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Blippi Ball Pit Surprise - Set of 2 balls (random colors)

SKU 191726021711

You will get (2) balls, each with a random figure inside. Colors of the ball may vary.

B is for Blippi Ball Pit Surprise! Bring one of Blippi’s most popular adventures to your home! Your child will have a ball discovering all the surprises waiting for them inside these bright and colorful mystery packs!

  • Get the ball rolling on your child’s education! Every Blippi Ball Pit Surprise has a featured letter and a word beginning with that letter for your child to learn!
  • Inside every Blippi Ball Pit Surprise is one of 12 unique Blippi figures for your child to collect!
  • Each Blippi figure is holding onto an object that starts with the letter they’ve just learned!
  • Blippi Ball Pit Surprise comes in 4 fun colors for your child to learn and play with!
  • Blippi Ball Pit Surprise also contains building blocks for your child to stack up and learn even more letters and shapes!
  • Inside each Blippi Ball Pit Surprise is a learning card to help teach your child a word that begins with the letter they’ve just discovered!
  • The Blippi Ball Pit Surprise is a whole new ball game of fun and learning!

      Ages 3+