Gargoyles Come Alive: Unboxing the Goliath Ultimate Action Figure from NECA



NECA, a popular toy company, has recently released a new collectible figure, Goliath Ultimate Action Figure, for Gargoyles, one of the darkest Disney Afternoon series from the '90s. Gargoyles premiered in October 1994 as part of the Disney Afternoon Lineup, which was a lineup of shows geared towards kids right when they got home from school. The show followed an ancient clan of gargoyles that were transported to modern-day Manhattan when their Scottish castle was relocated.

The Gargoyles were a team of nocturnal creatures that were stone by day and came alive at night. After reawakening in modern-day New York City and attempting to adjust to modern-day life, they took on the roles of secret nighttime protectors, giving them a superhero type of role.

The Goliath Ultimate Action Figure is named after the leader of the Manhattan Clan, who has a large stature. The figure is eight inches tall with a wingspan of 16 inches and features lavender skin and dark hair. It comes with plenty of accessories, including his wings and tail, three alternate hands, an alternate head with glowing eyes, the Grimorum Arcanorum, or Book of Spells featured in the show, and a pepper or jalapeno from an episode where he tries the pepper for the first time and yells “jalapena”!

On the box, there is great dark artwork from the show with the Gargoyles logo and then Goliath Ultimate Action Figure. With this being an Ultimate Action Figure, it has the ultimate packaging features as well, which is the velcro flap door that opens to reveal a huge window box revealing the figure and accessories. There is also a huge product photo on the inside of the flap.

The Goliath Ultimate Action Figure has articulation in the head, shoulders, and biceps. It also has a double joint in the elbows and then full twist in the wrists as well as up and down. It has movement in its torso and waist, down into its legs, with another joint at the knee and then ankle region and down into the toes/feet area. It has movement in its massive wings and then down into its tail as well.

NECA's Goliath figure is a must-have for die-hard fans of Gargoyles. The figure is available now at While checking out the Goliath Ultimate Action Figure, fans should also check out NECA's other Gargoyles character, Thailog Thay-log, Goliath's evil clone!

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