Star Wars FiGPiN

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    6 Produkte

    Star Wars Figpin Collection

    Embark on an epic journey to a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars Figpin collection at Toyshnip, your premier online toy store for exclusive and sought-after collectibles. The Star Wars Figpin series merges the thrilling world of Star Wars with the unique artistry and collectibility of Figpin enamel pins, offering fans a unique way to celebrate their favorite characters from the iconic saga.

    The Star Wars Figpin collection features an array of characters from the expansive Star Wars universe, including legendary heroes, formidable villains, and beloved droids. Each Figpin is meticulously designed to capture the essence and details of Star Wars characters, from the intricate textures of their attire to the dynamic poses that reflect their personalities and moments in the series. Whether you're a fan of the original trilogy, the prequels, the sequels, or the various animated series, the Star Wars Figpin collection has something for every Star Wars enthusiast.

    In addition to Star Wars, Toyshnip offers a diverse range of Figpin collections to suit any preference, including the whimsical Figpin Simpsons, the adventurous Figpin Scooby Doo, the captivating Figpin Anime, the heroic Figpin Big Hero 6, and the villainous Figpin Disney Villains. For Marvel fans, the Figpin Marvel collection offers a selection of iconic superheroes and villains.

    Dive into the universe of Star Wars and beyond with the Star Wars Figpin collection at Toyshnip. Whether you're looking to start your collection or searching for the perfect addition to your ensemble, these Figpins offer a unique and stylish way to showcase your love for Star Wars and other beloved franchises.


    What is the purpose of a FiGPiN?

    FiGPiNs serve as both a collectible and a wearable art piece. They are designed for fans to display their favorite characters and franchises with pride, either on clothing, bags, or specially designed Figpin stands.

    Do FiGPiNs come with backs?

    Yes, FiGPiNs come with a unique, patented backer that serves as both a stand for display and a secure way to attach the pin to fabric, making them versatile for collectors and fans who wish to wear them.

    How do you open a FiGPiN box?

    FiGPiN boxes are designed to be collector-friendly, allowing for easy opening without damaging the box. Carefully lift or slide the cover off to access the pin, which is securely housed inside.

    Who makes FiGPiNs?

    FiGPiNs are made by FiGPiN Inc., a company known for creating high-quality, officially licensed enamel pins that celebrate various pop culture icons and franchises.

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