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Pre-Orders - FAQ (OLD)

1. What are Pre-Orders?

Pre-Orders are items that we ordered from our distributors/manufacturers but are not yet in stock. These are new items, first time been released by the manufacturers. The manufacturers issue an estimated release date for each item.


2. What are Back-Orders?

When an item is out of stock, we may order more from our distributors/manufacturers. If we know more is coming into stock, we will place the item as "Back-order", allowing you to order the item and receive it as soon as we get it back into stock.


3. If I order the item, when will I get it?

We put an estimate date based on the manufactures official release date. However, we put a 2 month time frame in case of delays in production. Once we have a more accurate date, we will update the listing.


 4. Is my price locked in?

Yes. Once you place a pre-order, that is the sale price. If the price changes, the price of your order will remain the same.


5. Am I guaranteed to receive the item?

We place pre-orders with our distributors and manufacturers before we post the item on our website. We limit the amount of pre-orders to make sure we will get enough inventory to cover all the pre-orders. If we reach the limit, we will go back to our distributors and manufacturers and order more if the item is not sold out.


6. What if I want to cancel the order?

Some retailers may offer a better price or a faster delivery. We understand and respect that. So if you find a better deal, and we didn't ship out the item, feel free to send us an e-mail at As long as the item didn't ship out from our warehouse, we will issue a full refund.


7. Can I request items to be offered by ToyShnip?

Of course! we always looking for new and amazing items. If there is an item we don't offer yet, send us an e-mail at We will reach out to our distributors and manufacturers, and if we can place an order with them, we will let you know.


8. Why is the shipping estimate wrong and giving a date as if it is shipping today?

We are still working on developing our website. When you place an order, the system sees it as a regular order. In the checkout/cart there is a map and estimated shipping dates. Those are do not apply to pre-orders, and the estimated date will be based on the description in the listing.


9. Is it possible a pre-order will be cancelled?

Sometimes manufactures cancel productions or delay production. If an item is canceled by the manufacture, we will let you know and issue a refund.


10. Is the shipping rate accurate?

Shipping rates are based on weight. Since we physically don't have the item, it is hard to estimate the accurate weight of a packed and ready to ship item. If the estimate weight we put in is too high and the actual shipping cost is lower, we will issue a refund. If the estimated weight is too low, we will absorb the difference in shipping cost.


 Have any more questions to add to our FAQ? Feel free to e-mail us at