Fowl Play and Rat Pack: A Review of the Best Sam the Eagle and Rizzo the Rat Action Figures from The Muppets Series




The Muppets have entertained generations of fans with their songs, sketches, and adventures, and continue to captivate audiences today with their enduring popularity. A beloved ensemble cast of puppet characters created by Jim Henson, featured Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo the Great, and so many other memorable characters, each bringing their own unique flair. The Best of The Muppets series has been such a success that Diamond Select Toys has continued the series with the addition of everyone's favorite Patriotic Bird and New York rat: Sam the Eagle and Rizzo the Rat Action Figures.

In spring of 2016, collectable toy company Diamond Select released a new line of Muppet toys geared toward collectors with The Muppets Select. This series was originally released in blister packaging and ran for three series, featuring some of our favorite Muppets. Diamond planned on releasing a fourth series featuring Swedish Chef, Dr Teeth and Zoot and Sam the Eagle and Rizzo the Rat, but in Fall 2018, they canceled the series. However, by Spring of 2021, the demand for the Muppets was still going strong, so Diamond decided to re-release several figures with different packaging in the Best of Series!

Finally, in June 2022, the next Muppets action figure 2 pack arrived, sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, and it features Sam the (American) Eagle and Rizzo the Rat. The packaging for these figures is the same as what we have seen from the Diamond Best of Muppets in a full-color window box. The front of the packaging displays the figures nicely, and in the background, you can see that it is actually Kermit’s green fur! The sides of the packaging feature Pepe the King Prawn up top with a window display looking into the figures, The Muppet logo once again, and Sam the Eagle and Rizzo the Rat Action Figures.

Sam is an American bald eagle with a prominent beak and eyebrows. Known for his patriotic and uptight personality, he loves America and all things American, often preaching about the virtues of democracy, freedom, and individuality. Sam stands 5 inches tall, with his stern expression and a mix of blue and white feathers. He has articulation in his neck, his shoulders up and down, and movement in his legs and ankles. He comes with a podium ready to make a patriotic speech, and what’s really cool is the eagle that is on the podium, much like the presidential seal, is actually Sam himself, which is a really cool easter egg.

Rizzo the Rat, on the other hand, is a brown rat with a Brooklyn accent and a sharp wit. Known for his love of food and his ability to find it in the most unexpected places, Rizzo is also loyal and caring, often coming to the aid of his friends when they need him. Here is Rizzo, standing just over 3 inches tall from his tiny feet to the top of his hair. He has a mischievous grin, wearing a white tank and his signature varsity style jacket that has “The Ratty Duke Show” logo on the back, paying tribute to The Patty Duke Show which was a sitcom from the 60’s. Rizzo has 8 points of articulation in his neck, arms, wrists, legs, and tail, and he comes with a small stand to support his tiny feet.

Now it’s time to discover for yourself the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational Muppetational pleasures of adding these to your Muppet collection now, head over to and grab yours today.

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