Marvel Legends Black Panther

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    6 products

    Marvel Legends Black Panther

    Few characters helped increase Marvel’s popularity as much as Black Panther. Whether you’re a fan of the comics or movie version, this Marvel Legends Black Panther statue is a must-have.

    The details on this product are intense. There’s the iconic black suit with white and purple accessories that exude mysticism, wilderness, agility, and courage. All of which are the key traits of your favorite character.

    You’ll also enjoy that the Marvel Studios: Legends Black Panther: Wakanda Forever figure is fully articulated. Some of the parts you can move include the arms, legs, and torso. Experiment with different positions until you achieve the perfect pose for your collector’s display case.

    What sets this Black Panther Marvel Legends-edition figure apart from others is that you can cycle from the helmet and face version. The helmet alternative strikes fear into the hearts of Wakanda’s enemies, whereas the face version pays tribute to the late great actor Chadwick Boseman who originated the role.

    Finally, if you watch Marvel Studios’ Legends Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, you notice the iconic teeth around the main character’s neck. You’ll find the same detail in this figure. They make the statue even more realistic and attractive.

    You’ll hardly find a better Black Panther product than this toy. So, go to our online toy store and grab the iconic character today.

    Once you delve deep into our collection, you’ll also see many other collectible statues and Marvel action figures, such as Wolverine and Spiderman. But that’s not all. We offer top-quality Goo Jit Zu toys for all ages that provide endless fun.


    What makes Black Panther interesting?

    Black Panther is super-agile, as he can run fast and climb trees. He’s also incredibly powerful and stealthy.

    How do you put batteries in a Black Panther helmet?

    The batteries of a Black Panther helmet go under the chin.

    Does Black Panther lose the challenge to his cousin?

    Yes. Killmonger defeated Black Panther because T’Challa didn’t have his powers.

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