The 11 Best Websites to Buy Diecast Cars for Your Collection

The 11 Best Websites to Buy Diecast Cars for Your Collection

Any car aficionado would take pride in building a dream car collection. However, realizing this dream is nothing short of a Herculean endeavor, primarily due to budget constraints. But just because you can’t purchase the full-sized car collection doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in your passion. Enter diecast car models.

These meticulously crafted car replicas have been around for nearly as long as their full-sized counterparts. In other words, the evolution of diecast car models basically mirrors the innovations seen in the world of “real” cars, making this hobby a captivating journey through the annals of automotive history in a scaled-down format.

To help you start (or expand) your collectible model cars empire, we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 contenders for the title of the best website to buy diecast cars.

Where to Buy Diecast Cars Online: 11 Top Websites

If you’re a diecast collector researching where to buy diecast cars online, your search ends here. Explore these 11 online retailers offering a wide range of scale diecast models, and your collection will surely flourish.

1. ToyShnip

ToyShnip is a reputable online retailer catering to anyone with a passion for toys and collectibles, from novices and enthusiasts to avid collectors. ToyShnip operates exclusively online, allowing it to maintain pretty competitive prices and an exceptional selection of collectibles, surpassing a staggering 100,000-product mark.

In this huge selection, you’ll also find scale diecast models of collector cars. But these are not just any scale models. ToyShnip carries the Jada Toys diecast model cars.

Though Jada Toys manufactures many beautiful model cars, the company is most known for its partnerships with famous entertainment franchises. This makes ToyShnip the best website to buy diecast cars for pop culture fans. Sure, you can go the “traditional” route and purchase something like a C3 Chevy. Or, you can own the Batmobile or the iconic time-traveling DeLorean from the 1985 classic “Back to the Future.”

At this online toy store, you can also find an impressive variety of the popular Hot Wheels cars, as well as model trains and other vehicles.

2. Collectable Diecast

Since Collectable Diecast focuses on all things diecast, you can expect an extensive selection of diecast car models. These molten metal beauties include models from well-known brands like Acme, Motormax, and Johnny Lightning. Best of all? Thanks to handy filter options, you can quickly find your dream diecast cars, collectibles, and playpieces, whether you’re looking for an exotic car or a classic SUV.

3. ACME Diecast

ACME is a beloved manufacturer of model diecast cars, boasting an impressive selection of popular diecast models you can purchase online. Depending on your preferences, you can go for a stunning model like the 1968 Shelby GT500 in striking orange. Or, if you’re a fan of more unique collectibles, the 1932 Ford Blown 5 Window with Rat Fink Figure is just the model for you.

4. FiveDiecast

Once you enter the Five DieCast website, the first thing you’ll see will be the following words: “Diecast Model Car Specialists.” In other words, you know you’re in for a treat right away. At Five DieCast, you’ll find an excellent selection of racing cars, road beasts, and some favorite car models based on iconic movies.

FiveDieCast also offers a loyalty program that allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend on diecast car sets. Collect enough points, and you’ll receive a significant discount on a future purchase.

5. Diecast Models Wholesale

After selling car diecast models for over 18 years, Diecast Models Wholesale has established itself as a trusted authority in the diecast model industry. A visit to its online shop reveals an impressive variety of diecast model cars in different scales, including 1/18, 1/24, 1/12, 1/43, and 1/64. Besides competitive pricing and fast shipping, this online diecast model retailer offers collectors an opportunity to earn money through a robust affiliate program.

6. Model Car Dealer

Though Model Car Dealer prides itself on many things, its shipping undoubtedly takes the cake. The company ships worldwide, making it the best website to buy diecast cars for international fans. Better yet, shipping is fast and secure, ensuring every breathtaking model you order will arrive in pristine condition. Though you’ll find some cheap diecast cars on this website, Model Car Dealer is primarily known for its selection of premium collectibles.

7. Diecast Direct, Inc.

Diecast Direct, Inc. was established in the early 1980s out of a pure love for model diecast cars and model trains. Today, the love persists, but the richness of its offering far surpasses the company’s humble beginnings. At Diecast Direct, Inc., you can find over 8,000 models from over 125 manufacturers, including GreenLight Collectibles.

What sets this website apart is the frequent sales, allowing you to purchase some pretty cheap diecast cars. Diecast Direct, Inc. also offers some pre-order items with highly sought-after models, giving avid collectors the chance to secure the latest releases before they hit the general market.

8. Auto World Store

Auto World Store is a one-stop shop for all car enthusiasts who see collectible model cars as a hobby. Here, you’ll find an excellent variety of hobby-related items, including scale model kits and diecast supplies. You can also find exclusive cars, kits, and accessories that no other online shop offers.

9. is the best website to buy diecast cars if you’re into military models. Here, you’ll find one excellent model after the other from top brands like Revell, MPC, AMT, and Tamiya. Besides car diecast for sale, you can find a solid range of aircraft and boats, allowing you to conquer the road, air, and water with your impressive diecast collection.

10. MyDiecastCars

Although relatively new to the diecast game, MyDiecastCars has quickly made a name for itself due to its high-quality offering from brands like Almost Real, AUTOart, CMC Models, and LCD Models. This website is heaven for luxury car lovers, offering some true beauties like the Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner.

11. Fairfield Collectibles

Few discussions about the best website to buy diecast cars online can go without mentioning Fairfield Collectibles. This website offers one of the most comprehensive lineups of diecast vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, buses, and work vehicles. Whether you want something colorful as the 1974 Chevy Vega GT - Orange 1:24 Scale Diecast Model Car by Motormax or luxurious like the Pagani Huayra - Metallic Gold 1:18 Scale Diecast Model Car, Fairfield Collectibles has got you covered.

Why Online Shopping Is Essential for Diecast Car Collectors

Before online shopping became a thing, collectors had to expand their collections the old-fashioned way – by visiting specialized stores and estate sales and attending auctions and conventions. Though there is a certain charm to picking your favorite scale diecast models by hand, online shopping is still a significantly better option for collectors. Why?

Well, when shopping online, the whole world is your store. That means you can obtain rare finds and exclusives without driving from store to store hoping to hit the jackpot. With online shopping, you’re essentially wasting no time. You can browse the collectibles from the comfort of your own home, compare prices, and read reviews, helping you make an informed decision without as much as seeing your desired item in person.

As a bonus, you can meet like-minded individuals from all over the world who share the same passion for model diecast cars. Then, you can learn something new, find just the model you’ve been missing, or simply share the joy of collecting diecast cars with someone who understands it firsthand.

Factors to Consider When Buying Diecast Cars Online

There’s no doubt about it – shopping for diecast cars online is the best way to go about building your collection. But to ensure your experience goes smoothly and avoid getting scams, you should pay attention to the following factors.


Sure, collecting model diecast cars is all about fun. Still, you don’t want to waste money on just any model of cars and other vehicles. You’ll want something authentic and historically accurate, as these models have the biggest potential to appreciate over time. Ensure the authenticity of your diecast cars by only shopping with reliable retailers and paying attention to the accompanying documents, manufacturer’s logos, and packaging quality.


Like with any collectible, the condition of a diecast car significantly impacts its value. The better the car is preserved, the more valuable it will get over time. Since you can’t gauge the car’s condition in person, photos will be your best friends. Carefully examine photos provided by the seller, focusing on close-ups of the car’s paintwork, decals, and other intricate details. The same care should be applied to the description, which you should comb for any mentions of scratches, chipped paint, or missing parts. If in doubt, ask the seller to provide you with more photos or details.

Return & Refund Policies

Even after detailed scrutiny, you can still miss something and receive an unsatisfactory product. That’s why it’s crucial to also inspect your chosen website’s return and refund policies for added assurance. When navigating these policies, look for transparent guidelines on returns, including acceptable reasons, timeframes, and potential costs. You’ll want to only purchase from websites that offer reasonable conditions for all of these aspects.

User Reviews & Feedback

Since you can’t see and touch the collectible for yourself, you’ll have to rely on what other buyers have to say about it. This also applies to the website itself, not just an individual diecast car model. Take your time reading through user reviews and feedback, as this can save you from potential disappointments.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping

By approaching online shopping carefully, you’ll avoid many of the common pitfalls this form of shopping entails. But another aspect requires your full attention – online security and privacy. Here are some tips to help you secure your personal and financial information when shopping online:

  • Create a strong, unique password for every account, combining letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and symbols.
  • Use two-factor authentication for e-commerce websites.
  • Consider getting a separate credit or debit card to use for online shopping.
  • Set up purchase alerts with your bank, allowing you to catch any unauthorized card use immediately.
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when using public Wi-Fi.

Elevate Your Collection With ToyShnip

Now that you know where to buy diecast cars online, the only thing left to do is choose your model(s) with confidence. If your collections span beyond diecast cars, you’ll love ToyShnip. Besides being the best website to buy diecast cars, ToyShnip is also the go-to spot for buying high-quality toys, action figures, and collectible statues. Take your pick and build an impressive collection you’ll be eager to show off.


Which diecast cars are worth money?

Though there are many valuable model diecast cars, the most expensive models in the world are truly something else. These include a Lamborghini Aventador by Robert Gulpen Engineering ($6 million), its gold version ($7.5 million), and 24K Gold Bugatti Veyron ($2.9 million), worth more than the actual car it’s modeled after.

Are diecast cars a good investment?

Yes, diecast cars are a good investment, provided you focus on limited editions, rare finds, and models with historical significance.

Is there a market for diecast cars?

Yes, there is a market for diecast cars. You can buy these cars on numerous online marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay. You can also use eBay to sell models you no longer want.

Who makes the best 1/18 car models?

The best 1/18 car models come from companies like AUTOArt, Greenlight Collectibles, Maisto, and Sun Star.

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