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DC Comics The Joker Ikemen Limited Edition Statue - SDCC 2020 Previews Exclusive

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!
Kotobukiya's IKEMEN series continues to amaze fans all around the world! Similar to the popular Bishoujo series, this fantastic expansion is a lineup of popular characters re-designed by the famous Japanese illustrator Ricken in the Japanese Ikemen ("handsome men") style. Joining the Ikemen lineup is the Dark Knight's arch enemy: the Joker!
The Joker reappears in this limited edition statue exchanging the trademark purple suit for a chic monochrome color tuxedo. Wearing a mischievous grin and holding a long staff and a joker playing card in each hand, this statue perfectly showcases the measures Joker would take to get the final laugh.
There's something to see from every angle on this stylish statue!
Enjoy the world of Batman by collecting and displaying alongside other Ikemen statues from Kotobukiya!
This is a limited edition item only available in limited quantities, so be sure to order today!