Bitty Pops! - Funko's Newest Addition to the Pop! World: Collectible Review




Funko Pop!s just got a little smaller with the newest addition to the Pop! World, the Bitty Pop!. These compact collectibles are 1-inch tall figures, smaller than the keychain size, and are teeny tiny versions of some of the most recognizable pop culture characters. The 4-pack set contains three visible figures and one mystery chase figure for collectors.

Funko, a company that was founded in 1998, started by creating bobbleheads and other pop culture inspired products. In 2010, Funko's world made a huge change with the release of Pop! Vinyl figures. Within 10 years, Funko Pop!s became a hit and a collectible item for just about every pop culture icon, ranging from television shows, comics, movies, musicians, and athletes. Funko created different sizes ranging from 2-inch keychains to Super, Jumbo, and even the 18-inch Mega size.

In early 2023, Funko announced its newest addition to the Pop! World that would take things in the opposite direction, the Bitty Pop!. Now, collectors can "shrink" their collection with these compact collectibles. The packaging is the size of a box of candy, and the 4-pack set comes with a clear, acrylic stacking case, which makes it easy for displaying and transporting.

The Bitty Pop! packaging features the original design, and the bases of the boxes are stands for the figures. Collectors can still choose to display these micro figures in or out of the box, just like their full-sized counterparts. These figures are perfect for fans of miniatures, small-scale collectors, and on-the-go fans. The Disney Classics Series 1 Bitty Pop!s and Harry Potter Bitty Pop!s are already in stock at, and more are on the way.

In conclusion, Funko's Bitty Pop!s are an exciting addition to the world of collectibles, allowing collectors to shrink their collection with compact figures that feature some of the most recognizable pop culture characters. With the clear, acrylic stacking case included in the 4-pack set, these figures are easy to display and transport. The Bitty Pop!s are available at, where viewers can subscribe to their channel and stay updated with the latest offers and discounts.

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