The 12 Best Online Anime Figure Stores

The 12 Best Online Anime Figure Stores

Imagine a late-night quest for the one elusive anime figure. After clicking through page after page, finally, there it is – the rare, sought-after collectible that's been on the wish list for ages. It's a scenario familiar to many anime fans worldwide. Anime figures have transcended beyond being mere collectibles. They show a deep connection to beloved stories and characters.

This article delves into the world of anime figures through the top 12 best online anime figure store options to find these treasures.

The Top Online Anime Figure Stores: Our Picks

1. ToyShnip

ToyShnip is a vibrant online toy store where you can get your hands on a bunch of anime figures and collectible statues. Its anime figure shop choices don't stop with the mainstream. Instead, it has a mix of everything, from the big hits to the more obscure series.

What makes them stand out?

  • Whether you're into the latest popular anime or some hidden gem, chances are ToyShnip's has it.
  • You can find what you're looking for without getting lost in a maze of links.
  • ToyShnip sells figures from big names like Bandai and Good Smile Company, so you're pretty much guaranteed to get quality figures.

Anything not so great?

  • The downside is that some of these figures might hit your wallet harder than others.
  • Depending on where you live, getting your hands on a figure could take a bit longer and cost more in shipping.

In general, most buyers adore ToyShnip. They praise the variety and the ease of finding cool figures. Some do wish the prices were a bit more wallet-friendly. Overall, ToyShnip's made a good name for itself for collectors who want a mix of choice and quality, alongside the convenience of a tailor-made anime figure online store to streamline the ordering process.

2. Tokyo Otaku Mode

TOM is a hub for all things Japanese pop culture. It's a platform that shares the latest news and trends in anime, manga, games, music, and fashion. Also, it's a great anime figure online store, with plenty of stock in its anime collectibles store section. TOM has a massive following on social media, with over 20 million likes on Facebook. Also, the company supports creators, giving them a space to show off and sell their work to fans across the globe​​.

What's cool about TOM?

  • Its team handpicks high-quality, authentic Japanese pop culture merchandise to promote through the store. 
  • With a customer satisfaction rating of 9.4 out of 10, it's clear the company's doing something right. Over 10,000 customers seem to think so, at least​​.
  • It has a stellar customer satisfaction rate and is quite attentive to customers. The support is there from the moment you think about buying until your package is safely in your hands​​.

Any downsides?

  • The main downside might be that sometimes the really popular merchandise sells out fast. So if you're eyeing something, you might have to move quickly.

People are pretty into TOM. They love the authentic products and how the store seems to really care about their experience. It appears to be one of those places where you feel like they get what fans want and go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with your purchase.

3. Crunchyroll

Most know Crunchyroll as a top spot for streaming anime, but did you know they have an online store too? It's one of the best anime figure online store options, especially for characters from the more popular shows. Since the shop is connected to the streaming platform, it sometimes has exclusive anime figures from the shows currently in season.

Cool points about Crunchyroll store:

  • Because of its connection to the streaming service, the anime figures shop sometimes contains exclusive pieces. If you're watching a show on Crunchyroll, there's a high chance you'll find related figures in the store.
  • The interconnectedness makes it easier to go to specific categories in the anime toy shop, streamlining browsing.
  • It boasts a massive catalog with thousands of products​​. 

As for the drawbacks:

  • Sometimes the most popular figures sell out quickly, especially the exclusive ones. So, if you see something you like, it might be a good idea to grab it sooner rather than later.

Given the massive selection and the potential for exclusive items, it is a solid store, especially if you're a fan of the shows they stream. People appreciate the chance to get merchandise that's closely linked to their favorite anime series.

4. AmiAmi

AmiAmi is a favorite for many collectors, and for good reason. It has a solid reputation for offering a vast array of figures, including both new and pre-owned ones. 

Here are the standout features:

  • The pre-owned figure section is a treasure trove of both old and new collectibles. It's also beefed up with great search and filtering options. And with a strict grading system, you know exactly what you're getting, something like-new or that has a bit of wear​​.
  • The ordering system is smooth and reliable, which means less stress for you​​.
  • The company throws in adorable postcards with their mascot every month. It's a small touch, but it's fun.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The order cancellation process is strict, especially for pre-owned items. So, be really sure before you click 'buy'​​ on this anime figures website.
  • While the shop often has good deals on pre-orders, the prices aren't always the lowest out there. And keep an eye on shipping costs, which can add up, especially for larger orders​​.

People love AmiAmi. They praise the incredible selection and reliable service. The pre-owned section, in particular, seems to be a huge hit for finding rare or older figures in great condition. While there are some gripes about pricing and the strict cancellation policy, the overall sentiment is that AmiAmi is top-notch for anime figure collectors​​.

5. Solaris Japan

Established back in 2008 in Tokyo, Solaris Japan has become a tough player in anime figure retail. This anime figure online store has tons of Japanese pieces, figmas, and Nendoroids from popular franchises like Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball to more niche series. 

What makes Solaris Japan shine?

  • It hosts a massive selection of pre-owned figures. This section is a big hit for collectors of older or rarer items, and the website makes it easy to search and browse through the inventory​​.
  • The shipping process includes a customs-friendly invoice tool, which lets you adjust the invoice value. This is amazing for international customers who want to save on customs duties and taxes​​.
  • The store accepts many payment methods, including Bitcoin, which is pretty rare for an anime figure retailer. Plus, there is a loyalty rewards system to encourage repeat purchases​​.

  • Customers have praised their support team for being responsive and helpful, especially in resolving issues like damaged orders​​.

What of any potential downsides?

  • If you prefer to pay for pre-orders at the release date, Solaris Japan might not be the best fit, as all the payments need to be upfront.
  • There's an extra cost for shipping protection, which might not sit well with everyone, especially when lowering the invoice value for customs​​.
  • The shipping options are named differently than what you might see on other sites, which can be a bit tricky to get used to at first​​.

Solaris Japan is widely regarded as a legitimate and trusted store. Many customers appreciate the ability to manage customs fees through invoice adjustments and the extensive pre-owned section, even if the prices can be a bit steep. The general consensus is that, while not perfect, Solaris Japan is reliable and has a comprehensive selection of figures.

6. HobbySearch

HobbySearch is a big name in the anime figure online store scene. It boasts a huge lineup of over 906,540 items, not just figures but all sorts of collectibles. If you're into anime, chances are, the store's got something for you, whether it's mainstream or super niche.

Why you may love HobbySearch:

  • The selection is huge and authentic, straight from Japan.
  • Whether you want to buy Good Smile Company, Bandai, or Alter figures – they're all here.
  • Despite the sheer size of the catalog, finding what you want is pretty straightforward.

  • The store lists upcoming release dates for new figures, so you can mark your calendar for day-one orders.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • There are times when the shipping costs can be a bit of a shock.
  • There have been a few grumbles about items not being packed carefully enough, leading to damage.
  • Some people haven't had the best luck with their customer service, especially sorting out shipping issues.

HobbySearch reviews are a bit mixed. The shop has an impressively wide range and variety, but the shipping costs and some packing hiccups have left a few customers less than thrilled.

7. Animate

Animate is a big name for anime in the U.S. and Canada. The company's officially in the game of selling anime goods, which means it has a pretty solid variety of things for anime fans.

What's neat about Animate?

  • The store contains plenty of anime figures like Nendoroids, figmas, and a bunch of other types. So, if you're looking for something specific or just want to browse, they've got you covered.
  • Being an official retailer is a big deal. It means it's selling the real thing, so you don't have to worry about knock-offs.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Detailed customer reviews are kind of scarce, so it's not the most popular out there.

Animate seems pretty reliable. It has a good reputation online for being a safe place to buy from. But, as with anything online, it's always good to look around for a shop with more user reviews if you want the best online anime figure store.

8. Lunar Toy Store

Lunar Toy Store is a neat online store where you can grab all sorts of anime figures and toys. Its collection is pretty diverse and caters to all kinds of anime fans.

Here's what's to love about this store:

  • The deals on items like Nendoroid figures are pretty sweet.
  • If you're ordering internationally, the shipping fees are passable.
  • The store is selling the real deal – like Nendoroid figures complete with official holographic stickers.
  • The figures are tightly packed so they arrive safe and sound.
  • The support team is pretty active on social media and forum responses.

Some not-so-good factors:

  • Sometimes support members are a bit slow to reply, especially when caught up in big events.
  • There have been a few times where customers needed to remind the store about their orders.

People seem to trust Lunar Toy Store. They like the authentic products and reasonable shipping. Sure, they're not as famous as some of the anime figure websites, but they definitely have a loyal fan base.

9. Mandrake

Mandarake started back in 1987 as a used manga dealer in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo. Now, it's known as the largest manga and anime shop in the world. Mandarake has a strong physical presence in Japan, especially in Nakano, where they have 16 different stores in the Broadway Mall, each focusing on specific types of items.

Here's what's cool:

  • It's a goldmine for rare and hard-to-find figures. If you're hunting for older figures or unique items, Mandarake might just have it.
  • The prices can be really good, especially if you're lucky. 
  • The service is great. Expect prompt email confirmations and speedy shipping.
  • The company has a rep for being honest about the condition of their items. Even the 'damaged' items often arrive looking almost new.
  • Each of the company's physical stores in Japan has its own vibe, with Nakano and Umeda branches getting special mentions for good prices and helpful service.

What could be better?

  • Some collectors have noticed a dip in quality control lately, with unmentioned defects popping up more often.
  • Depending on the branch, shipping fees can be a bit steep.
  • The level of customer service can differ from branch to branch. Some are super quick and helpful, while others might be a bit slower or less accommodating.

Most shoppers seem to really enjoy Mandarake. There are some hiccups here and there, but the overall impression is pretty positive. Collectors appreciate the wide selection, the transparency about the condition of items, and the efficiency of service, even if they're keeping an eye out for the occasional quality slip-up or high shipping fee​​​​​​​​.

10. Good Smile

Good Smile Company is a big name in the anime figure scene, especially for manufacturing the popular Nendoroid and figma figure lines. It's not just a store selling them. It's the creator behind these iconic figure types.

What are their highlights?

  • Good Smile Company is the mastermind behind Nendoroid & Figma. If you're into anime figures, chances are you've seen or own a piece by the company.
  • The catalog is extensive and diverse. You'll find figures from a broad spectrum of anime and manga.
  • The products are pretty fairly priced, with a good range to fit different budgets.

The not-so-great parts:

  • Sometimes, the most popular figures can be hard to get due to high demand.
  • Depending on where you live, shipping costs and times can be a bit much.

On platforms like Amazon, Good Smile Company holds a solid average rating of 4.8, which speaks about customer satisfaction. It's well-regarded in the anime figure community for high quality and wide product range.

11. Ukiyo Kumo

Ukiyo Kumo has been a notable online retailer for anime figurines and merchandise. Its selection boasts over 5,000 authentic items, including figures, plushies, and other anime-related goods. They are all authentic, with no bootlegs or counterfeits in the lineup. The store's range covers everything from prize figures and scale figures to Nendoroids, figmas, and model kits, both for pre-orders and new arrivals​​.

Here are things to appreciate:

  • There's a wide array of authentic, officially licensed products.
  • Customers have found their prices reasonable, sometimes even scoring items near their pre-order price.
  • The store seems to be pretty quick on the draw with shipping, with reports of orders being dispatched the next day.
  • The packaging gets a thumbs up for being secure and for items arriving in top-notch condition.
  • There are positive mentions about excellent customer service, including efforts to assist with issues like broken parts.

Here are the less impressive bits:

  • As of June 29, 2023, Ukiyo Kumo filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which has understandably led to concerns and issues among customers. This is a significant drawback as it directly impacts their ability to fulfill orders and provide services​​.
  • There have been instances where customers found the service non-responsive, especially in light of the bankruptcy filing.

Customer experiences seem to vary. While some shoppers have had great experiences, praising the store for the great selection, prices, and shipping practices, others have faced issues, especially following the bankruptcy announcement​​​​​​, which might spell doom for this anime figure online store.

12. Right Stuff Anime

Right Stuff Anime recently teamed up with Crunchyroll. This merge means they now share a massive stash of anime goodies – over 30,000 items, including a huge manga collection.

What's cool about them:

  • After joining forces with Crunchyroll, the collection got a huge boost, with about 17,000 manga titles alone!
  • The store sells some rare finds and exclusive merch that you might not see elsewhere.
  • The company is serious about delivering collectibles in mint condition. 
  • Promotions offer up to 20% off on manga and 25% off on home videos.

There are also some heads-up:

  • Seems like not everyone's happy with their customer service. 
  • The site can be a bit slow, and sometimes you might have to wait a bit longer for your package to arrive.

Many customers really appreciate their deals and the way they handle shipping – especially how they pack items. But, it's not all perfect. Some people aren't thrilled, especially with the customer service and the website.

Why Purchase Anime Figures Online?

The best online anime figure store opens up an enormous world of anime figures you might never see in a local shop. You're not just browsing through a limited selection. You access an expansive range that spans from the hottest mainstream hits to the most obscure niche finds. Online shopping is every anime store in the world rolled into one.

One of the most notable perks of shopping online is the potential for cheaper prices. Physical stores have their own costs that can bump up the price of figures, but you'll often find better deals online. Plus, with the availability of online stores, sales and discounts are more frequent.

Then there's the allure of exclusive and limited-edition figures. These special releases often make their way online, sooner or later.

Still, shipping can be a nuisance, especially when ordering from overseas. Costs can add up, and waiting for the package can test your patience. And then there are customs fees that might come into play.

Another challenge is the risk of encountering counterfeit items. The online world is rife with fakes, and it takes a keen eye to spot them. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Store

Let's look at some factors to keep in mind when searching for great online deals.

Authenticity & Trustworthiness

First, customer reviews are invaluable. A store with a lot of positive feedback, especially regarding the authenticity of their figures, is a good sign. But also pay attention to recurring complaints in negative reviews – they can be revealing.

Another thing to look out for is authenticity guarantees or certificates. If a retailer is willing to openly commit to the authenticity of their products, that's a great sign. It shows confidence in what it's selling.

Also, check if the retailer has any direct partnerships with official anime brands or studios. Such partnerships often mean they're getting their stock directly from the source, which greatly reduces the chances of encountering fakes.

The quality and transparency of the retailer's website can also be a good indicator. A professional, easy-to-navigate site with clear information about policies and product sources suggests a legit operation. Be cautious if a site looks sketchy or lacks information.

Lastly, consider their payment options. A legitimate retailer will usually offer secure and recognized payment methods. If it only accepts payments through less-known channels, it might be a red flag.

Shipping & Handling

Domestic shipping is usually faster since it's within the same country. You're less likely to run into customs delays, and shipping costs are generally lower. The downside is for figures that are only released in certain regions, domestic shipping won't help you there.

International shipping is where you get access to a world of figures, including region-specific releases. It's great for finding unique or exclusive items. But the trade-off is higher shipping costs, potential customs fees, and longer wait times. Furthermore, the risk of damage during transit can be higher due to the longer journey.

Now, about SAL, the Surface Air Lifted option. It's the middle ground between air and sea shipping. SAL is usually more affordable than express air shipping but faster than sea shipping. Still, it's slower than standard air shipping and tracking can sometimes be less reliable.

Selection & Stock

For starters, mainstream anime figures are usually easier to find due to their popularity. These figures are often produced in larger quantities, so you're more likely to find them in stock. But the real thrill of collecting often lies in the hunt for niche figures. These are the ones from less-known series or specific characters that don't always get the spotlight.

A retailer with a broad selection can be your best ally in this quest. A diverse stock means you're more likely to find what you're looking for in one place, saving you the hassle of shopping around.

And let's not forget about stock availability. There's nothing more frustrating than finally finding the figure you've been searching for, only to see the dreaded "Out of Stock" sign. Retailers who regularly update their inventory and offer pre-order options can really help. It means you can secure a figure before it even hits the shelves, which is especially handy for highly sought-after releases.

Price & Discounts

Let's talk about loyalty programs first. Many online stores offer these as a way to reward regular customers. These programs often work on a points system – the more you buy, the more points you earn, which you can then use for discounts on future purchases.

Sales are another avenue to consider. Online stores frequently run sales, especially around holidays or special events. These can range from modest discounts to significant price slashes. It's always worth keeping an eye on your favorite stores around big shopping days like Black Friday or even anniversaries of popular anime series or an upcoming season.

Seasonal discounts are also something to look out for. Retailers often adjust prices based on seasons or to make room for new stock. This means you could get figures at a lower price during these times. End-of-season sales are a great opportunity to check for figures that have been on your wishlist.

Customer Support

Having responsive and friendly customer service can make a huge difference.

Picture ordering a figure, but when it arrives, it's the wrong one. Or maybe it's damaged, or perhaps it's taking ages to arrive and you have no idea why. This is where top-notch customer service steps in. A good support team can turn a frustrating situation into a positive experience. They answer your questions, solve issues, and sometimes, they go above and beyond to make things right.

Responsive customer service means they get back to you quickly. You're not left hanging for days wondering about your order. As for friendliness, that's about feeling like you're chatting with a fellow anime fan, not just a call center operator.

A store with great customer support builds trust. You feel more confident shopping with them, knowing that if anything goes wrong, there's a team ready to help you out.

Dive Into The World of Anime Figures!

Online shopping is your best bet for a wide selection and decent prices. Make sure you're buying from reputable sites to avoid fakes. Of course, shipping can be a bit of a waiting game, especially if you order from another country, but sometimes it's worth it for those hard-to-find figures.

Keep an eye out for sales and discounts – they can really cut down the cost. And if you run into problems, it helps a lot when the store's customer service actually listens and helps out.

If you're new to this, ToyShnip is a good place to start. It's one of the best online anime figure stores with plenty of different figures, with a great balance of quality and price and good service. Give ToyShnip a look and see where your collection goes from there.


Where is the best website for anime figures?

The "best" website really depends on what you want. If you want a wide selection and good deals, sites like AmiAmi or Tokyo Otaku Mode are great. For exclusives or limited editions, Crunchyroll's Store or Good Smile are worth checking out. And for rare finds, Mandarake is a treasure trove. 

What is the best anime figure company?

This is subjective, but some of the top players include Good Smile Company, makers of the Nendoroid and Figma lines, and Bandai, famous for their high-quality action figures. Kotobukiya and Alter are also highly regarded for making detailed and beautifully crafted figures.

Where to buy replica anime figures?

If by 'replica' you mean official re-releases or second-hand figures, then stores like Solaris Japan and Mandarake are good bets. They often have pre-owned or re-released figures that are still authentic. Avoid sites that sell counterfeits and stick to reputable sources.

How do you know if an anime figure is legit?

Here are some tips:

  • Check for holographic stickers of authenticity, usually on the box.
  • Compare the figure with official product photos. Look for inconsistencies in paint, sculpt, or packaging.
  • Be wary of prices that seem too low. If it's a rare figure at a surprisingly cheap price, it might be a fake.
  • Buy from reputable retailers or directly from the manufacturers when possible.

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