The Best Beyblade Type for Ultimate Victory

The Best Beyblade Type for Ultimate Victory 

Beyblade is a global phenomenon with fans of all ages. It's been a big hit since 1999, spawning TV shows, video games, and the manga series that was launched alongside the toys. This competitive toy involves collecting highly decorated spinning tops and launching them at competitors’ Beyblades. There are numerous series and types, each with advantages and disadvantages.

But which is the best Beyblade type? This article takes a look at the different Beyblade types and why you should choose each one.

What Are the Different Types of Beyblades?

Toy company Takara (Now Takara-Tomy) took a traditional Japanese spinning top and evolved the concept into a competitive, entertaining battle system. Each Beyblade or Bey is launched at another, usually in a small arena or Beystadium. The aim is to cause your opponent’s Bey to stop spinning, fall out of the ring, or drop into a pocket or other obstacle in the stadium.

There are many different Beyblade types, and customization makes the possibilities almost endless. Even the Beyblade launcher comes in a variety of forms, which can make choosing the right equipment even more challenging. Here are the primary types of Beyblades to help you choose the best Beyblade type for ultimate victory.

Attack Beyblades

Attack Beyblades

As the term suggests, attack-type Beyblades are offensive Beys. Their goal is to knock the opponent out of the arena or slow the opponent’s Bey, so it stops spinning sooner.

Beyblade Burst attack Beys and includes the ability to explode the opponent’s spinners. Each Beyblade is made of multiple components, including:

  • The top Energy Layer, which is the most visible and is generally made of plastic.
  • The Forge Disk, which is crafted from metal for added weight and stability.
  • The Performance Tip, which is the point that the Beyblade spins on and is responsible for mobility and speed.

When you fight with Beyblade Bursts — the third evolution of Beyblade — it’s possible to make these three layers come apart or “explode”. For those who want to explore all things Burst-system related, there’s a free Beyblade app that allows players to take part in digital battles.

Attack types include spikes and other aggressive features aimed at destabilizing the competition. Some are lighter in order to get more speed. The downside of this is that you can get extreme recoil after hitting an opponent. A great example of an attack Beyblade is the Beyblade Burst QuadDrive Destruction Belfyre B7.

Defense Beyblades

Defense Beyblades

Defense or defence type Beyblades (depending on where in the world you buy them) focus on standing up to hard-hitting attacks with minimum recoil. They usually have a weighty Forge Disk to promote stability and resilience. The bases are wider and less likely to tip or skitter out of the stadium.

However, defense types don’t do as much damage. Players must decide ahead of time if they want to opt for a slower game with less heavy hits. You can, of course, combine a defensive Beyblade with attack Beys for a more complex strategy. Defense-type Beyblades include the Roar Bahamut and the Caynox CS.

Stamina Beyblades

Stamina Beyblades

A stamina Beyblade may have good offense or defense characteristics, but the focus is on spinning for a really long time. To achieve this, they often have special performance tips and bearing drives for smooth, continuous movement. They may also have rounded edges and a plastic core rather than metal, so the outer edges carry more weight for a longer spin.

One of the best Beyblade types for the “long game”, a favorite stamina type Beyblade is the Phantom Orion that can spin for seven minutes.

Balance Beyblades

Balance Beyblades

Balance types are also called combo or combination types in some releases, particularly the Hasbro-branded packs. Balance Beys don’t focus on any one of the characteristics above. Instead, they combine aspects of all of them. They’re well-rounded but not particularly strong against other types. Usually, a powerful attack type can take down a balance type, and out-of-the-box balance Beys will struggle to handle a tough defense-type Beyblade. Dedicated players may have to heavily customize a balance Bey to get the most out of it.

In the Metal Saga system, fusion wheels like Death and Hades are considered excellent for creating balance-type Beyblades. These wheels are called 4D parts because users can flip them and use them in different ways to gain multiple benefits.

Beyblade Performance in Various Battle Scenarios

Different types of Beyblades have strengths and weaknesses depending upon the battle scenario. The type and size of the arena can make a big difference to the power of your Beyblade. So can the type of battle you’re having. Let’s take a look.

Head-to-Head Battles

Head-to-Head Battles

A direct confrontation with another opponent requires a combination of launch skill, psychology, and powerful Beyblades. It’s perfectly acceptable to “bluff” and lead your competitor to believe you’re going on an all-out offensive, then stun them with a stamina Beyblade. If you’re considering the pros and cons of attack versus defense, this can be trickier.

Defense Beys can withstand many aggressive attacks but may lose the edge when it comes to tipping, stopping, or ousting your opponent’s spinning top. However, two fierce attack Beyblades might tip each other very quickly, leading to short and ultimately dissatisfying matches. Learn your opponent’s move styles and preferred Beys to determine which you’ll choose.

Endurance Challenges

Endurance Challenges

Stamina Beys might not always stand up to the more aggressive attacks, but they can keep going longer than everyone else. Utilize powerful launches and strategic patterns such as the flower pattern to evade attackers and stay mobile. These techniques can be tricky to learn but once you’ve mastered them, they could give you a real edge.

Tournaments and Diverse Opponents

Tournaments and Diverse Opponents

In tournaments, you’ll come up against opponents with various skills and preferred strategies. Consider a multi-type set of Beyblades — most games allow you to bring three Beys to a tournament, so you could choose your best attack, defense, and stamina Beyblades and utilize each as needed. Just remember, you cannot customize your Bey mid-tournament.

The Verdict: The Best Beyblade Type

Is there a best Beyblade type? Not exactly. In reality, there is only the best type for a particular situation. Having a Beyblade-type chart or guide doesn’t necessarily guarantee victory. There are also the all-important factors of play style, strategy, and personal preference. What works well for you might be a game-losing combination for another player.

Try a few friendly matches with competitors on your level to get to grips with multiple types and techniques. Discover which type suits your play style and how you cope with competitive strategies or aggressive gameplay. Experiment with balance Beyblades to see if you can customize the ultimate all-rounder. Or, create the toughest defense blade to outlast even the strongest attacking blades. 

How to Maximize Your Beyblade's Potential

All types of Beyblades are customizable. You can change every layer of the Beyblade to adjust its weight distribution, balance, and stability. For example, you could add heavy weight to the outer edges of the Energy Layer. You may find this improves stamina, although you should always do a spin test to ensure it doesn’t tip over. Another stamina-increasing hack is to change the performance tip for one with increased mobility.

Try out different combinations until you’re happy you’ve got a Beyblade that works for you. Take inspiration from the words of Beyblade character Free De La Hoya. “You don’t get stronger by accepting how everyone else does things. You get stronger by finding your own path. That’s how champions are made.”

Become a Beyblade Champion Today

When it comes to Beyblade, different types and customization are generally the key to a winning strategy. When you have several options at hand, from a powerful attack type to a sturdy defense type, you can face every opponent with confidence. Remember, all Beyblades are customizable so get your favorites and mix and match for the perfect Bey.

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What are the four types of Beyblades?

The main four types of Beyblades are attack, defense, balance, and stamina types.

What are the top 5 Beyblade Burst?

Burst system spinners are highly customizable meaning it’s hard to nail down the top five at any given time. However, popular Beyblade Bursts components include the Tempest Ring, the Lucifer II Chip, the Rage Layer, the Xceed Driver, and the Master Layer.

How do I choose the best Beyblade?

Experiment with some out-of-the-box Beyblades and get to know your own play style. Try all four types in different scenarios until you find your perfect Beys.

Which Beyblade generation is best?

The most popular Beyblade generation is the third, Beyblade Burst. It could be said to be the best as it offers high levels of customization and numerous components and styles. However, Beyblade X is now available, so it will be interesting to see if this new evolution outperforms the last.

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