Unleashing the ThunderCats Hooo: A Closer Look at the Super7 Lion-o Ultimate Toy



Are you a fan of ThunderCats? If you are, then you're in for a treat! ToyShnip.com has just unboxed a toy that every kid from the 80s and 90s would want to have. We are talking about none other than the Lion-o Ultimate from Super7.

Super7 has become a household name in the collectibles industry, particularly in the Ultimate Series. They were founded because no one made what they wanted, so they took it upon themselves to create it. They started acquiring licenses for iconic shows and cartoons from the 80s and 90s, like Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and ThunderCats.

ThunderCats is an animated TV series that first aired in January 1985 and ran for four seasons. The show follows a group of cat-like creatures called the ThunderCats. After their planet Thundera was destroyed, they set out to Third Earth to protect their people and their source of power, the Eye of Thundera, which is embedded in the Sword of Omens. However, they have to fend off the evil Mumm-Ra, who is after the ThunderCats' power.

The ThunderCats are led by Lion-o, who was a prince but later became king. He is a smart, fast, and skilled warrior who wields the Sword of Omens, which gives him the power of "Sight Beyond Sight." Super7 debuted the ThunderCats Ultimate series in 2019, featuring Lion-O, Panthro, Jackalman, and Mumm-Ra. The series has been reissued to enable collectors to complete their collection.

The Lion-o figure is sculpted by the Four Horsemen and stands at a 7-inch scale (17.78cm). It is made of plastic, beautifully painted, and super-articulated. The figure comes with a wide range of interchangeable parts and accessories, such as the Sword of Omens, Claw Shield, interchangeable hands, interchangeable head, and Book of Omens.

What's more, the packaging is specially made for collectors, with a deluxe slipcase window box that offers protection and display options. Every layer is a surprise, just like an onion!

ToyShnip.com has made the ThunderCats Ultimates available for purchase straight from Third Earth to your doorstep. Most of Wave 1 through 4 is available now, so you can relive the excitement of the classic ThunderCats cartoon. And if you missed out on the first wave, this is your chance to catch up!

Super7 has also created upgraded versions of the original toys from LJN classic toy line. Be on the lookout for Wave 5 and check out Super7's line of ThunderCats ReAction Figures if 7-inch Ultimates are too big for you.

In conclusion, if you're a ThunderCats fan, then the Lion-o Ultimate from Super7 is a must-have for your collection. It's a fantastic representation of the beloved character, with an incredible attention to detail and a range of accessories. So, whether you're a fan of Lion-o, Panthro, Jackalman, or Mumm-Ra, head on over to ToyShnip.com to start or complete your ThunderCats Ultimate collection today!

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