Best Places to Find Rare Funko Pops for Collectors

Best Place to Find Rare Funko Pops for Collectors

Ever since its inception in 1998, Funko Pops has been at the forefront of the toy industry. There are many reasons they're so popular, including the oversized heads and the fact that they represent some of your favorite movie/TV show characters. As a result, it's no surprise you're a passionate Funko Pop collector, but you don't want just about any figures. 

Rare, special-edition Funko Pops are your priority, and this article will help you find these elusive gems. Read on to discover the best place to find rare Funko Pops.  You'll also find out how to recognize the most valuable pop figures and make sure they're authentic. 

Why Rarity Matters to Collectors

The Funko market is vast, but you're not interested in run-of-the-mill products. Your targets are valuable Funko Pops few other toy enthusiasts have. Rarity matters for several reasons: 

  • Rare Funko Pops of a famous character is worth more than a generic Funko of the same character. 
  • Rare Funko Pops are hard to come by, and the sense of accomplishment of finally claiming them is rewarding. 
  • Rare Funko Pops usually have a striking design and accessories that look otherworldly in your acrylic display case. 

How to Recognize Rare Funko Pops

Before you start your quest for the best place to find rare Funko Pops, you need to know how to recognize an extraordinary model. This shouldn't be too difficult. You need only take a look at the lower-right corner of the packaging. If you can see "Limited Edition Chase," it means you're looking at a rare Funko Pop. 

Where to Buy Rare Funko Pops

Adding various Funko Pop sizes to your Funko Pop arsenal is one of the ways to add value to your collection. However, that's not your priority at the moment. The aim of your quest is to claim exclusive Funkos.

Without further ado, here's where to buy rare Funko Pops: 

Online Retailers and Marketplaces

If you're not sure where to find rare Funko Pops, you can always turn to your trusted friend – the internet. It's the fastest way to track down limited-edition Funkos, especially if you visit one of the following websites: 


ToyShnip is the perfect place to find rare Funko Pops for sale. The store's action figure selection is impressive, but the Funko Pop collection is even more admirable. 

For example, if you're a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, you'll find countless Funko Pop figures that let you experience the thrills of this unforgiving realm. 


Amazon is home to over 12 million products. As such, it provides nearly unmatched item diversity, which extends to Funko Pops. You can easily find a rare Darth Maul or Stan Lee, but be careful who you buy from. Always check customer ratings and comments before purchasing. 


Like Amazon, eBay also provides sublime product diversity. There are countless Funko Pops, including some rare models. Still, tread lightly when shopping on eBay because there are lots of disreputable sellers. 

Funko Pop Website

The official Funko Pop website is a great place to buy rare Funkos. It often sells limited-edition models and hosts raffles or other events that let you claim an elusive product. 

Hot Topic Online Store

Hot Topic is a trendy pop culture online store, but it's not as popular as Amazon and eBay. Therefore, few people go here to find rare Funko Pops. They sit on virtual shelves for months on end, waiting for you to grab them. 

Target's Online Store

Target maintains a close relationship with Funko Pop manufacturers. Hence, it often has early releases and special deals that involve rare Funkos. 

Facebook Marketplace

Similar to Amazon and eBay, Facebook Marketplace is where you can buy new and used Funko Pops. Due to the sheer size of this platform, you're almost guaranteed to find a rare Funko or two. 


Craigslist can also be a good place to find rare Funko Pops. Just don't forget to look up sellers' names and make sure they're not associated with scams. 

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

If you want to buy a super-rare Funko Pop and enjoy hands-on shopping, brick-and-mortar retail stores are a great option. What makes them so amazing is the fact that you can build strong relationships with the owners, especially if they're local. 

Once you find a common language, the owner may notify you about upcoming releases ahead of time and offer the hottest collectibles at a lower selling price. 

Conventions and Events

If you could turn back time, there's no telling how many amazing Funkos you could buy at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con or 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. Nowadays, the selection is still excellent but so is the competition to buy them. What makes these events so great is that thousands of Funko enthusiasts flock to one place. Some are there to mingle, but others have a different goal – sell rare Funkos. 

To make the most of your next convention, be sure to arrive on time. This way, you'll avoid large crowds and be more likely to grab a few rare Funkos, such as the Jaime Lannister Funko Pop, Tony Stark Freddy Funko, or Fredy Funko Boo Berry. 

Alternatively, some of the purveyors have dedicated websites or Amazon and eBay stores. They may allow avid collectors to pre-order Funkos or join the waiting list for Funkos of their favorite characters. 

Collector's Forums and Communities

Collector forums and communities aren't marketplaces per se, but they're a critical part of most people's shopping journeys. They attract like-minded Funko Pop aficionados who recommend their favorite products. More importantly, they talk about their shopping experiences at length, listing the best platforms and stores to avoid when purchasing rare products. 

But as these forums are often restricted, you may need to create an account to join one. Once you do so, your activity will be under the microscope. Rather than just absorb all the knowledge, you must also share experiences of your own or at least comment on other posts to avoid being kicked out. This back-and-forth exchange is key to any thriving community, including those that concern Funko Pops. 

Authenticating and Verifying Rarity

"Where can I buy rare Funko Pops?" and "How much are Funko Pops?" aren't your only questions. You might also be wondering, "How many Funko Pops are there?" The answer is well over 13,000. This means you shouldn't have trouble finding your next buy, but the last thing you need is a fake product. 

Thankfully, there are many ways to authenticate a Funko Pop and make sure it's rare: 

Checking Serial Numbers and Product Details

The main thing to look at is the serial number and product details. Be they on the foot or head of your Funko, they should match the information on the shipping box, indicating an authentic product. 

Seeking Expert Opinions

If you need someone's two cents on a rare Funko, you can get it from retail store owners and forums. Most people use because it's full of veteran collectors. 

Comparing With Known Authentic Items

Another way to tell real Funkos from fake ones is to make sure your product doesn't have these flaws: 

  • Poor grammar or blurry images on the box
  • Lack of barcode or numbers under the barcode 
  • Low-quality sticker or no sticker at all 

Dive Deeper Into the World of Collecting

If you do your due diligence, pretty much any platform can become the best place to find rare Funko Pops. The most important tip we can give is this: always try to learn more about the seller. This will help you avoid scams and ensure the right buy. 

And remember - these are rare toys you're after, not some generic products. Other collectors are vying for them as well, so don't let them grab the coveted item out from under your nose. Go to ToyShnip and dive into our exclusive Funko Pop selection. Whether you need rare Funko Marvel, Funko DC figures, or models from other franchises, ToyShnip is your ideal shopping companion. 


How do you find rare Funko Pops?

You can find rare Funko Pops by looking for items with "Limited Edition Chase" on the bottom of the box. 

What are the rarest Funko Pops?

The rarest Funko Pops are Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark Chase) and Freddy Funko as Count Chocula. 

Where can I buy real Funko Pops online?

You can buy real Funko pops online on ToyShnip and other reputable websites. 

Are rare Funko Pops a good investment?

Yes. Rare Funko Pops are more valuable than standard ones, and their worth increases the older they are.

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