The Best Batman Action Figures You Can Get in 2023

The Best Batman Action Figures You Can Get in 2023

Batman has been a mainstay of the superhero genre since his first appearance in Detective Comics. Throughout the decades, the character starred in comic books, TV shows, animation, and feature films. Thus, it's no surprise action figure manufacturers were inspired to make various figurines of Batman. This article will take you through our top contenders for the best Batman action figure.

Why Are Batman Action Figures Popular?

Batman has proven to have an almost universal appeal. The reason for this is straightforward: There's practically a Batman for every age and taste. The character has been in everything from comics to live-action shows and movies. Plus, Batman is incredibly interesting and popular due to his status as a superhero without actual superpowers. All this makes Batman action figures a hit among the fans of the genre.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Batman Action Figures

While action figures are often called toys, they can be more than common toys. The best action figures feature great attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, various accessories, and high-quality materials for increased durability. Some action figures are valued more as collectibles than playing pieces.

The following selection of Batman action figures has all of the above qualities, while some models offer some extra features on top.

Top 20 Batman Action Figures

Eaglemoss Publications DC Arkham Asylum 10th Anniversary Edition 3 Figure Box

Eaglemoss Publications DC Arkham Asylum 10th Anniversary Edition 3 Figure Box

Batman: Arkham Asylum counts among the best video games based on a comic book. Besides the exciting gameplay and, for the most part, interesting main and side quests, the game also featured a distinct visual design. Eaglemoss Publications made a three-figure box for the 10th anniversary of the game to commemorate its unique style.

The box contains Batman, Joker, and Harley Quinn figurines. Each is five inches tall and made of polyresin. It's worth noting that the figurines are static and made primarily for display.

DC Comics Combat Batman Action Figure

While movie versions of Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego are widely popular, they are by no means the only representations of the famous Detective Comics character. This DC Comics Combat Batman figure is the perfect example of a Batman that draws inspiration more from comic books and animated series.

The 12-inch figure features 11 articulation points and moveable joints. This allows superhero fans to put the Caped Crusader in various positions, playing out different action scenarios. In addition, the figure has a genuine fabric cape and is made of high-quality materials.

DC Comics Batman Batmobile Remote Control Car

Unlike most comic book characters with superpowers, Batman relies on tech and gadgets to foil the plans of his rogues' gallery. Of course, the Batmobile is among the most iconic pieces of this technology. That's why this DC Comics remote control Batmobile will be the perfect gift for all Batman fans.

The RC car is designed following the unique Batmobile appearance from the movie trilogy by Christopher Nolan. Built at the scale of 1:20, the car comes with battery-powered RC (remote controller) and, best of all, a 4-inch Batman figure that fits right into it.

McFarlane Toys DC Batman: The Batman (Movie) Action Figure



The success of The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson came as a surprise for some. Yet, for many audience members, the flick succeeded in reimagining the Caped Crusader and now counts among the favorite movies about Batman.

Made by the famed McFarlane toy company, this 12-inch size Batman figurine is a faithful 3D recreation of the superhero. While it's made of high-quality materials, it's worth noting that it's a collectible figure rather than an action figurine. In other words, it's fixed in pose and can't be adjusted.

Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batman Toy Batcave Playset

Although modern Batman movies chose a darker tone, fans of the character didn't forget his older, campy versions. The DC Super Friends Batman playset takes us back to the Adam West Batman classic era with this kid-friendly toy collection.

This toy looks like a coloring book version of the DC Universe, and is probably among the best Batman action figure sets you can buy for a smaller child. It comes with a vintage Batman Batcave set and four figures: Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and Joker. Better yet, the set includes the Jokermobile and Batmobile for reenacting the epic chase sequences.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Toy Helicopter

Not all Batman toys need to draw inspiration from a particular movie or comic version of the Caped Crusader. The DC Super Friends Toy Helicopter by Imaginext manages to be charming and fun although it doesn't attempt to achieve realistic design.

The toy includes a Batman-themed helicopter with spinning propellers and landing gear that doubles as grabbing claws. Plus, a small Batman toy is included, crafted to fit the aircraft perfectly.

Hot Wheels Batman 1:50 Scale Vehicles - Choose your favorite



It could be argued that no superhero has more impressive tech than Batman. His vehicles have become just as iconic as the character himself, and this collection from Hot Wheels showcases just that.

Choose between the classic Batman TV series Batmobile, the animated series variant, or the more modern depictions of the legendary vehicle from the Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan movies. The selection also includes the vintage Batcopter and, interestingly, the Penguin's Duckmobile.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Bat-Tech Batcave Playset

Designed for preschool kids, the Bat-Tech Batcave set by Imaginext represents a colorful toy to spark imagination. The set contains an extensive Batcave setting with plenty of interactive features. The platforms can move, and there are several accessories showcasing Batman's famous gadgets.

While this is arguably the best Batman action figure for kids since the Bat cave provides hours of fun, the only downside to this set is that the Caped Crusader may feel a bit lonely, since the playset includes only a single Batman toy figure. On the other side, the figure's design is based on Adam West's version of the character, which is always a plus.

DC Comics The Flash Ultimate Batwing Set

Although the fastest man on Earth rarely needs a ride, the Flash has one potential scenario where he'd need a vehicle: the Scarlet Speedster can't fly. That's precisely where this set comes in. The DC Comics The Flash Ultimate Batwing Set pairs the Flash with Batman and his famed aircraft.

The set, of course, contains the Batwing model of very decent size. Additionally, 4-inch figures of the Flash and Batman are included, both inspired by the 2023 The Flash movie.

NECA Batman 1989 Movie Michael Keaton 1:4 Scale Action Figure



Many famous actors portrayed Batman throughout the decades. Yet, Michael Keaton was the one that put the character back into the spotlight for the first time after Adam West. Now, fans of Tim Burton's Batman can enjoy a genuine figurine based on the 1989 movie.

The Batman figure is done in 1:4 scale and bears a striking likeness to the famed actor. Made of high-quality materials, the figure is undoubtedly going to be an ideal collector's item for all 1989 Batman fans.

Hot Toys' Batman Returns Batman & Bruce Wayne Figure

Batman Returns is one of Tim Burton's most successful movies, and this figure set does the titular character complete justice. There are two figures in the set, one of Batman and the other of Bruce Wayne. Both have an incredible 30 articulation points, making them extensively adjustable. The figures come with interchangeable hands and several different faces to tweak the superhero's expression.

Harley Quinn Red Black and White Statue By John Timms



John Timms' version of Harley Quinn in red, black, and white isn't based on any one particular source. Rather, it's the artist's vision of the character from her appearances in various comics. However, this 7.2-inch-tall Harley has something unique: she's adorned in Batman's stolen gear! The figure is intended primarily for display as it's static and doesn't feature articulation points.

McFarlane's DC Multiverse Batman Who Laughs & Robins of Earth 22

Undoubtedly one of the scariest versions of the Caped Crusader, the Batman Who Laughs is an alternate-universe blend of Batman and Joker. McFarlane's DC Multiverse depiction of this Earth 22 character brings the horror to life. The Batman Who Laughs comes accompanied by two beastly Robins bound by actual metal chains. The figures are done in a 1:9 scale and feature 20 and 26 articulation points.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman: Hush Action Figure

Batman: Hush was an exciting comic book storyline that saw the Dark Knight pitted against a mysterious new enemy alongside a massive portion of Batman's Rogues Gallery. This blue and grey figure from McFarlane Toys stands seven inches tall and depicts the character's appearance from Hush perfectly.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman: Arkham Knight Batman (Earth-2) Action Figure

Based on the praised Batman: Arkham Knight game, this action figure of Earth 2 Batman from the DC Multiverse is a faithful rendition of the in-game playable character. It comes with a Batarang and a stand. The figure features 22 articulation points, making it ideal for both play and display.

McFarlane Toys - DC Multiverse - Batman (Speeding Bullets) Figure

The Speeding Bullets universe combines perhaps two of the most famous DC comics superheroes, Batman and Superman, into one. With the Speeding Bullets Batman figure from McFarlane Toys, you get both an interactive figure, with some of the best Batman action figure articulation available, and a collection piece that will look great on the shelf. This figure is seven inches tall and comes with its own flight stand for display.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman (Rebirth) Action Figure

DC Rebirth was a 2016 event that launched fresh and updated versions of all beloved DC Comics characters. With this McFarlane Toys Batman Rebirth action figure, collectors get the new version of the comic superhero in full detail. The seven-inch toy has 22 articulation points for precise positioning.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman: Kingdom Come Armored Batman Action Figure

The alternate universe story of DC Kingdom Come sees Batman at the center of a devastating battle. But the Caped Crusader proves he's never out of his depth as he dons a new armor to help him overcome significantly more powerful opponents. The Armored Batman figure by McFarlane Toys represents this extremely tough version of the superhero. At seven inches tall and with 22 articulation points, the toy features a detailed design and precise positioning mechanics.

Justice League Batman Bust-001 PX PVC Bust

Made of quality PVC, this Batman bust seems to have come alive straight from the Justice League blockbuster. Of course, being a bust, the figure isn't adjustable or fit for play. Instead, it's a perfect addition to a collection of superhero figurines, especially for Justice League fans.

Hot Toys Batman: Arkham Knight Batman Beyond Figure (The Future Version)

In Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis is the Caped Crusader instead of the older, now retired Bruce Wayne. The new Batman boasts a tougher look with metal details on his armor. This Hot Toys figure depicts the titular character from Batman Beyond in stunning detail, and its 1:6 scale makes it even more impressive.

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises Figure

Few would argue that Christian Bale excelled as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, the final movie in the Dark Knight trilogy. The Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises figure shows the titular character – and Bruce Wayne as depicted by Bale – in high fidelity. The toy comes with several of Batman's gadgets used in the movie, interchangeable hands, and swappable faces.

Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Injustice Batman

No Batman figurine collection would be complete without a model from the widely popular Injustice storyline. With the Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts figure, you get a detailed 3D depiction of Batman ready to take on a crazed Superman. In other words, you get the Caped Crusader at his toughest.

Bandai Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts "The Dark Knight" Batman Figure

This Bandai Tamashii Nations' take on Batman from The Dark Knight shows the superhero in great detail. Although some might argue other toys based on the movie fleshed out the look better, this figurine has a feature most others lack: an actual cloth, bendable cape. Plus, it comes with all of the Caped Crusader's gadgets from the celebrated movie.

Where to Buy These Batman Action Figures

If you're looking to get your hands on some (or even all) of the action figures from this article, going with reputable stores is the best option. Purchase your Batman action figures from ToyShnip, Amazon, or directly from manufacturers like McFarlane's Toys, and you can be certain that you won't be getting a counterfeit item.

Additionally, online and physical stores in good standing often offer discounts or special sales. This means you could not only get an original Batman figure, but buy it at a bargain.

Join the Action: Grow Your Batman Collection Today

The ToyShnip online toy store has a vast selection of Batman and other action figures and collectible statues. If you want to check out the offer at ToyShnip, don't hesitate to visit the online shop and browse for the ideal items for your collection. You might just find some of the best Batman action figures to collect, and possibly even make money on once they go out of production and demand skyrockets.


What Batman action figures are worth money?

While many modern Batman figurines cost up to several hundred dollars, the vintage items are the most valuable. In particular, action figures from the Ideal Toy Company sell for several thousand dollars.

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