Barbie Sorcha Doll The Global Glamour Collection


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  • Returning with its fifth selection, the Global Glamour Collection introduces the Sorcha Barbie Doll inspired by the enchanting country of Scotland with its rich natural beauty, fascinating folklore, and warm, welcoming culture.
  • Her traditional Gaelic name, meaning "radiant," perfectly suits this beauty whose fiery spirit illuminates the misty landscape. 
  • Sorcha Barbie doll's woven teal and navy tartan gown drapes beautifully to the floor, accented with faux leather piping and intricate ribbon lacing. 
  • Billowing chiffon sleeves, inspired by the traditional léine tunics of the 15th Century, add drama. 
  • An all over golden motif recalls the traditional Celtic endless knot, while an ornate necklace and matching earrings finish her exquisite look.

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