Discover the Best Place to Buy Funko Pop: 2024 Guide

You surely know Funko Pop for their oversized heads and wide, often expressionless eyes. Since the late 1990s, these vinyl collectibles have become quite a passion for people, with endless amounts of characters from television, movies, comics, and more. Fans of all ages and across every generation enjoy these collectibles. It's amazing to see just how fandoms can converge around this one item.

So, if you wonder where you can buy these pops in 2023 and beyond, this guide outlines the best place to buy Funko Pop online or in stores.

Why Choosing the Right Place Matters

Collecting Funko Pop figures is a fast-growing hobby. But just like with anything growing in popularity, this surge of interest has also led to the production and sale of many counterfeits. Buying a fake can be costly in many ways. Not only do you end up losing money, but it devalues the very essence of collecting. Collecting is about authenticity, not just having something that looks like a genuine article.

Authentic pieces from reputable dealers are obviously more valuable, but they also come with some assurance of authenticity. Over time, they can even appreciate in value, becoming both a collector's prized possession and something you can sell back for some extra cash.

On top of it all, to loyal fans, Funko Pop evokes memories and nostalgia for beloved characters, giving real collectibles an emotional value that counterfeits simply don't have.

Top 7 Places That Sell Funko Pops

Funko Pop have gained a huge following recently, although they've been around for a while. And with that surge has come a number of retailers. Where should you look for genuine, high-quality figures? There are dedicated toy stores, official brand websites, local comic shops, and even online markets. Let's look at what stores sell Funko Pop and how to get the best Funko Pop figurines.


ToyShnip is a great destination for toy collectors and could be your best place to buy rare Funko Pop. It has thousands of authentic items in stock, with new ones added constantly. With a 1-2 business day handling time, you'll get your collectible piece in no time. If you aren't as happy as you expected, the store offers returns or replacements for any damaged goods.

To guarantee authentic pops, like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and others, all items in stock are physically present in the warehouse and backed by direct associations with manufacturers and distributors. Moreover, ToyShnip appreciates military personnel and first responders by providing discounts as a sign of recognition for their services. They also avoid drop shipping to keep direct control over the inventory.

Official Funko Website

The Funko website is the best place to buy Funko Pop online. When you purchase Funko figures from their official website, you know you're getting the real deal. Not only that, they often offer exclusive releases that you won't find anywhere else. So, if you are someone who needs to have the rarest stuff, that's your best bet. You can find oddballs, too, like rare Funko Sports and Music Pops.

Even better, when a new figure comes out, it's usually available on their site first. Their website also has a comprehensive product catalog where you can see everything they make. You'll find both the latest and classic Funko figures there, so it's easy to browse all of their offerings in one place. If you have any questions or issues, customer service is just a few clicks away.

Big-Box Retailers

If you're a Funko Pop fan who likes to stretch their legs and go shopping in person, big-box retailers like Target and Walmart are another place you can check out. They have many of the latest figures, timeless classics, and exclusive figures unique to each store.

You can check out the items in person to see that they're in good condition before buying them. And keep an eye out for discounts and deals, especially during the holidays. To get your hands on limited edition figures, you can stay updated with their social media or newsletters and be ready to visit stores early on release day.


Amazon has a ton of Funko Pops, from common ones to rare exclusives. But since Amazon is such a behemoth with many sellers from all walks of life, you must be careful about who you buy from. Take a close look at the reviews and seller ratings to be sure.

And always read the product descriptions carefully. If you're worried about authenticity, reach out to the seller to ask questions. The good news is if something's not right with your order, Amazon's got your back with an easy return policy.

Local Comic Book and Collectible Shops

Comic book and collectible shops are social hubs that connect fans to share their passions. Supporting these neighborhood stores keeps money within the local economy and supports the fandom culture near you. These often small-scale shops have curated selections that speak to the interests of their communities.

With so much merchandise readily available online, specialty stores are a chance for collectors to find those rare and hard-to-find figures that larger chains don't carry. There's nothing quite like exploring shelves with fellow enthusiasts, chatting with shopkeepers, and the satisfaction of tracking down the perfect figure, something online shopping can't match. Local stores mix community, curation, and the joy of the search that make them invaluable for Funko Pop aficionados.

Pop-Up Funko Events and Conventions

There are other places that sell Funko Pops beyond stores. Funko events and conventions like Comic-Con and Funko Fair bring exclusive and limited edition figures to the public. They are a great time for collectors to engage with the brand, creators, and fellow enthusiasts.

To get the most out of these conventions, do your research, arrive early, stay up-to-date on their channels, talk to other collectors for tips, and set a budget. It can be overwhelming, so plan ahead and be strategic when going through the motions to secure rare items and enjoy the atmosphere.

Online Communities and Forums

Funko Pop collectors come together in online forums, especially on Reddit. Here, they discuss releases, share their finds trade figures, and even sell from their collection. From newbies to seasoned vets, this collective knowledge is so valuable that you don't want to miss out.

While these platforms are great for connecting with fellow collectors, there's always the risk of dishonest sellers or traders. Be thorough when considering a purchase or trade. Check the seller's history and reputation, ask for detailed photos of the product, and use safe payment methods.

Tips for Ensuring Authenticity and Quality

You can detect fake Funko Pops by their differences in design, color, or details. Compare the figure to official images from the Funko website or retailers you already trust to spot discrepancies.

You should also feel the figure's weight and texture. A fake will feel different from an authentic one. And it will have something odd about it. Before buying, especially from individuals, inspect the figure for damages or defects, such as paint smudges, misaligned parts, or strange finishes.

Keep all receipts and documents for valuable or limited edition figures. These can prove authenticity and protect you in case of problems with the figure later on. Online forums like Reddit's Funko Pop groups are great resources. Members share experiences, and experienced collectors offer guides on how to identify fakes.

Check the packaging, too. It should have certain branding, holographic stickers (for exclusives), and window panes. If it deviates from this standard, then it could be counterfeit.

Dive Deeper Into the World of Collectibles!

You've been exploring the amazing world of Funko Pops, finding out where to buy, how to ensure they're genuine, and being part of a passionate community. But if you're a collector, there's much more beyond Funko. From vintage toys to limited edition art pieces, a huge variety of collectibles just waits for you to find them.

If this guide has inspired you, why not dive into ToyShnip and find your own collectible gems? Their range is full of great stories ready to unfold. And you always know they're 100% genuine.


Where should you buy Funko Pops?

The official Funko website is a safe bet if authenticity is important to you. For a larger selection, you can shop at big-box stores like Target or Walmart. ToyShnip has an especially good online collection, and local comic book and collectible shops tend to have rarer pieces while also helping your community.

Where should I buy Funko Pops Reddit?

If you're into Funko Pops, Reddit has a few great communities for you. People often post reliable sellers' trade figures and discuss the latest releases on r/funkopop. But always be careful when buying based on someone else's suggestion.

Where can I buy Funkos online?

To find genuine Funko collectibles, visit the official website or try ToyShnip, Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Are Funko Pops still worth collecting?

Funko Pops reflect characters from beloved franchises and personal memories, which keeps them in demand for collectors of all types. Like any collectible, their value can change, depending on time, rarity, and more, but the enjoyment people feel when collecting is likely incomparable to any other monetary value.

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