Unleash the Gooey Heroes: Exploring the Exciting World of Goo Jit Zu DC Hero Packs



It's the squishiest, stretchiest, and gooiest DC superheroes yet with the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu DC Hero Packs. These figures come with different goo fillings and mesmerizing textures that make them unlike any other action figures out there. Squish, twist, and stretch them, and their inner goo powers will emerge.

Moose Toys has taken the world of compound-filled figures to a new level by putting different fillings in each humanoid animal character, giving you a squishy, squashy, stretchy, squeezy, crunchy way to play. The Goo Jit Zu heroes are no exception, and Moose Toys has applied their unique approach to these DC characters.

The original characters even have their TV series on Netflix. After a meteor crash, a group of zoo animals transforms into squishy, gooey, and stretchy superheroes with special powers and takes on evildoers. And now, you can collect your favorite DC heroes in their most gooey forms yet.

Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg are all here, and they're ready to fight crime like never before. Batman responds to Gotham City's call for help, and you can stretch and squeeze his squishy bat-filled gooey body as he protects the people of Gotham City. Superman uses his super stretchy goo-filled body to battle for truth and justice. Squeeze and stretch his body to see him flex his muscles like never before. Aquaman is the king of Atlantis and defender of Earth's vast oceans. Stretch and squeeze his squishy gel bead-filled body and help defend the underwater world.

The Flash is the fastest man alive, and with his superhuman speed, he can fight crime and protect the city. Squeeze his body to see his lightning bolt filling, and stretch and squish him to help him fight crime.

Cyborg has cybernetic powers and super strength, and he can take on anything. Stretch and crunch his marble-filled body and help this technological titan fight for justice in a way that only he can.

Classic Batman is always on call to fight crime and respond to Gotham City's cry for help. Stretch and squeeze his stretchy goo-filled body as he protects the people of Gotham City in a way never seen before.

You can collect them all now at Toyship.com, and while you're there, check out all the other Goo Jit Zu figures and see the original characters on Netflix. These DC Hero Packs are perfect for collectors, kids, or anyone looking for a fun, unique way to play with their favorite DC superheroes.

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