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What happens when some of the most popular horror film characters cross paths with Saturday Morning Cartoons? Welcome to the wacky world of Toony Terrors from NECA ! People love being scared, and the horror genre is hugely popular with collectors, which is why here at we are always looking for new items to add to our creepy collection!

In 2019 toy company NECA announced a new toy line as part of their popular Horror collectibles named Toony Terrors. These were a new series of vinyl figures of classic horror movie characters, but done in the style of a fun Saturday morning cartoon. 

Think of it like this… if you take Jason Voorhees and drop him in an episode of Scooby Doo, what would he look like? A Toony Terror. 

These scary-yet-cute characters allow you to reimagine your childhood in a scary but fun kind of way.

If the figures weren’t cool enough NECA took the packaging a step further, by featuring a movie theater type setting complete with a marque, movie poster and hidden easter eggs from each character's films on a blister card and around back a bonus cutout backdrop. The newest releases from Toony Terror hit on 2 films that have developed quite a cult following, Halloween III Season of the Witch and An American Werewolf in London! Each of these features the figures in boxes, unlike the usual blister pack, probably because they are multi character packs unlike the singles we have seen in the past. 

First up the cutest figures based on the iconic masks from Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

A small town mask maker becomes a madman, when he plans a mass murder using Silver Shamrock Novelties Halloween masks and triggering a device contained in a television commercial designed to kill millions of children. 

Now this set features all three of the trick or treating children rocking those super popular Skeleton, Witch and Pumpkin masks made by the evil ghouls at Silver Shamrock.

These are 6 inch sale versions from the 1982 horror movie. 

They can be posed and displayed on the bonus backdrop that features the Silver Shamrock factory in the distance. 

Up next the classic 1981 movie that perfectly blends comedy and true horror, An American Werewolf in London!

Inspired by John Landis’ 1981 horror classic, the 2-pack comes with David Kessler in final werewolf form (and soon to be d.e.a.d.) and a fully rotted undead Jack Goodman. These two American college students had a vacation from hell…

If you’re looking to get a special gift for that horror collector in your life, or maybe you just want to reconnect with what you wish you had in your childhood, these action figures are the perfect fit. The way you remember Saturday morning cartoons will never be the same! Grab them now over and check out the rest of our Toony Terror Collection.


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