Unboxing the Differences: A Comparison of Masters of the Universe Figures from Super 7 and Mattel



The Masters of the Universe, also known as He-Man, was first introduced by Mattel in 1981. It gained massive popularity, leading to the debut of a cartoon series in 1983. The storyline revolved around Prince Adam, who protects the powers of Castle Grayskull, and becomes the muscular He-Man by calling out "By the power of Grayskull!" The original series ran until 1985, and the franchise has seen many reboots and adaptations over the years, including a live-action film.

Fast forward to the early 2000s, and Mattel re-released the Commemorative Series Figures of Masters of the Universe based on the original molds from the 80s. Mattel ended its run in 2015, and toy company Super 7 acquired the license and began production. Super 7's version of He-Man was very tan, with mustard-yellow hair, and featured no detailing on the harness, unlike Mattel's version.

In 2020, Mattel regained control of the license and introduced new sculpts and articulation in their Origins line. The Masters of the Universe 2021 Mattel line features new 16 points of articulation in the arms, elbow, wrists, waist, legs, knees, and ankles. The packaging states that this line is designed for younger ages, with a 6+ age rating. The new feature of the line is the removable parts, which can be swapped with other characters.

The Super 7 and Mattel versions have many differences. The Mattel version has bright yellow hair, a lighter harness with more detailing, and yellow fur at the top of the boots, while the Super 7 version has a darker harness, no detailing, and boots and loincloth in a dark brownish-red color.

Toy collectors can find both versions of the He-Man figure and many accessories on ToyShnip.com. The latest Masters of the Universe series, created by Kevin Smith and featuring an all-star cast, including Sarah Michelle Geller and Mark Hamill, is streaming on Netflix.

In conclusion, the Masters of the Universe franchise has come a long way since its inception. With new releases and reboots, the franchise has something for everyone. ToyShnip offers collectors a wide selection of figures and accessories, making it the go-to destination for all Masters of the Universe fans. Don't forget to check out the latest series on Netflix and relive your childhood memories!

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