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Little Live Pets Cozy Dozys Single Pack S1

SKU 630996288474

New from Little Live are Cozy Dozys, who are super soft and interactive cuddly teddy bears that are so playful and the perfect bedtime buddies. Cosy Dozys respond to being tickled on their tummy and patted no their heads. They come with an included blanket to be lovingly wrapped in and a toy pacifier to help soothe them off to sleep. Hold them in your arms, wrap them up in their blanket, give them the pacifier and watch them fall asleep. So soft and cuddly they are a dream to be with. Each Cosy Dozy has over 25 different sounds and reactions! Meet Cubbles, The Cozy Dozy Bear who loves being as snug as a bear in a blanket! He loves to play during the day but come bedtime he loves to listen to the bedtime story being read. However he never gets to hear the ending as Cubbles has fallen asleep before the end! Zzzz 

Ages 5+

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