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What happens when Spiderman jumps into a 100-foot gigantic suit to battle giant sized intergalactic threats!  We're talking about the Spider-Man Miles Morales Mecha Marvel Action Figure from Mondo! 

Here at ToyShnip.com we love to carry products from unique manufacturers and nothing is more unique than our friends at Mondo! 

Beginning as a t-shirt shop located in the basement of a movie theater. In 2007 Mondo got recognized and began working with major artists and studios to create some pretty cool licensed products, starting with posters, then soundtrack LPs, and finally toys and other collectibles. 

Mondo has made itself into a true pop culture brand built for collectors. So much so that in 2022 they joined the Funko verse, helping to continue bringing fans and friends their unique approach to pop culture. Today they continue to work with artists to create products that share a rare, unexpected vivid and timeless quality. 

So vivid and unexpected like Spider-Man Miles Morales Mecha Marvel Action Figure.

Now we haven't seen much from Miles outside the spider verse movies and the comic realm. So Mondo decided to take this opportunity and create an exclusive PX for the 2021 San Diego Comic Con. 

Join in the battle by collecting your very own replica of Miles' famed Mecha. Inspired by Mondo's love for Manga and Japanese Mecha designs from the 80s and 90s, Miles Morales jumps into the 100-foot Spider-Man Mecha to battle giant sized intergalactic threats in this limited edition action figure! 

With over 30 points of articulation, he comes with a myriad of accessories including web shield, web attack pieces and 2 Swords.

This San Diego Exclusive figure is the perfect way to fight those giant sized threats, all in the comfort of your living room and is limited to 1000 pieces. 

You can grab Miles right now and while you're there check out the other Mecha’s in the series including Spiderman and Symbiote Variant!



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