Barbie Homecoming Queen Barbie Doll - CJF57

by Mattel

Barbie Homecoming Queen Barbie Doll is from the Gold Label Collection of Barbie Collector.

Before she took Malibu by storm, the quintessential California golden girl grew up in Willows, Wisconsin, a jewel of a small town. From the Welcome to Willows sign, to Main Street and beyond, life here is gentle and perfect. Simple pleasures abound: friendly neighbors, white picket fences, and endless blue skies. No wonder why the Roberts family love Willows. Yes, Barbie doll's hometown is a wondrous, nostalgic place, as American as the homecoming dance and its beautiful queen!  Homecoming Queen Barbie doll celebrates a favorite American tradition in regal attire. Her aqua blue gown of tulle and lace features a strapless bodice and a sweetheart neckline. Golden letters on a white satin sash declare her "Homecoming Queen". Crowned with a silvery tiara, Barbie carries a bouquet of pink roses. The perfect accessories are peep toe aqua mules and a jewelry suite of earrings and necklace. The final nostalgic keepsake are tiny homecoming tickets and a "Vote Barbie" poster.    Home Coming Queen Barbie is second in the Willows WI collection, paying tribute to Barbie doll's rich heritage. Limited to 5,500 worldwide

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