Barbie Malibu Ave 2-Story Mall


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Take Barbie doll and her friend to the Malibu Ave. Mall! At this two-story mall, there is always fabulous fun and amazing adventure to be had. Barbie doll and her friend—two dolls are included—can go to the beauty shop, buy an outfit and accessories at the dress boutique, enjoy a film at the movie theater or grab a bite in the food court. Move between floors on the escalator (simply push to activate), or have the dolls "stand" in a variety of spots using special clips. Put money into the back of the ATM to "withdraw" money from the front. And, for a high-tech twist, insert your smartphone (not included) and watch a favorite movie in the theater. The two dolls wear trendy dresses. The Mall includes smaller items throughout the mall that adds to the fun, like manicure supplies in the spa, popcorn and a drink for the theater, a smoothie blender and register in the food court and dresses and shoes in the boutique—three dresses, three pairs of shoes, three purses, three pairs of sunglasses, additional accessories and a shopping bag mean these two friends can really find the perfect look—for their next trip to the mall!

  • Includes Barbie Malibu Ave. Mall with escalator feature, two Barbie dolls wearing fashions and accessories, ATM and store accessories (including additional fashions)
  • Smartphone holder fits phones 5.20" (l) X 2.50" (h) X 0.60" (w)
  • Colors and decorations may vary

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