Best Beyblades Ever: Legends of the Arena

Best Beyblades Ever: Legends of the Arena

Beyblades have been a part of the people's childhoods for over 20 years and there are no signs of their popularity fading among their legions of global fans. The cultural influence of Beyblades extends far beyond the battle top itself, from films and television to comic books and intense tournaments for competitive players. These beloved spinners have captured the hearts and minds of people of all age groups and backgrounds. 

This love has sparked heated discussion as to what makes a Beyblade truly great and what is the best Beyblade ever made. There are, of course, known qualities such as performance and technological advancements but you must also factor in intangibles like fan popularity and cool or interesting designs.

This article will take a journey through the evolution of Beyblades, what constitutes a great Beyblade, and of course, what is the best ever Beyblade.

The Evolution of Beyblade

The Beyblade (r)evolution has seen these battling tops take various forms over the years. The original plastic generation was the first iteration, followed by the Metal Saga, and finally the Burst series. 

While the first generation of plastic Beyblades was an instant hit, they were mostly simple in design. The Metal Saga introduced game-changing enhancements such as metal face bolts and energy rings, enhancing durability, stability, and overall performance. Then, the Beyblade Burst series developed battle tops that literally explode when defeated, adding another avenue to victory and a strategic component to make the games more dynamic. 

Criteria for Evaluating Beyblades

Beyblades come in four types — attack, stamina, balance, and defense. However, these can be customized using their interchangeable parts to build a Beyblade that suits your playing style. When it comes to the criteria for evaluating which Beyblades are the best, there are many factors to consider:

  • Attack: The attacking power of a Beyblade is a critical component because if you destroy your opponent, you win the battle. The Metal Sagas' introduction of wheels improved attack capabilities considerably and then the Burst series completely transformed attack strategies to adapt to the burst feature.  
  • Defense: The ability of a Beyblade to stabilize in the face of frontal, violent attacks in the stadium is critical to surviving and ultimately winning the battle. The metal components introduced after the original generation greatly improved the defensive durability of Beyblades. 
  • Stamina: Destroying your rival's Beyblade is not the only way to win. You can simply outlast them to claim victory. For this reason, the stamina of a Beyblade is essential. As with defense and attack, the metal components are pivotal in enhancing spin time and stamina. The Burst series stamina-based Beyblades are built to prioritize spin time to outlive opponents. 
  • Balance: The later iterations of plastic Beyblades brought in the Engine Gear System that allowed players to adjust the weight distribution to achieve better balance. The following generations have continued to give players more options in sacrificing offensive power for stability.
  • Spin: The spin performance of a Beyblade is integral to making a quality spin top. The type of driver you have will play a crucial role in the amount of absurd spin you can generate. The evolution of drivers started with the plastic generation — with driver features like flat tips, pointed tips, and spikes — to tailor to a player's game style and continued to evolve alongside the Beyblades themselves.
  • Design and popularity: The final thing to consider when evaluating top Beyblades are the less tangible factors such as colors, themes, popularity, and legacy. While these factors play less of a role in the performance, aesthetic choice is a huge factor for players. Therefore, they are powerful elements in what players perceive as cool and interesting and in turn, what makes the best Beyblade ever. 

Legendary Beyblades From the Plastic Generation

Dragoon GT

Dragoon GT
  • Type: Attack
  • Features: This powerful attack-type Bey is one of the old-school Beyblade design models. it's known for its unique left-spin mechanism and aggressive attack capabilities. The type 5 engine gear it utilizes gives it a powerful explosion of faster movement when activated making it a true speed top. However, this legendary bey does lack slightly on the endurance front. 
  • Historical Significance: The original starter set was released by Takara Tomy way back in the early days. Dragoon is iconic as it's Tyson's first and arguably most powerful bit-beast in the anime series and this gives it massive fan appeal. 

Driger Series (S, V2)

Driger Series
  • Type: Balance
  • Features: Yet another old-school Beyblade design, the Driger S is known for its balance and performance, with the Driger V2 enhancing these already impressive features. It can also use DB/BU disks, making into a real heavyweight and even harder to knock out. 
  • Historical Significance: This bey gained fame as the signature Beyblade of Ray, a central figure in the anime series. Thus, making it super popular with fans. 

Dranzer Series (F, V2)

Dranzer Series
  • Type: Balance/Attack
  • Features: This legendary Bey packs a versatile combo that mixes balance and attack. This makes it a beast in attack vs. attack matchups because it can resist attacks while maintaining stability and launching its own powerful attacks. 
  • Historical Significance: This legendary Beyblade belonged to Kai in the anime series which definitely helps boost its fan appeal. Making it one of the most iconic beys of the original generation. 

Titans of the Metal Saga

Lightning L-Drago 100HF

Lightning L-Drago 100HF
  • Type: Attack
  • Features: Nice speed is inadequate to describe this bey. It's imbued with massively increased speed compared to most other Beyblades. There are speed tops and then there's the Lightning L-Drago 100HF. It's primarily known for its aggressive left-spin attack capabilities and lightning-fast movements.
  • Historical Significance: This legendary Beyblade was created from a meteorite carrying dark energy from the edge of space. Its hyper-unique design and use by Ryuga make it popular with hardcore fans.

Earth Eagle 145WD

Earth Eagle 145WD
  • Type: Defense/Stamina
  • Features: This famous spin top is renowned for its exceptional defense and spin stamina, capable of withstanding attacks while maintaining long spin time. It's a genuine spin specialist and when used in conjunction with a Mobius driver, you can further enhance its spin performance. Simply, it has one of the best defense modes in the game and turns defense to offensive power. 
  • Historical Significance: This Beyblade is recognized by competitive players as a defensive heavy weight in battle and that's exactly the same in the famous anime series. 

Phantom Orion B:D

Phantom Orion B:D
  • Type: Stamina
  • Features: This bey is equipped with a bearing drive tip that allows for truly exceptional stamina in battles. Its spin stamina makes it a tough competitor in stamina vs. stamina warfare. 
  • Historical Significance: Competitive players respect this Beyblade for its dominance in stamina battles. It also has a unique, sleek design that makes it popular among individual players with stamina-based play styles. 

Diablo Nemesis X:D

Diablo Nemesis
  • Type: Balance
  • Features: This bey is both powerful and versatile and has impressive mode-changing capabilities. The Diablo Fusion Wheel is the heaviest-ever released and puts it in a weight class all of its own, allowing for superb balance against powerful attack-type Beyblades.
  • Historical Significance: This bey is owned by the notorious antagonist Rago in the anime series and is famed for its exceptional power. It's also one of the coolest Beyblades ever because of its unique design. 

Beyblade Burst Revolution

Cho-Z Valkyrie Zenith Evolution

Cho-Z Valkyrie Zenith Evolution
  • Type: Attack
  • Features: When it comes to attack matchup optimization, this Beyblade is king. It has an aggressive design that makes it a powerful attack type bey. It's also in the super-heavy-weight class, meaning it can prevail in many attack vs. attack matchups.
  • Historical Significance: Its unbelievable performance capabilities and association with Valt Aoi make it both effective in combat and popular with fans. 

Archer Hercules 13 Eternal

Archer Hercules 13 Eternal
  • Type: Stamina
  • Features: This Beyblade is known for its impressive stamina and stability in the arena. This is due to its symmetrical design and its two bows being lined with metal, making it a genuine contender for the best Beyblade ever.
  • Historical Significance: This powerful Bey's popularity and significance can be summed up in two words, endurance and reliability and that's why it's one of the most popular Beyblades.

Z Achilles 11 Xtend+

Z Achilles 11 Xtend+
  • Type: Balance
  • Features: The chief feature of this Beyblade is its adjustable tip that allows you to switch modes, giving it heaps of flexibility in terms of combo function. you can change stock combos and turn it into a real beast. Furthermore, it's not only a master of balance but it's one of the best right-spin attack types.
  • Historical Significance: It's beloved for its versatility and association with Aiger Akabane, and is a real fan favorite that can hold its own in the stadium against any Beyblade.

Lord Spriggan Blitz Dimension Dash

Lord Spriggan Blitz Dimension Dash
  • Type: Balance
  • Features: Released by Takara Tomy as part of the Busrt series, this bey is versatile and strong. It also has a unique dual-spin feature that allows players to switch their spin direction. Thus, making this Beyblade a true spin specialist. 
  • Historical Significance: It's popular for two reasons—high-level performance and its connection to Valt Aoi's childhood friend Shu Kurenai who is a legendary blader in his own right. 

Collector’s Corner: Limited Edition and Rare Beyblades

The longevity of Beyblade popularity is a testament to its value as a collector's item. Essentially, all Beyblades contain the same basic parts, forge rings, drivers, attack rings, etc. However, there are some elements that make some beys more attractive from a collection perspective. For instance, the rarer the Beyblade the more valuable it is. Additionally, beys that are connected to characters, especially the central characters will be more sought after. Finally, from a collection standpoint, design is everything. Hardcore players not only want performance but they want a battle top that looks as cool as it performs.

When it comes to rarity and value, it's hard to overlook the Takara Tomy 1999 Dragoon Spin Gear. Believe it or not, this Beyblade has gold-plated wings and an ultra-rare driver and ripcord, making it one of the most hard-to-get and expensive Beyblades ever made. 

For pure rarity, Takara Tomy Beyblades are the pinnacle and the best ones don't come cheap. Thus, they're prized collectibles. For instance, the Phantom Orion Skeleton was a limited release of only 100 and this means its value will only increase over time. 

What's Next for Beyblade

The 25th anniversary of Beyblades is just around the corner and while some teasers have been dropped as to what this will mean in terms of the future of Beyblade releases, nothing is known for certain as to what surprises are in store. However, one thing is certain, the growth of Beyblades in the digital sphere is exploding and this trend looks set to continue with digital collectibles and online battles. Of course, collecting, battling, and competitions in the real world are not going away any time soon as Beyblades are experiencing yet another resurgence in popularity.  

Stay up to date with all the latest developments, trends, and news to find out what the 25th anniversary will add to the already storied Beyblade saga. 

Join the Battle With ToyShnip

With so many really good Beyblades out there, the most important factor in what makes the best Beyblade ever is personal preference. However, that's less true when it comes to deciding what is the most powerful Beyblade.

If you're an aggressive player then an attack type will be your choice. A good attack Beyblade should have well-balanced weight distribution, an attack-style performance tip, and a forge disc with a low center of gravity to launch devastating attacks.  

If you're a defensive player then a defense Bey will be the chosen one. A good defense Beyblade should have left spin orientation, weight distributed to the center, and edges to provide stability, and a wide, flat performance tip. 

If you're a stamina-based player then you will be drawn to a bey with high-level spin performance. The longer the spin time, the more chance you have to outlast your rivals. Performance tips that have low friction are vital. Also, heavier forge discs help with stability and spin time. A taller driver can help the Beyblade stay upright and balanced, especially during the later stages of a battle when spin time becomes crucial.

If balance is your play style of choice then stock combos won't do. A good balance-based Beyblade requires flexibility in the configuration of its components. The ability to create versatile combinations that can deliver a mix of attack, defense, and stamina attributes is vital to a good balance-orientated Beyblade. 

Beyblades have achieved a level of popularity and longevity that is truly remarkable. However, finding your favorite Beyblade can be a challenge, especially because many of the best Beyblades were never released in the U.S. Fortunately, ToyShnip is your go-to destination to find all the top Beyblades your heart desires and the best Beyblade app. So, you can enter the battle arena with the ultimate Beyblade and smash your way to glory!


Which is the best Beyblade in the world?

There is no answer to this question. While some Beyblades are more powerful, have cool designs, or a linked to beloved characters in the show that doesn't mean there's a single best bey for everyone. The best Beyblade ever lies in the eye of the beholder. It's based on your playing style, favorite character, aesthetic, and more. 

How do you determine the rarity of a Beyblade?

The factors that make a Beyblade rare include limited edition models, exclusive components, if a Beyblade has been discontinued, and if a bey is only available in certain places such as Japan.

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