Popeye Classics | Battle Damaged Popeye v Bluto PX | Boss Fight Studio

Everyone’s favorite Sailor Man is finally in a highly articulated figure form, bigger, bolder and more beat up than ever before, as he takes on Bluto in the Popeye Classics: Popeye vs Bluto PX exclusive from Boss Fight Studio.

Boss Fight Studio is a creator-owned company that focuses on high quality, collectible toys. The company stemmed from a few friends that met while working together at one of the toy industry giants. They decided to collaborate and share their love of toys, by taking their talents and starting their own company that specialized in signature high articulation action figures that brought the “play” back to toys. From their own line of imaginative IPS where you can literally create your own action figures, to fan favorite licenses, they literally have something for everyone!

Which is why there was very much excitement when they announced their newest release in 2021 with the Popeye Classics line – drawing inspiration directly from the original Segar Comics from the 30s.

This series was going to be 1:12 scale figures standing between 4-6 inches depending on the character and originally starting with 4 of the beloved characters. 

These quickly became a fan favorite, so much so that Boss Fight Studio recently released a special Previews Exclusive limited to just 1,500 pieces – 2 pack featuring Battle Damaged Bluto and Popeye!

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Battle Damaged Bluto and Popeye figure pack: an amazing set depicting some of the greatest comic fight scenes ever with Bluto and Popeye bruised and beaten. With unique outfit colors and interchangeable accessories. This special exclusive brings to life the core battle between these eternal rivals in a way that's never been done before. The 2-pack in collectible window box packaging is a great addition to any collector's shelf!

Popeye comes ready for action with his spinach can, 2 pairs of alternate hands, removable hat, and alternate head.

Bluto is ready for fist pounding action! This gigantic figure comes with a removable hat and an alternate set of hands.

Now remember this is PX Exclusive and only limited to 1,500 piece so you can grab them right here at ToyShnip.com.

Plus check out the rest of our Boss Fight Studio Collection featuring the Bucky O’hare series straight out of the 90s cartoon.


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