storing different Barbie-related items.

Personalized storage makes cleanup time more appealing to kids of all ages. They can take ownership of their space and take pride in keeping it clutter-free. Look out for caddies with lockable levers, which help keep storage secure and help with transportation.

Three-Tier Organizer

Three-Tier Organizer

Multi-tier organizer units are a simple and usually inexpensive option for storage for Barbies. Many of these units clip together to expand storage — ideal for any growing collection.

Lightweight storage units with handles allow kids to easily move their Barbies to where they’re playing. They can even incorporate the unit into their games. Once it’s cleanup time, Barbie and her accessories go back into the unit and are easily tidied away.

Travel Barbie Case

Travel Barbie Case

Barbie has all the accessories, including purpose-built travel cases. Check out your favorite toy store for Barbie-branded travel cases that come with hangers for outfits and doll storage solutions. Some Barbie playhouses fold up with space for doll and accessory storage.

As well as being ideal for taking Barbie on the road (or to a friend’s house), they help keep home clutter-free. They are a great compact Barbie organizer for smaller collections.

Innovative Storage Ideas From the Community

Barbie collectors are excellent at sharing their Barbie doll storage solutions. The way some of these Barbie holder ideas adapt existing storage solutions is really innovative. Let’s take a look.

Rolling Cart and Overdoor Shoe Organizer

A rolling cart or small, wheeled shelf unit combines organization with portability. Store dolls and accessories with ease, then move them to where they’re needed.

Another quick Barbie storage option is the overdoor shoe organizer. Each shoe holder can house a single doll and its accessories. Alternatively, you could use a different pocket for accessories. Label and decorate them to make them completely bespoke. What a great way to make use of vertical storage to free up space in smaller rooms.

Portable Art Box/Tackle Box

Find a vintage tackle box at a thrift store or repurpose an art supplies box. The multiple small compartments in these containers make them perfect for Barbie accessory storage.

Help kids stay organized by housing all Barbie’s accessories in one place. This makes cleanup time so much faster. Plus, it’s a great way to start teaching kids about categorizing and organizing.

This is also a great option for collectors who want to ensure their Barbie accessories remain clean and dust-free.

Under-Bed Storage

Large, shallow bins that slide under the bed make excellent storage for Barbies. Under-bed storage keeps floors clear and takes up less space than investing in shelving units. The dolls are easily accessible at playtime and easy to clean away.

For collectors, consider splitting under-bed bins into separate compartments to keep each doll in pristine condition.

Decluttering and Organizing Tips

Whatever Barbie organizers you choose, it’s important to declutter and organize your collection prior to storage. See if you can get your child to throw out badly damaged Barbies or clothes. For collectors, take stock of what you want to keep and what you may consider auctioning.

Teach kids how to group accessories by type. Consider putting single shoes and gloves in the trash. Alternatively, you might have a single container for mismatched items.

Set a monthly decluttering date. Put your kids' favorite tunes on and have fun going through the Barbie collection together. This can become a bonding event as well as help free up space in your home.

How to Store Barbie Accessories and Clothes

This article touched on some Barbie clothes storage ideas but for collectors, this aspect is particularly important. A Barbie organizer that takes clothes and accessories into account helps maintain the value of a collection.

You want to ensure that you’re able to sort accessories by type or collection. Consider craft boxes or drawers like the ones we recommended above. Always make sure everything is clearly labeled and close drawers tightly to prevent dust from building up.

For outfits, clear, zippered pouches can be a great solution. Label every pouch so you don’t forget where each outfit came from. Also, store Barbie’s clothes away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and preserve their value.

Make Every Playtime Memorable: Find Your Next Barbie Here!

Barbie storage solutions range from DIY Barbie storage ideas to custom-built Barbie accessory storage. The key points are that your dolls should be protected, accessible, and if you have the space, displayed beautifully.

To grow your Barbie collection, head on over to ToyShnip’s online toy store and discover Barbie dolls for a range of budgets. We’ve also got action figures from a range of top brands and loads more. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us for more information.


How do you store Barbies?

Barbie storage solutions range from compact travel cases to intricate displays. Under-bed storage and multi-tier shelving units are ideal for kids and encourage quick cleanup times.

How do you declutter Barbies?

Go through your Barbie collection and throw out damaged dolls and clothes. Group accessories and outfits by type or theme. Choose a Barbie storage solution that allows easy access to dolls while keeping them off the floor. Consider clear, zippered bags to keep outfits dust-free and under-bed storage for quick tidy-up times.

How do you keep a Barbie doll?

Barbie doll holders and stands help both kids and collectors display and store their toys in easy reach. Some Barbie holder ideas include wall clips and pegs, purpose-built shelves, or labeled stands.

How do you store dolls in a bedroom?

Kids who love to play with Barbie regularly need accessible Barbie storage solutions. Consider over-door shoe organizers, expandable shelf units, or rolling carts with multiple compartments. Clear bins also provide an easy way to keep track of Barbie’s clothes and accessories.

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