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    Treasure X Toys

    Embark on a thrilling adventure with the world of Treasure X toys at Toyshnip, your ultimate online toy store for exciting and imaginative play. The Treasure X collection is a treasure trove of exploration and discovery, offering an array of sets that combine the excitement of unboxing with the thrill of collectible hunting. This unique toy line includes the innovative robot treasure x and treasure x aliens series, inviting kids and collectors to delve into a world of mysterious quests and hidden surprises.

    The robot treasure x series is a futuristic twist on treasure hunting, where kids can assemble their own robot figures and uncover hidden treasures along the way. Each robot is uniquely designed, offering hours of engaging play and collectibility. On the other hand, treasure x aliens take adventurers on an intergalactic journey, where they can dissect alien figures to rescue trapped mini-figures and uncover rare gems.

    In addition to Treasure X, Toyshnip offers an extensive range of collectibles for all interests. Dive into the superhero world with Marvel action figures and DC toys, embark on interstellar adventures with Star Wars, or engage in epic battles with Power Rangers. For those interested in collectibles as a potential investment, our blog on the best toys for investment provides valuable insights and tips.

    Experience the excitement of discovery with the Treasure X toys collection at Toyshnip. Whether it's unearthing alien secrets or building futuristic robots, these toys offer a unique blend of imaginative play and collectibility, perfect for young explorers and collectors alike.


    Do Treasure X Toys have real gold?

    • While Treasure X toys come with the promise of finding 'gold-dipped' treasures, these are not made of real gold. The treasures are typically gold-colored toys or figures that add to the excitement of the hunt.

    What is Treasure X for kids?

    • Treasure X is a toy line designed for kids that combines the excitement of unboxing, the thrill of collectible hunting, and the fun of hands-on play. Each set involves a unique adventure where kids can uncover hidden figures, treasures, and more.

    Who owns Treasure X

    • Treasure X is owned by Moose Toys, an Australian toy company known for creating innovative and engaging toys for children.

    What is Treasure X Dino?

    • Treasure X Dino is a part of the Treasure X toy line, where kids can enjoy the adventure of excavating and assembling their own dinosaur skeletons and discovering hidden treasures or mini-figures inside.
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