Unveiling the Otherworldly Alliance: The Garbage Pail Kids Stranger Things Crossover Figures



Combining the nostalgic charm of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, with the adorably grotesque Garbage Pail Kids, we delve into a world where trash cans and supernatural mysteries collide.

Season 4 of Stranger Things is now available for streaming on Netflix, captivating audiences with its small-town enigma, a vanished boy, clandestine experiments, and the presence of an extraordinary young girl. Riding on the success of the show's first three seasons, an array of collectible merchandise has flooded the market, but one particular crossover has caught the attention of 80s kids everywhere—the Garbage Pail Kids Stranger Things collaboration.

Originally introduced in 1985 by the Topps Company, the Garbage Pail Kids emerged as a series of sticker trading cards that gained immense popularity, particularly among younger adolescents. These collector cards cleverly parodied the widespread craze surrounding Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. Today, the Topps Company has joined forces with toy company The Loyal Subjects to transform these beloved flat card characters into fully three-dimensional figures, breathing life into the nightmarish and grotesque world of Garbage Pail Kids.

This collaboration has given birth to four new releases, forming a direct alliance between Garbage Pail Kids and Stranger Things, with each figure representing a fusion of a classic Garbage Pail Kid character and a beloved personality from the show. Let's take a closer look at these twisted creations. 

Introducing Demo Gordon, a repulsive creature adorned in snot, relentlessly pursuing everyone's favorite group of friends and wreaking havoc in the town of Hawkins. This figure stands tall on a hero's base, accompanied by a signature GPK nameplate reminiscent of the infamous cards. Inside the high-quality collector's display box, fans will also discover an exclusive GPK Collector Card featuring Demo Gordon.

Meet Stylin' Steve, the perpetually suave teenager whose priorities include vanquishing monsters and perfecting his immaculate hairstyle. Packaged in a collector's display box, this figure oozes the distinctive Stranger Things vibe. Standing on a hero's base with a GPK nameplate, it encapsulates the gruesome and eerie essence of the Garbage Pail Kids universe. Additionally, fans will find an exclusive GPK Collector Card featuring Stylin' Steve.

Devoted Dustin epitomizes loyalty, always standing by his friends, even when faced with interdimensional slugs that happen to be oddly endearing. Encased within a high-quality collector's display box, this figure captures the essence of Stranger Things. Just like its counterparts, it stands tall on a hero's base adorned with a signature GPK nameplate. Furthermore, the box contains an exclusive GPK Collector Card featuring Devoted Dustin.

Finally, we encounter WaffElle, a supernaturally gifted child with an insatiable love for waffles smothered in syrup. The figure's packaging, complete with a Stranger Things theme, reflects the attention to detail and commitment to authenticity. Positioned on a hero's base with a distinctive GPK nameplate, WaffElle exemplifies the grotesque yet captivating world of Garbage Pail Kids. As an added treat, fans will uncover an exclusive GPK Collector Card featuring WaffElle.

Whether you're a lifelong fan of Garbage Pail Kids or a devoted follower of Stranger Things, these crossover figures are the perfect addition to your collection. Embrace the nostalgia and dark allure of the Garbage Pail Kids Stranger Things collaboration, available exclusively at ToyShnip.com.

Make sure to visit ToyShnip.com and explore the entire collection for yourself. Share your favorite GPK Stranger Things collaboration in the comments below and join the conversation. And remember, don't miss the thrilling fourth season of Stranger Things, now available for streaming on Netflix.

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