Chrissie Zullo's DC Artist Alley Collection: A Dreamy Take on Leading Ladies in Fairytale Princess-Like Forms



DC Universe meets fairytale princesses in the stylized and highly detailed collection of Chrissie Zullo's DC Artists Alley. The collection features DC's leading ladies in a modern and dream-like aesthetic, standing about 7 inches tall and limited to 3,000 pieces. The black and white variants are even more limited, with only 1,000 of each piece.

Chrissie Zullo is a talented artist discovered through the DC Comics Talent Search at San Diego Comic Con in 2008. Since then, she has worked on various facets of the industry, from interiors to comic book covers and variants for multiple titles and publishers. She uses both analog and digital tools in her work, starting with acrylic wash to render her illustrations in black and white before coloring them digitally.

Wonder Woman, in her traditional Amazonian battle garb, stands with her sword at her side and her shield on her back, ready to take on all challengers. Zullo's rendition showcases the inherent positivity and confidence of Themyscira's Champion within the character.

Supergirl, daughter of Krypton, is a highly detailed, designer vinyl piece with striking features that show off her commanding power but with a touch of softness. Her feline sidekick is also featured at her feet.

Hawkgirl, born from the Golden Age of Comics, is infused with positivity and joy to create a memorable collectible. Her carefully detailed designer vinyl figure features prominent wings and a removable mace.

Batgirl of Burnside, a college girl by day and heroine by night, is ready to scale the challenges set in front of her with enthusiasm. Her highly detailed figure is a little different from the others, with her holding onto a modded Batgirl themed scooter, and an almost treacherous smile.

Each figure comes individually numbered with original artwork for each figure in their box. Irene Matar sculpted each figure with amazing detailing, bringing them to life and reflecting their bold personalities.

The collection is available on, and collectors can grab all of them, including the even more limited black and white variants, to add to their DC collection. Don't miss out on the chance to own these unique and highly sought-after pieces.

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