The 10 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls Ever Sold

The 10 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls Ever Sold

Barbiemania has once again swept the nation in the wake of the recent Greta Gerwig movie. Combining Margot Robbie with toy brand Mattel’s biggest hit created one of Warner’s highest-grossing movies ever. But this isn’t the only time the Barbie name has brought someone a lot of money.

Barbie dolls are incredibly collectible. Some might simply long to complete their catalog of the iconic doll in all her various versions and outfits. Others, however, are most definitely in it for the money. Let’s take a look at the most expensive Barbie doll ever sold and how rare, expensive Barbie dolls make their owners money.

Barbie: A Cultural Icon

Barbie came into being in 1959. Ruth Handler, co-founder of the Mattel toy company, was the driving force behind the new doll.

She and the company had to fight many objections, including the worry that Barbie had a realistic and, therefore, “too curvy” female figure. They were clear that the doll was solely for children, however. To underline that marketing, they took to TV, becoming the first-ever toy company to make commercials aimed at kids.

Barbie came with fashion accessories and a range of outfits. In 1961, she was joined by the now almost equally famous Ken. By 1964 Barbie had a whole family, and by 1980 there were dolls of different shapes, skin colors, and any number of professions.

Despite the controversy around accusations of materialism and unrealistic body shapes, Barbie has become a true cultural icon. Fans look to Barbie as an inspiring female role model, capable of anything she wants. Barbie has even been on the International Space Station.

The Most Expensive Barbie Dolls Ever Sold

The best Barbie toys in terms of value might surprise you. Some of these are iconic vintage dolls, but many are modern and expensive simply due to the names attached to them. Others gain a high price tag thanks to custom accessories and jewelry.

These are 10 of the most expensive Barbie dolls around. Do you have any in your collection?

Pink Splendor Barbie (1996)

Pink Splendor Barbie (1996)

Pink Splendor Barbie was released as a limited run of only 10,000 dolls. It was one of the most expensive Barbie dolls when it was first launched.

Sadly, its high original retail price of $900 means that sellers today don’t make much of a profit. Dolls sell for as little as $400 on some online marketplaces.

It’s still considered a rare collector’s item by many. The doll has real Swarovski crystals around her neck and 24-karat gold thread, making it a catch for true Barbie fans.

Queen Elizabeth I Barbie (2004)

Queen Elizabeth I Barbie (2004)

This royal Barbie doll looks strikingly like the famous Queen Elizabeth I portrait by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger. Every detail was replicated for this doll, down to the intricate jewelry and elaborate headgear.

Part of Mattel’s Women in Royalty range, this figure can be difficult to find, particularly since the Queen Elizabeth II doll was launched in 2022.

Collectors can expect to pay around $1,200 for the Queen Elizabeth I doll at online marketplaces.

Devi Kroell Barbie (2010)

Fashion fans went wild when Devi Kroell teamed up with Mattel to make this one-off Barbie creation. The designer, famous for Italian luxury handbags, gave this Barbie thigh-high golden boots and an ultra-stylish pink purse.

The unique creation was sold at a Council of Fashion Designers of America charity auction for $1,075.

Marie Antoinette Barbie (2003)

Marie Antoinette Barbie (2003)

Another famous face from the Women of Royalty range, Marie Antoinette is one of the most expensive Barbie dolls that’s still regularly available online. This doll echoes the stylings of the famous 18th-century painting by Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun. A must-have doll for history buffs, art fans, or any avid Barbie collector.

Sharp-eyed buyers can find this doll for a cool $2,000 or higher on online marketplaces.

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie (2014)

A limited-edition Barbie crafted to imitate famous designer Karl Lagerfeld initially sold for $200. However, it was so popular that within a short time of launch, the dolls were already being sold for four times that value on eBay.

Today, it’s possible for dedicated collectors to get their hands on this doll for around $5,000, although it can go for double that amount.

Pink Diamond Barbie

Top designers “The Blonds,” Phillipe and David Blond, collaborated with Mattel to create this unique, sparkly iteration of Barbie. The pink gem-encrusted dress echoed garments showcased during the New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 show.

The doll went up for charity auction and although the winning bid was kept private, the value was estimated at $15,000.

Lorraine Schwartz Barbie (2010)

This unique Barbie comes from a collaboration with top jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. The details are incredible, including a miniature diamond-encrusted letter “B” accessory.

While technically one of the most expensive Barbie dolls in the world, the highest auction price was just $7,500. This might sound like a lot, but the jewelry alone was worth at least $25,000.

Original Barbie (1959)

Original Barbie (1959)

The original Barbie from 1959 has a cute, curly 1950s hairstyle, the iconic black and white swimsuit, and heavily made-up eyes. She also has holes in her feet to accommodate a stand.

While many valuers estimate top values of $15,000, this doll may fetch over $27,000 when in excellent condition. Check that she still has her signature white sunglasses.

De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie (1999)

This doll didn’t need to go to auction for the hefty price tag. Made in collaboration with De Beers, this rare, expensive Barbie doll has a gown adorned with 160 diamonds. Even her accessories are made from white gold.

As one of the world's most expensive Barbie dolls, the De Beers Barbie retailed for a whopping $85,000.

Stefano Canturi Barbie (2010)

The most expensive Barbie doll ever so far is the Stefano Canturi Barbie. Stefano is a famous Australian jewelry designer who collaborated with Mattel to create this rare and expensive Barbie doll.

He hand-crafted a tiny set of signature jewels for her. These included a necklace containing three carats of white diamonds plus a rare pink diamond from Australia's Argyle mine. The doll sold at a Christie’s auction in New York for $302,500, making it the world’s most expensive Barbie.

What Makes a Barbie More Expensive?

Unlike some collectible toys, it doesn’t always run that “older means better.” The world’s most expensive Barbie doll was only sold in 2010, so don’t assume that a doll marked “vintage” is automatically rare.

Follow these tips to see if you’ve found a rare, expensive Barbie doll.


Any doll that was part of a limited run is likely to be worth more than mass-produced alternatives. Do a little research and discover if the doll is actually rare or if the seller is using this as a marketing ploy.

Some dolls may be harder to find because they simply never got renewed due to lack of popularity. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re valuable, so always question the seller’s claims.


The condition of a Barbie doll can significantly impact its value. Look for distorted limbs, cut or spoiled hair, or significant marks and damage.

Check online or speak to an auctioneer or other expert to understand how much damaged Barbie dolls can sell. Too much damage and the doll may not be worth investing in.

Historical Significance

Barbie’s story may have started in the 1950s, but her changes throughout the decades have drawn attention from collectors. Of course, Original Barbie is a catch, especially for those looking for the most expensive Barbie doll beyond designer editions.

Other historically significant Barbies include Astronaut Barbie (1965), a departure from the time-typical feminine roles the doll was normally given. There’s also Christie Barbie (1968), the first non-white Barbie doll, and Day-to-Night Barbie (1985), also known as CEO Barbie.

Mattel recently launched a Barbie doll with Down’s Syndrome, highlighting the company's efforts towards inclusivity. This may one day make it into the ranks of Barbie dolls worth the most money as a key historic moment in Barbie's evolution.

Designer Name or Other Collaboration

You’ll have seen from our list of the most expensive Barbie dolls that many have a big name attached to them. If you’re lucky enough to find a “designer” doll, it could be worth more than an off-the-shelf variety.

Collaborative dolls aren’t limited to fashion designers and jewelers. Inspiring role models from Tina Turner to Jane Goodall have been given the Barbie treatment. While less limited than their "designer" counterparts, these famous-face dolls can still hold their own in the ranks of rare, expensive Barbie dolls.

Where to Find and Purchase High-Value Barbies

Online marketplaces like eBay sometimes have good finds for those with a keen eye. You may also be lucky enough to find a rare doll at a yard sale or thrift store.

Luck aside, for the most expensive Barbie doll rarities, you need to attend auctions. Check out a Barbie price guide to ensure you don’t overspend. Set yourself a budget and avoid impulse buys unless you’re convinced of the value and authenticity of the dolls.

Always check if the doll comes with the original accessories. Research the product number of the doll and ensure that it’s visible somewhere on the packaging. Check for the Mattel stamp or Barbie logo on the doll itself.

You should also look for significant authenticity identifiers. For example, the Original Barbie from 1959 has holes in her feet for her stand. If there are no holes, this is likely a second edition but could still be worth up to $15,000.

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Which Barbie dolls are worth money?

The most expensive Barbie doll was made in collaboration with Stefano Canturi and sold for $302,500. Other rare, expensive Barbie dolls include Original Barbie, any anniversary Barbies, and other designer editions.

What is the highest-selling Barbie doll ever?

The world’s most expensive Barbie sold at Christie’s for $302,500. It was a collaboration with Australian jewelry designer Stefano Canturi and had real diamond accessories.

How much is Barbie number 1 worth?

Barbie Number One or Original Barbie, first created in 1959, can sell for over $27,000. It’s probably the most valuable Barbie doll that’s not a designer collaboration. Its value depends on the condition and authenticity of the doll.

What are the rarest Barbies?

The rarest Barbies tend to be the oldest or those deliberately made in limited amounts. Some single-edition designer editions are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The most expensive vintage Barbie is an Original 1959 Barbie in excellent condition.

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