The Best Sonic Toys in 2024

Ever since he burst onto the scene in the first of what would be many Sonic video games on the SEGA Genesis and beyond, Sonic has been one of the most popular video game characters going. The blue blur is always rolling around at the speed of sound, with places to go while he follows his rainbow. And he (along with the entire cast of Sonic characters) may find that one of those places to go is right on a collector's shelf.


Sonic was huge in the 1990s, even being more recognizable to kids than Mickey Mouse back in the mid-1990s. That emergence as a pop culture icon, supported by a slew of Sonic games across platforms, kept Sonic and co. in the limelight, with more recent films just strengthening his appeal.

All of that means your favorite characters from the Sonic universe are great for collectors, and this list highlights 13 of the best Sonic the Hedgehog toys going.

The Origins and Popularity of Sonic

It was 1991 and SEGA's Genesis was slowly catching up to Nintendo and its NES in the popularity stakes. There was just one problem. SEGA's mascot at the time, Alex Kidd, wasn't a match for Nintendo's Mario, leaving SEGA with a big gap in its line-up that it needed to fill.

Sonic came along to fill that gap.

Starring in some of the most playable games on the Genesis, from his debut in "Sonic the Hedgehog" to his battles with a brainwashed Knuckles in "Sonic 3 and Knuckles" the super speedy blue hedgehog raced into American children's hearts. If you weren't there at the time, it's hard to describe how much of a cultural phenomenon Sonic was. He was so much more than the star of a fun game. He was an icon, with his spiky hair and impatient attitude catapulting him to stardom as one of the most iconic video game characters ever.

Sadly, SEGA fans had to watch Sonic's decline in the 32-bit era, with SEGA's Saturn not even featuring a mainline game to satiate the appetites of Sonic enthusiasts. But the fastest hedgehog around came blazing back onto the scene in the late 1990s thanks to the SEGA Dreamcast, with SEGA's later move to multi-platform development leading to more people than ever before getting to enjoy his adventures.

There were missteps along the way (Sonic 2006, anyone?), as well as highlights such as Sonic Mania. But through it all, Sonic and his supporting cast stayed popular with millions of gamers. And now, with the release of two Sonic the Hedgehog movies, he's more popular than ever before.

Do you know what that means for collectors?

The Sonic series is in demand again, and that makes it a great time to add some cool Sonic toys to your collection.

Our 13 Favorite Sonic Toys

The cool design that makes Sonic so beloved was a collaborative effort between Sega of Japan and Sega of America, with the latter taking the "Needlemouse" design created in Japan and turning it into something a nation's hearts alight.

And it's that very design that makes Sonic such a great subject for toys. In this list, you'll find 13 of the best, each of which makes perfect gifts for Sonic fans.

GE Animation Sonic The Hedgehog Tails Plush 7-inch Multicolor GE-7089



Everybody loves a trier, and there's nobody in the Sonic universe who tries as hard as Tails. This cute plush stands seven inches tall (the perfect size for a kid to cuddle) and features Tails in his classic design from the Sonic 2 days.

Take him out of the box and you'll see the two tails that Miles Prower (seriously... that's his real name!) uses to fly around levels in the game series.

Price – $29.57

Sonic The Hedgehog Plush



You can't have a Tails plush without the star of the original games – Sonic himself.

This nine-inch plush incorporates some of the new design features Sonic has sported since the Dreamcast days. Gone are the chubby cheeks of the original Genesis design, replaced with sharper spines and a bigger attitude.

The detail is great on this plush, right down to Sonic's iconic red sneakers, and the quality stitching belies the fact that this is one of the best inexpensive Sonic toys around.

Price – $14.04

Sonic The Hedgehog Amy Rose Plush Toy

Poor Amy Rose.

The lovestruck hedgehog followed Sonic around everywhere in her introduction in "Sonic CD," but she's evolved into a powerhouse who can get stuck into Sonic's classic battles in the years since. With her trusty hammer (sadly absent from this plush), she'll bonk Eggman's robots on the head to clear the path for Sonic.

As for this plush, it's eight inches tall and made using high-quality materials. The design even has a clever zippered pocket in Amy's head (perfect for storing loose change or even small Sonic figures), making this one of the best Sonic gifts for anybody who wants to show some love for an underappreciated character from the series.

Price – $16.79

Sonic The Hedgehog Action Figure

Since his introduction in Sonic CD, Metal Sonic has been a consistent thorn in Sonic's side. And with this Sonic figure, you get to enjoy Dr. Eggman's spin on his blue nemesis with a nicely detailed 2.5-inch statuette.

Made by Jakks Pacific, the figure stands out because of its brilliant case, too, as Metal Sonic is enshrined in a huge golden ring (as long as you keep it in the box). Of course, those who want to play will need a toy Sonic the Hedgehog to go along with it so you can recreate the death-defying chase that takes place at the end of Sonic CD.

Price – $16.90

Sonic The Hedgehog Giant Eggman Robot Battle Set with Catapult

Every great hero needs a great villain, and in Dr. Eggman (or Dr. Robotnik to Americans of a certain vintage), Sonic has a villain that threatens to very nature that Sonic calls home.

That villain takes robot form with this fun battle set, which includes both the robotic Eggman first seen in Sonic 2 and a small Sonic toy that you can launch into the giant robot using a catapult. But watch it! Too many hits from Sonic and Giant Eggman explodes into six pieces.

Price – $49.99

MONOPOLY Gamer Sonic The Hedgehog Edition Board Game

How do you make Monopoly better?

Include a few Sonic the Hedgehog characters toys, turn the money into rings, and bring your Monopoly games to life with a unique spin on the classic format. That's what you get with this Sonic-branded Monopoly set, which switches the format so you're battling bosses for Chaos Emeralds instead of trying to bankrupt your friends.

Price – $114.34

Knuckles Action Figure

Another of Jakks Pacific's range of 2.5-inch Sonic figurines, this miniature Knuckles features some minor articulation in the legs, arms, and those big and beefy fists that make him capable of punching through almost anything.

That articulation is the biggest plus point. It means you can pose Knuckles however you want him, ensuring he looks perfect in your Sonic-themed display.

Price – $9.68

Sonic Hair Cosplay Hat

Why display Sonic when you can be Sonic?

With this Sonic Hair Cosplay Hat, you get to host Sonic's trademark blue spines right on your head, making it one of the best Sonic toys (and outfit accessories) for anybody who wants to become the blue blur. It's made using high-quality and nice-feeling plush material, with a little chin strap to ensure it stays on your head.

Price – $23.30

Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone Playset

Boot up the very first Sonic game and you're transported to the most iconic stage in Sonic history – The Green Hill Zone.

That stage is magic, and any Sonic lover will have a huge smile on their face if you give them this playset, which features one of Green Hill Zone's iconic loop-de-loops, as well as a small Sonic figure. There's even a clever spring-loaded accessory in the loop itself, allowing you to send Sonic shooting around at the speed of light (or as close as an action figure can get).

Price – $21.99

Sonic Speed RC Vehicle

Sonic doesn't exactly need a vehicle to go faster. If anything, it slows him down! But that doesn't mean he's averse to taking to a set of wheels to zip along, as anybody who saw the second Sonic movie saw with their own eyes.

And that's where this Sonic Speed RC Vehicle comes in.

Putting Sonic on a two-wheeled balance board, this clever RC toy comes with a golden ring controller that you can use to send him flying around the room. As Sonic the Hedgehog birthday gifts go, it's the perfect choice for anybody who wants to actually recreate the sensation of speed they've seen on the big screen.

Price – $29.98

Sonic The Hedgehog Egg Mobile Battle Set

Attachments galore are the order of the day with the Egg Mobile Battle Set, which comes with four accessories that allow you to transform Eggman's hovercraft into several of the bosses you fought against in the Genesis era of Sonic.

Try to turn Sonic into dust with the drill attachments from Mystic Cave Zone, or squish him with the classic demolition ball from the first boss encounter in Sonic 1. And if you're feeling brave, you can turn the tables on Eggman and fight back with the miniature Sonic figurine, designed to look like Genesis-era Sonic.

Price – $32.99

Great Eastern Sonic The Hedgehog Cream The Rabbit Plush

Switching to the Gameboy Advance era of Sonic games, you get one of the best Sonic plush toys for anybody who fell in love with Cream the Rabbit at first sight.

With her big and floppy ears, Cream is the perfect toy to cuddle up to. The stitching is superb, and the plush comes with a tag confirming that it's the genuine article, which is a must for collectors who've been stung by the many manufacturers making knock-off Sonic toys.

Price – $18.00

AUDELN Sonic Hedgehog Action Figures Set

Don't settle for one Sonic figure. Get 12 with this superb set, which comes with everybody from the classic characters – Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles – to more recent additions to the series, such as Shadow and Cream the Rabbit. There's even a model of Super Sonic thrown in for when you want a dose of extreme speed.

The figures each stand about two inches tall and feature the updated Sonic designs first introduced in Sonic Adventure. Granted, they lack articulation. But as display pieces, they give you all of the big players from the Sonic cast.

Price – $17.99

What Makes a Great Sonic Toy?

The best Sonic toys combine accurate looks (nobody wants a toy that doesn't look like the real deal) with high-quality materials. Take a Sonic plush, for instance. Collectors want to see that the plush has the design down pat, from Sonic's big and expressive eyes down to his red sneakers.

Moving beyond aesthetics, the toy needs to stand up to some roughhousing, especially if you're buying it for kids. Sonic and co. need to be able to hurtle around with sustaining damage, with articulation built in to allow for different poses.

Finally – age appropriateness. You generally won't run into this issue with Sonic toys, as the series is designed for kids. But there are a few that may raise questions, such as the strangely sultry design of Rouge the Bat or the version of Shadow that comes equipped with guns!

How to Choose a Sonic Toy

Choosing a Sonic toy starts with the age and interests of the recipient.

For instance, there's little use in buying old Sonic toys, such as Metal Sonic, for somebody who wasn't introduced to the series until more recent games, like Sonic Force. The recipient won't know who that is, and you'll have to dig out an old copy of Sonic CD or Sonic Generations to show them. Similarly, somebody who loved the Genesis era but has lapsed from more recent games probably isn't going to be all that interested in a Cream the Rabbit plush.

Once you've decided on the character, your next ports of call are authenticity and safety. Be wary of any toys that don't come with official "Sonic the Hedgehog" tags, as they're probably knock-offs designed to make a quick buck. Checking that the toy comes from an official manufacturer (you can find a full list of past and present Sonic toymakers on the Sonic Fandom website) ensures you get the real deal.

Use that list of official manufacturers whenever you shop, either offline or on. The most reputable retailers, like ToyShnip, should be able to tell you who made the toy and what series it comes from.

Score the Ultimate Sonic Toy From ToyShnip

Where you're looking for a durable Sonic action figure or a cuddly Sonic plush, you'll find it in this list of the 13 best Sonic toys. But why stop there? Funko Sonic figures, different level sets, and more await you in the ToyShnip Sonic collection. Check out this online toy store and you'll find everything from the blue blur himself to the entire supporting cast of Sonic characters.


What is the coolest Sonic toy?

This is an impossible question because "cool" is what Sonic is all about. Every Sonic toy is cool, so the coolest toy really depends on what you (or the recipient) love most about the games.

What are the rarest Sonic toys?

There are a few that stand out, including a limited run of Sonic toys that were included in McDonald's Happy Meals to commemorate the release of Sonic 3 on the Genesis. If you can find a Sonic, Tails, Eggman, or Knuckles figurine from that set, you have a toy that's limited edition and in high demand.

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