Best Place to Buy Wrestling Figures in 2024: 9 Retailers Revealed

Best Place to Buy Wrestling Figures in 2024: 9 Retailers Revealed

Even though they first hit the shelves in the 1980s, wrestling figures remain as popular as ever. They portray your favorite wrestlers in various poses as they prepare for iconic finishers or to intimidate their opponents. Also, the nostalgic value is considerable, reminding you of the glory days of WWF/WWE you experienced growing up.

But like any other avid collector, you want to make sure you buy your wrestling figurines from a reliable provider. The store needs to sell authentic products at reasonable prices, and we'll help you find the right purveyor.

Read on to discover the best place to buy wrestling figures in 2023.

Top Retailers to Buy Wrestling Figures

Whether you want to buy WWE wrestling figures for yourself or your kid, having a dependable provider by your side is more important than ever. There are countless shops that are out to scam you with fake products, so it's essential to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The following stores are the creme de la creme when it comes to WWE wrestling figures:

1. ToyShnip

Many collectors of new and old wrestling figures consider ToyShnip the best place to buy wrestling figures. There are many reasons that's the case.

First, ToyShnip has a diverse collection that features wrestlers from pretty much any era. You can find John Cena, Triple H from his prime days as the main heel, or masked Kane from the time when the Red Machine shook the core of the ring with every entrance.

Second, the store has both male and female wrestlers. Besides the abovementioned male icons, you can purchase the figures of Chyna, Ronda Rousey, and many other lady performers.

Then there's the authenticity factor. Each ToyShnip WWE figure is 100% authentic, as you can tell from the Mattel sign.

Finally, you won't have to break the bank for your favorite figurine. Most products at ToyShnip are available at less than $80, enabling you to spice up your collection without burning a hole in your pocket.

2. Ringside Collectibles

Ringside Collectibles is another dependable provider of wrestling figures. The biggest highlight of this store is all the exclusive deals you can find on the website.

For example, if you're a fan of AEW figures, Ringside Collectibles can be an excellent option. There are many AEW figurines, including Sammy Guevara, Hook, Wheeler Yuta, and Danhausen.

The WWE assortment is also admirable. Delve into Ringside Collectibles, and you'll discover Jimmy Uso, Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, and many other popular champions. The shop also has the figures of many hall of famers, such as Shawn Michaels and Brett Hart.

3. Wrestling Shop

Wrestling Shop is best known for its wide selection of rare finds and special editions. Check out the selection, and you may come across several coveted figures, such as those of Brock Lesnar, Dominik Mysterio, Roman Reigns, and Seth "Freakin" Rollins Elite Edition.

4. Entertainment Earth

No discussion about the best place to buy wrestling action figures is complete without Entertainment Earth. It's a household name in the collectors' realm, thanks to its enormous selection that features some of your most beloved franchises, including Star Wars and Transformers.

Entertainment Earth also has lots of wrestling figures. From Paul Bearer and The Undertaker to The Rock and Rey Mysterio, the store has the figure of pretty much any character that comes to mind.

5. Big Bad Toy Store

Like Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store has figurines from different franchises. Still, it caters to wrestling fans with a vast collection of WWE toys. Some of their most popular products include the WWE Championship Showdown Series 16 Shawn Michaels and WWE Ultimate Edition 20 Asuka.

6. Amazon

Amazon is one of the go-to online store for many things, and its wrestling figure collection isn't too shabby either. You can find thousands of WWE figures, with prices ranging from $10 to more than $1,000. The shopping experience is convenient, and you can check out customer ratings before buying. If a seller is top-rated and has consistently positive reviews, they're most likely reliable.

7. eBay

If you're looking for a credible platform, look no further than eBay. With over 18 million sellers, it's one of the largest WWE stores out there. The shop is home to figures from all eras, and you can easily find old products from the Golden or Attitude Era. The ability to buy items at auctions means you can snag top-quality items for minimal prices.

8. Smyths

Smyths is the leading UK retailer, with hundreds of WWE figurines to choose from. You can buy both basic and elite editions without worrying about authenticity. Each product is original.

Additionally, Smyths offers frequent discounts and promo codes pretty much every month.

9. Collector’s Forums and Communities

If you're still unsure where to buy wrestling figures, collector forums and communities can be a good choice. Platforms like Reddit's Squared Circle are where avid fans share opinions about the latest events. More importantly, they let you connect with the sellers of rare figures.

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying

There are numerous stores that sell wrestling figures and other WWE toys, allowing you to find the desired product in a heartbeat. However, you need to take your time when shopping for wrestling figurines to avoid scams. Focus on the following factors to ensure the right buy:

  • Authenticity – To ensure your WWE figure is authentic, look for the Mattel inscription.
  • Packaging – The most valuable WWE figurines are available in their original packaging. If the box is faded, cracked, or damaged otherwise, consider a different product if you're an avid collector.
  • Price range – WWE figures that retailed for $30 in the 80s or 90s cost twice or three times as much today. Therefore, don't be surprised if you learn that a Hulk Hogan figure released in 1995 is much more expensive today. Inflation and the age of the product have played a big role in the price difference.
  • Rarity – The rarer a wrestling figure is, the higher its value. Take the Black Card LJN figures as an example. The one showcasing Macho Man Randy Savage can't even be found online any longer. If you're lucky, you can get it at a forum for well over $10K. Andre The Giant is also rare and goes for approximately $7K.

Dive Into the Ring: Start Your Collection Today!

As a wrestling connoisseur, you only want to purchase your WWE figurines from the finest providers. You need the best place to buy wrestling figures, and although all nine candidates are reliable, one purveyor stands out – ToyShnip. The wide range of toys, coupled with excellent customer experience and reasonable prices, makes ToyShnip the only shop you'll need to visit to upgrade your collection.

So, don't hesitate. Head to our online toy store and discover the ultimate selection of high-quality, authentic WWE figurines.

While you're there, don't forget to check out the rest of our collection. Besides WWE characters, we also offer jaw-dropping Hot Wheels cars, unique Goo Jit Zu toys, and awe-inspiring Marvel action figures. All of which look amazing and are built to last.


What is the holy grail of all wrestling figures?

Many people consider the Hulk Hogan Prototype (LJN release) the Holy Grail of wrestling figures. You can buy it in some brick-and-mortar and online stores for a staggering $120,000.

Are WWE action figures worth money?

Absolutely. WWE action figures are worth the money due to their collectible nature and high nostalgic value. That's especially the case if you invest in rare figures, which sell for well over $15,000.

Who makes wrestling figures?

Mattel is the current manufacturer of wrestling figures. Before Mattel, Hasbro and Jakks made WWE figurines.

Are the AEW figures the same size as the WWE figures?

No. AEW figures are slightly shorter than WWE figures. Other than that, there aren't many differences between the two types of figures. Both WWE and AEW figures are realistic and have excellent articulations.

How have the prices of wrestling figures changed over the years?

Wrestling figures are more expensive now than 20 or 30 years ago, mainly due to inflation. Other than inflation, some figures have become rarer, which leads to a higher price tag.

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